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Now i'm a school student and generally do not enjoy the bland textbooks teachers give. This book, however, was amazing! I kept it after the semester as opposed to selling it and read it again: ) Really helped me gain an intelligent understanding on economics. I was in a position to meet Landsberg in Dallas a year in the past and he was also the nicest person actually! Most economists and teachers are extremely pretentious but this individual was so willing to answer my questions and discuss policy issues., We didn't buy this guide centered on a review We had read or noticed but as a recommended reading for my graduate student class in economics. We expected this book to be boring and boring like most, but We was pleasantly surprised. What We find most captivating about this book is the fact that the author uses everyday encounters and our individual preferences to shed light on basic financial principles that would otherwise have been difficult to comprehend. From the first to the last page this book is stuffed with thought provoking and nagging questions that We have never dared to ask myself. It isn't simple read but intricate in a way that it tasks your mind.
The Writer will not push his thoughts on the reader but leaves you with a established of possibilities and methods to choose from by studying every subject. For example in Chapter 11, this individual looks at the subject of deficits. I have never stopped to think two times about making a repayment at their grocer, if We have money in my account or on my credit card I would just use any of the two methods without around caring about the costs We would bear by choosing either option. Landsburg has one powerful weapon-analysis, and he utilizes it in a way that is non threatening but very helpful to his readers.
After reading this guide, not only do I realize certain subject areas better but I also know that every choice I make comes with a cost and benefit. At the conclusion of the day I wouldn't want to lose more than We gained. I will definitely read this book again after my class is over, its like a book of life in economics, We had to read this guide for one of my course in Graduate institution and I have to confess it conclusion up being more entertaining than what I expected. A very good reading that illustrates how economists think and tries to teach some basic financial principles through simple stories.
The book does a really good job starting the eyes into new and valid points that are usually ignored when drawing conclusions. The chapter “How statistics lie” is a really good example of this. One of my favorite chapters “Iowa Harvest Car” (The shorter in the book) gives a quite simple and easy to understand explanation about trade theory.
One of the few things I don’t appreciate about the book is the fact that sometimes asks a lot of questions and doesn't always provide the answers. (But maybe that’s just and chance to trigger the reader's critical thinking)
The last chapter of the book is a lttle bit controversial, and will definitely not be enjoyed if you are an environmentalist. It’s hard to read it without letting your own preferences bias your opinion, however the author makes a very reasonable point stating that protecting the environment is a matter of preferences and entails trade-offs, that should not be overvalued in assessment to others peoples choices., I really wish We would have read this book earlier, I have obtained a couple financial classes. My background is in engineering where I understand the math, but my approach was very reasonable to understanding how mini / macro work which is cause and effect, this created a very monochrome picture for me. This book illustrates the principles with great metaphorical examples. Great read! Will revisit when I need to consider., Overall, the guide is an excellent start for anyone who is interested in area of economics. The writer explains how economics is related to life and how it can be used to explain individuals behavior towards many things. We just think that the writer exaggerates at some details when he asserts that economists can explain everything using pure economics. Nevertheless, the book is promoting the ways in which We think about economics. Plus, the author's writing style is rather amusing and can carry some sense of humor., Landsburg is very thought provoking in his approach to explaining the intricacies of everyday economics. He uses such examples as the drug war, movie theatre popcorn, and recycling to articulate his thoughts on individual choices as well as societal choices as a whole.

His occasional use of sarcasm and puns keep the guide interesting, whereas some similar books lack this characteristic. I found myself chuckling at plenty of junctures throughout reading this guide, which is very rare to say for an e book assigned as a part of a class requirement in school. Overall, We found it very pleasant and worthwhile. I pondered his several opinions to myself even though I wasn't reading and his way of simplifying certain subject areas was quite deliberate and easy to understand.

I recommend it., A fun guide about how precisely financial principles affect our daily lives. My first thought was that the author's style is very similar to Malcolm Gladwell's books such as " The Tipping Point, " " Blink, " and so on. --entertaining, easy-to-read, but very insightful based on real life stories and good examples. Even if you avoid like economics, this is a great way to obtain exposure to the field., Easy to read, interesting, a lttle bit dated in some from the references but not bad.

Some of his findings are a lttle bit unexpected: if you drop a money bill you should let it go as your microscopic contribution to fighting inflation. His rationale is carefully laid out, but all along you know it is a tongue-in-cheek exercise and at the conclusion he admits to picking his dollar back again up anyway.

The guide is full of short reports and scenarios like here, fun to read and think about.

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