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Being a license examiner, I was often asked to recommend study material and this is the the one which I recommend. It takes a well balanced method of teaching the basic material and test preparation. Some of the other books that I see concentrate more on transferring the test by learning the test questions than actually teaching the material.

We are often approached by people considering getting a license but who really don't know why. Pork radio is a diverse pastime with many different areas interesting. I feel that this book also does a good job of bringing out that to somebody who is new to the pastime.

Make sure that you get the right edition of any study manual. The tests are updated every four years. This edition (3d) is made for use July 2014-June 2018., First-rate book. That briefly explains the pastime opportunities before getting into the training. After the training material, there is a great glossary, the complete exam question pool (with correct answers indicated), as well as a supplementary chapter on choosing a ham radio.

FWIW, We used this guide for self-training and got 100% right on the exam November 8, 2014. No prior amateur radio experience and never took a ham course.

The training material is geared toward the newbie without being condescending. All subjects are explained simply and completely. Excellent graphics -- lots of tables, graphs, photographs, and line sketches. For this reason, I'd recommend buying the paperback rather than the Kindle version. As much as I love my e-Ink Kindle, this is the sort of book that is better in paper and in a large format. If you want the Kindle version, use a Kindle application on a large computer screen, not a cell phone or small tablet.

Stand of Contents for the course material -- Radio and Signals Fundamentals; Electrical energy, Components, and Circuits; Distribution, Antennas, and Feed Ranges; Amateur Radio Equipment; Communicating With Other Hams; Certification Regulations; Operating Regulations; and Safety.

You will find only thirty-five questions on the Tech test and Morse computer code is not required. Anyone who mastered the material in this guide could pass the test with no difficulty. There is minimal math in the test and this book will teach you all you need.

Right after each piece of training, the text refers the reader to the relevant questions in the question pool at the back of the book. It encourages you to master each little "bite-sized" piece before moving forward, which helps to build your confidence in your capability to master the material. Within addition there is a a hyperlink to book-specific online supplementary material on the arrl. org website.

1 benefit of this book over the competing books is that it teaches the concepts rather than just how to pass the test. I found that valuable when taking the test. I did not be concerned about memorizing arcane material because I actually recognized the concepts. That really helped to eliminate any test anxiety.

Finally, the book teaches how hams operate on the air. When you pass the test, you will certainly feel much more comfortable getting on the air with your new Tech "ticket. ", The Tech exam has a new pool of questions as of July 1, 2014. ARRL's 3 rd edition of the Ham Radio Permit Manual is made for the aspiring ham radio operator. The material is very clear and readable, even the math sections. Even though you could simply memorize the questions from the FCC test bank, you'll be missing out on a great amount of information that's useful to the new ham operator.

Amazon's pricing is better than the ARRL website with Perfect shipping, you can't defeat it.

The book is excellent. Highly recommended., I was not very happy with the way the book offered information. Especially the technological sections were packed with info dumps with very little explanation or depth. That was literally one truth per sentence, followed by many more in the same format. Like someone experienced taken a stack of flash cards and broke up with it into a section form to pass it off as a book.

I would have much somewhat preferred flash cards or a table if it were going to info dump on me, or actually make clear some of the facts rather than just blatantly listing them. That made me put the book down for practically a year before We had the mental energy to go back to high school mode of rote memorization, because that's pretty much what We had to do to make it through this book. I thought I would never get through this book, but I finally did. And my retention rate is through the floor because I hate this method of learning, and am will have to go again multiple times to read again the junk easily want any chance of transferring the exam.

On the positive side, there were some decently written chapters that were in-depth or explained things decently. Yet overall, I felt like it was a poorly written book that could have been done much better., This is by far the best book We have read to date that helped me, as a TOTAL novice, learn something. I would give it 5 stars other than I still don't assume that I fully understand a number of the terminology or concepts. Whether that is my ineptness or shortcomings of the author or book looks to be pointing in my direction. I was on my 2nd read which is flowing a lot more nicely., This is a great study book for taking the Technician course examination. Everything you need to learn is in this book, including the pool of questions in the back. The questions have the answers, and there is a page reference to the location where the information can be found in the text message. I recommend this book. We used it and exceeded the exam without a problem.

TIP: Try the qrz. com and arrlexamreview. appspot. com for training test on-line. You have to register, but it can free., So yeah, We think this is a great way to study for the technician exam. I do, however, have prior experience with electronic devices so I didn't need to study much on ohms law and also the purpose and identification of electronic components and schematic diagrams. The entire question pool is also included but I would not recommend just learning the questions as you wont gain much useful knowledge that way.

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