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There's a saying: " It's easy to continue top, but it's much harder to stay there. " Numerous series starts off with an AMAZING first publication, that hooked up so many readers and created so many fans. Yet unfortunately, no matter how perfect the first book is, it is extremely hard for the second publication to not suffer from the second-book syndrome.

Although the first book is unquestionably crucial to a series success, the second publication is the supporters of the structure. They are crucial in the development of the story. If Apprentice suffered from the syndrome, the series itself would've never changed to my top list.

But it didn't, and it's unusual and happily pleasant.

Just how this, a second publication, the hardest book to write, was written flawlessly I still amazed me. The relationship between Darren and Ryiah was still intense, with these hating each other but concurrently unable to fight the growing interest. We see more relationship drama, fighting, and some blood. New characters are such as Ian are introduced which create this amazing love triangle.

This specific did not disappoint me in the least. I had recently been very pleased and really enjoyed it. So I actually gave it a perfect five stars., Book 2, the second book in The Black Mage series was another great despoliation into Jerar. Ryiah and Darren are practically electric. You've got a can tell exactly which way we will go with those two. In Book 2, we dig deeper in to the politics of the realm and the connection between Darren and Ryiah that seems destined for failure. After all, he or she is a Prince that must marriage to secure money for the throne. The lady is a lowborn with nothing to offer but herself. Will that be adequate for Darren and Ryiah?

In Apprentice, we pretty much fast forward through years 2-5. Where book just one had a slower flow, book 2 was all of her apprentice years in one. That we guess was one way to prevent too many works of fiction in the series. We have Priscilla as a rival and Alex and Ella back as strong Allies for Ryiah. We also have the launch of the dreaded love triangle in Ian, a mage who seems just right for Ella, but will her heart let her move on from Darren?

All in all, this was a good book. I would say that the mage coach was somewhat annoying. Nearly like the author needed to throw in some kind of adversary during training. Darren and Ryiah's emotions towards one another changed faster than a person channel surfing and with Ian added int he or she mix, you could get dizzy with the whiplash. I wonder why we always have to have a love triangle in every series?

If you liked publication 1, you will love publication 2. Ryiah is a good heroine whose antics a person riveted., This is a very complicated tale for a YA novel. The noble political intrigue is quite sophisticated. The focus of this is less on war (for Combat apprentices) —which is a very background plot and more about Riayah, her emotions, and how people react to her. Even though I actually don't really think a lot of Ryiah, this was a book really worth reading.

It felt like the price tag on being a royal prince in a rustic on the brink of war got stakes that were much more real than the standard " of course I will shirk my responsibility to country & family to pursue *love*”. I was impressed that a book with so much focus on Riyah’s love triangles would end up using a much more intricate look at the larger implications of following your heart.

It was amazing that four years are quickly covered in this book, when the first book was one year, but eventually I think it worked because it was not a lot about “what I actually am learning this year” or what is going on in the larger world. Primary was on “how all of this culminates into the end of the apprenticeship” and what it will mean for these particular teens them to be responsible for their activities and choices after being students., I have to accept another reviewer: THE MAJORITY OF second books in a series aren't as good as their predecessors. That is NOT the case with this one. This guide is even better than the first publication.

There was definitely some growth. When reviewing the first book I noted how you will were removed enough from the primary character, Ry, to be able to figure out what was going on rather than being hyper-focused onto her as to be in family member obscurity to the other characters and their lives. That is not the case with this. Yet not in a bad way. There is some great character growth and hardships in this guide.

I actually still continue to love these characters and I am thoroughly hooked. Onto the next one!, The second publication with this series...

... 6 years of reading books and I just realized why I read them. Exactly why the first book I actually read that actually trapped my attention was relationship... Adventure... Fantasy.

I realized that books allow me to experience emotions that I havent had the chance to experience yet. Why I actually long for true love. Why I would like to explore the world. Why I would like a career that is stuffed with action and no day the same as before.

This book helped me realize this. Any time I get mad at Eye or any other female character who seems to can't get over first love, I'm like "get over him! inch I get angry and upset and annoyed. Yet then I understood. I am learning different emotions through books. Books teach me about life. First is to learn and then to experience. When I actually experience these emotions, then I will understand what I actually read in books.
The first time I read "took my breath away", I thought that made no sense and was just an expression. But when I actually experienced it, my first thought was, "now I actually know very well what they meant in books".

Ryan is everything I used to be to be as an adult. She is brave, loyal, stubborn, kind, wise (even though considered reckless), and overall amazing. I am almost 3 months from 18 and about to go to college and the real world. I really hope to experience everything That went through (emotion-wise, don't really want to get stabbed multiple times) so I actually can have a better understanding of who I am as a person.

I enjoy books that help me understand myself better.

Can't wait around to read the next book!

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