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I used to be terrified... I mean critically *terrified* to speak in front of people. When *imagining* getting up in front of a group of people, my heart would start racing in my chest. My entire body would virtually tremble. It would feel like I had something caught in my throat.

Which was just from imagining myself speaking in front of people.

Well, every two weeks, the business I work for retains this company-wide meeting. People get up and speak about things like what they've already been working on, results, etc . And for over about three years I've avoided proceeding up there. Are you kidding? Speak in front of the whole company? Um... No many thanks. Not happening.

May get me wrong. I *wanted* to get upwards there and speak. I had a lot i wanted to say. And talking with the company was important for my profession. In fact, I really wanted to overcome my fear of speaking in public because I knew that, basically could just get over this fear and develop the confidence to comfortably communicate in front of viewers, I could take my career so much further. It would open upwards a whole new world of opportunity for me. I really could speak at conferences, create a name for myself in the industry, etc.

But I just didn't have the valor. I felt like if I even just spoke in front of a small party at work I would only manage to humiliate me personally, ending up hurting my career, and feel even worse about myself than I already did.

Therefore , I looked for help. Originally, I looked at The Shyness and Sociable Anxiety Workbook. I read it. But for some reason, it didn't really help me to work upwards the courage to put myself out there. Might be because the book experienced freezing and " clinical". Maybe because, as I would later discover, it failed to address some critical elements of my social anxiety.

Anyway, somehow, I found Dr. Aziz. Here was a guy who'd done it; a guy who'd experienced debilitating social anxiety, much like me personally, and overcome it.

Such as The Shyness and Sociable Anxiety Workbook, Dr. Aziz teaches that you need to go out there and get started to do those things that scare you, starting small, getting comfortable with things that only give you a small amount of anxiety, and steadily working your way upwards until, for instance , you're comfortable speaking in front of perhaps even thousands of people.

Nevertheless, there are two things that differentiate Dr. Aziz's method from your Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook. 1st of all, Dr. Aziz teaches several principles that appear to be entirely absent from CBT; such things as self-compassion and becoming comfortable with rejection. Secondly, it feels like which human being being on the other ending who actually loves you. And this was remarkably important to me; to feel like I wasn't alone in this.

Anyway, Seems applying Dr. Aziz's method. And here's the resistant that his method works. A couple weeks in the past, I volunteered to communicate in front of the whole company at the company-wide bi-weekly meeting. Now, normally this is definitely an internal meeting. But literally the day before the gathering, they came up to me and said that they wanted me to prepare what I was going to say in such a way that they could *film it* and *distribute it* to existing and potential clients.

Seriously? As if just speaking in front of the company wasn't nerve-racking enough for me! Now you are going to record me speaking in front of the whole company AND you want to send the recording of me personally out to literally hundreds of people!

Well, the next morning, they called me down to communicate. And... well... I knocked it out of the recreation area. I felt way more comfortable and relaxed than I could have actually hoped. And when I had created finished, the son of the founder of the business was so moved that he yelled, " Boom! "

I'm not gonna lie. It felt really good to have faced that fear also to have overcome it. Now, I guess is actually on to the next level for me., A new very readable easy to understand book with powerful and simple exercises if you're willing to do them., We are referring back to this book, from time to time, for inspiration whenever I am feeling low or trapped.

Motivational and instructional., I purchased this book because his previous book greatly helped my confidence grow and i also wanted to grow my confidence even further. His previous book is mostly about internal work, whereas this book is more action-oriented, so I find it to be a excellent sequel. What I like the most is his inspiring manner of writing. While reading this book, I got so inspired that I actually stood up and proceeded to go to do the thing I was afraid to do at the moment. This is a publication I would like to come back to whenever I face challenging situations and need ideas., I recently upgraded from an android to an i phone and boy am I glad I did or what. It allowed me to find Dr Aziz' podcast " shrink for the shy guy". I'm thirty-two years old and I've struggled with social stress all my life. My numbers were so high that I switched careers many years ago to become a counsellor mainly to look after this area of my life.

If there is something I feel dissapointed about, it's that I wish I had found Dr. Aziz' podcast, YouTube videos and most importantly his books earlier in my life. My anxiety was so bad that I probably would have thought twice before writing this review online. Any longer.

The thing I like about the book is that he isn't making false tall claims just to sell his things like many other people. Tall claims may make the reader feel better only temporarily. He is honest when he discussions about exposure and only the truth shall set you free.

This isn't leather oil. It is actually the real deal. The only stipulation is that you the reader has to take action, or else nothing will change and this book will help you do just that.

There are many areas in my life where I continue to struggle but I know that in this book and In Dr Aziz I have a great resource to assist me., I started reading with the thought that this would be " like the rest. " I was so wrong! It actually hurts a lttle bit when I am reading - it's really hitting the truth behind all my troubles. I am so afraid - actually to the stage of being hopeless. I truly believe this book brought me back from the edge. I am hopeful now - where before it was hopeless, victim thinking., Full of useful tips on how to improve your confidence for the rest of your life. Interesting theme and use of words to grab attention in some places. It helped me to realise that everything does not have to be perfect to be good enough. Also i liked the learn by doing approach. I would recommend this book to everyone who use being shy as an excuse to avoid doing something., Great book! It's very easy to read and comprehend.
Dr . Aziz has been instruction me since I was a shy man, he successfully helped me break free my fear and this publication talks about exact steps how he was able to transform my life.
Strongly recommended!

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