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Typically the book itself is absolutely nice, as far as the art quality goes, but the actual physical quality of the book is awful. The spine of the book, the way the pages are placed in the hardcover, is so bad, that as soon as the publication was opened, the web pages ripped off at the base. Some of the pages are almost completely coming out, and i have only opened it once. I will try and see if i can either get another book, or trade out the one i use. Until then, the review is as stands., This is a nice artbook, but as others were commenting, the binding is a little suspect. It can not terrible, so I actually only docked it half a star (which, regrettably, became a complete one), as none of the web pages are falling out or anything. But the binding is obvious when the book is open, and I tend to read it kind of half-open, so as not to stress the binding further. That isn't a perfect way to read, especially for an e book this large. On the other hand, the page stock is good and thick, and doesn't seem to be flimsy.

Typically the contents are interesting--I especially like Ikumi Nakamura's fancyful commentary. A few of the renders are contained in the game itself as an extra, but there are many interesting concepts that never made it to the game. There is also somewhat more history on the characters, which probably should have been covered in the game itself!

If you're a huge fan of the game, this is a great book, but it probably won't endure up to aggressive managing (and really, why could you need to do so? )., The book is amazing, love all of the various costumes for each of the character especially for Kimdall and The Keeper. I would gladly give this book a 5/5 however, I noticed one significant problem with my book, I have around 20 extra pages that are the exactly identical to the previous 20 pages or so in my book. Thus I'm not sure if I lost some art work or I have extra 20 pages. That kind of bugged me because the book itself is amazing with all of the cool artwork in various mediums etc. Basically could get a new publication that is 100% correct, I would gladly give this book 5 out of 5!, The ability of The Wicked Within inside is great. Personally, I love the hell out of this game and am dying for a sequel. However, the physical book itself has a problem with the spine. It just seems flimsy or loose, like the pages will drop out at any given moment. Actually if you look closely you can see that the pages aren't intact very well to the hardcover of the book at all. I would come back this artbook for a new copy but I actually really don't want to go through the hassle of coming back it, and nonetheless for a book that's of the same quality, as other reviews seem to be to say the same thing about the poorness of the spine. If it weren't for this problem, I would've given this artbook five stars., Typically the game is extremely enjoyable and the artbook itself is top quality, Dark horses books generally seems to nail all the right things when it comes to their artbooks. The artbook is filled with infomation about the characters and the art is definitely incredible, The lead concept artist Ikumi Nakamura is a very talented individual, I personally may like japan art at all, but this is definitely pure beauty. I would suggest this to anyone who loved The Evil Within, from the must have!, Character disciplines and environment arts are superb. I especially loved the undead arts. Every single page is nicely packed with art. However the binding of the web pages seemed as if it is going to fall off easily. Typically the binds are obvious as well unlike other art books that I owned or operated. Would have given a 5/5 if the binding is good., I was really looking forward to this book of the art and stories active in the making of the new video game, Art of Evil Within. This would make an outstanding movie and hopefully someone in Showmanship will take notice., Becoming a fan of the overall game (before it was even released! ), This was vital! ^^
It truly is filled with lots of details regarding characters, enemies and the stages design along with their backgrounds!: )
Totally loved the high-quality of this art book as well! < 3

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