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For the first time I have read a book which i have loved more than Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahamsa Yogananda. The author takes you through this incredible trip in the Himalayas and also other holy places such as Kanyakumari, Shiridi, Dakshineshwar, Ramakrishna Mutts etc. Miracles in abundance - not merely trinkets, but awesome miracles such as space-time travel, Levitation, mind-reading, remembering past lives, and so forth Most importantly a poignant story about Guru-Disciple relationship and true divine love that is beyond materials love that we know of. For a honest seeker, God himself comes down to show us that we are no distinctive from Our god, and that we have the entire potential of Godliness within us. We just need to strive hard to awaken! For those who are into Sadhana, he gives a view of techniques such as Kechari Mudra, Nabhi Kriya etc. For details, you have to read Swami Satyananda's Kriya Yoga Guide and Practice it. Studying alone will not give enlightenment! Moreover the trip starts only after getting enlightened. The journey of service to man and helping others live like a human., While refreshing and crisp in the important points I felt a degree of frustration at times that the deeper theories were so quickly dismissed/not explained. I want to think there was a way to have explained more but perhaps not. Teachings I understand are sacred gears not intended for the lay person. I applaud the author style of story telling that was done with no less than words and explanations. We were given the guts without embellishment. This particular is a quick read which begs for more., It is difficult to clarify metaphysics to the current scientific mind or those with minimal knowledge of Indio spiritual practices. The author does a commendable job in narrating his encounters. The deeper meaning would be lost naturally , by writing in a not native tongue which are unable to be expected to have the appropriate vocabulary.
Still the author manages to explain, educate and help the readers navigate through this story of spiritual enlightenment., Put together for a wonderful shock. Saints living among us. Look like us. But such sublime great experience. Very inspiring. Worth the read. Best book this year for me. Achieved the guy. I feel he is genuine., I would say start reading. the book without questioning. the contents. this publication has lot. of. honest advice and I have never doubted a single little. in. it. It rather motivated me. to. do. more and. see. the. possibilities to myself. I sincerely thanks Sri Mirielle. to give me a different. perspective towards my irregular medications. practice. I. hope with. past karma and Sri Gurus blessings I. Will. only go. forward in this trip.
my truthful recommendation is. to. read this. book and provide it a sincere thought after completing. it. and I. sure. you. Will. also be. motivated to. do. more., This is a different kind of a book. This is the journey of a sincere spiritual finder - not merely one who is looking for spirituality for a " little break" from the mundaneness of life, but one that really wants to know if there is something more beyond this world of sleeping eating & procreating. It takes the reader to a journey of a modern day seeker and lets one understand the challenges in such a way in today's world. At the finish it also gives the reader a hope that divinity could oftimes be achieved even by the mortal human. And Sri Mirielle is alive just in case one has questions - that means it is all the more interesting - you can go meet him and inquire your pet questions., This is an amazing book which offers a thought provoking insight about the spiritual guidance you receive when you are ready, with such care and love by great masters for one's own development spiritually as well to share and spread the same to the society. Superb book... same as Autobiography of yogi by yogananda. sri M takes us all with him in this Himalayan journey and the life experiences of his journey in the planes very truthfully so that you feel you are blessed by the great masters like your pet., A true masterpiece by a great sage. Very easy and honest but clentching narrative, transfers you to the snow covered mountains and the Himalayan secret passages. A great book equivalent to ' the Autobiography of a Yogi' by Parmahansa Yogananda.

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