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New character plus epic reunion with some of his classmates! Love this series. Can’t wait for the Kaori reunion!, This can be a massively disappointing volume about what was one of my personal favorite light novel series, my numbers were so high that i have no interest in continuing to read further volumes. The tone, writing quality, characters and character development, all fall short of the possible shown in the first volume. There could be some who can enjoy this irrespective, so i'll try to describe my opinion.

The first volume of Arifureta had an interesting enough twist on the isekai genre- what if an entire class was obtained to another world, alongside with its cliques and social layers? It then turned into a hard-edged dungeon crawler, with lots of action and a developing, monogamous romance. These are good stuff! The second volume got an unexpected tonal shift towards comedy, which was odd but worked for me. Many of the jokes helped me laugh really hard, so i could look past Hajime acting like a jerkwad the whole time, and the shallow writing of the new character Shea (the hot bunny girl who wants to jump Hajime's bones). This 3rd volume, unfortunately, moves past the limits of what i can tolerate. '

We're meant to think that Hajime has been changed into a cool antihero by his time in the labyrinth, which this justifies his obnoxious behavior. However, by the finish of this volume, it's painfully clear that Hajime is nothing more than Gary Stu wish fulfillment, complete with two beautiful girls constantly making ends meet him, that everyone else is so totally jealous of, you fellas. If you didn't capture that the first time, don't worry; every solitary time they see other people, the author is sure to let you know how jealous everyone is of Hajime, who is totally the good ever and so much more totally powerful than everyone else. Presently there are hints that there will be a slow-burn arc for Hajime's character, but possible events of future events don't justification how insufferable he is now.

If it was just Hajime's character, i could tolerate this, however the breaking point for me was your bizarrely juvenile, tasteless, and unfunny attempts at humor. What passes for a joke in this volume wouldn't sound out of place in a 7th quality playground, such as observing that an off-screen character is homosexual- because his last name is " Gaye! " GET THIS?! The new character launched on the cover is essentially Darkness from Konosuba, if she was unlikable and exponentially more ridiculous, and the other character types are not any more complex then she is.

The writing has either taken a turn for the more serious, or else i'm just noticing the author's bad habits more; like many light novel authors, he is likely to overload the reader with redundant writing. Every point that is made is explained at least 3 specific times, to the point where if this novel had a real editor, it may only have been 120 web pages. The J-Novel translation is, as always, well done and readable, despite a few uncharacteristic spelling mistakes (that will probably be fixed in the next month or so).

I actually wanted, so much, to similar to this volume; there was just a lot content that was off-putting and horrible to me. If you enjoy raunchy sex comedies, or trashy fantasy tales, this may be what you would like. I won't judge, honest! It's just that the first volume promised a much different series, which i find disappointing., This history opened my eyes to the facts of the world, for without it I actually would be lost in a sea of agony within my time of need. Still needs a tuning shell, While that is a shame that the MC didn't enter in another labyrinth in this volume, the reunion was bitter sweet. I wish the publishers would check the spelling and grammar more. For example, I actually remember one part of the text had the phrase " nose" where Now i'm 99. 9% sure it was suppose to be the word noise. Yet even with just a few proofreading mistakes, it doesn't destroy the story. It continues to have action, with a little humor, and an interesting story that makes myself want to read the next volume right now., Good book. But I actually think the Mc needs to create some more BA things. He could have made a military level drone that will have made a huge distinction. XD

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