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Anything in the book caused poker to click. It is an excellently written book which explains numerous situations. It could pay for itself in the first reading., Clearly not for amateur player,
This book is pretty amazing where i realize that math smart on very specific place i was analyzing everything wrong. By bringing the math on the entrance it's help advance players to make more logical decision on some unusual spot., Great explanation of the inherent math in the game. Must-read for today's games., Excellent book, I've read over 20 books on poker over the years. I've been quite impressed with the standard of online poker books recently, in comparison to several years ago.

This book would maintain my top two favorite and most useful poker books, with the other one being Will Tipton's " Expert Heads Up No-Limit Holdem".

His discussion on how to reason balancing has recently been vital to me. Furthermore, I've found a significant outflow in my game when playing out-of-position. I'm generally a very aggressive player and quite a few always prefer betting out monster hands as opposed to trapping, since it grows the pot. I think a common rookie mistake is to get too sneaky-trappy, resulting in smaller pots than monster hands deserve. Inside general, my choice of aggression vs. trappy has worked out to my advantage.

But he makes some very compelling arguments where trapping is plainly superior. My major leak is that my aggressive " play big hands big" results in my checks universally being weak. Typically the out-of-position disadvantage plainly needs to be balanced by properly trapping in the right spots.

Also, he turns the calling decision of pot-odds on its head. He concludes that you should defend (i. e. call) 60% of bets on the flop (when heads-up). This should surprise most players, I actually think, since generally we only call if we hit, and fold if we miss. You only hit 33%, so how to call the other 27% successfully, especially dried out flops? Well, just works if your opponent is " properly aggressive", like GTO. Against straightforward players, 60% is plainly a loser. But if you fold more than 60 per cent, then opponent's " choose to bluff 3/4 pot always" strategy simply has +EV against you. So pot-odds considering must be compared to " don't give bluff-always any +EV".

Starting with the triple-barrel value play (balanced with some multiple barrel bluffs) as a backbone of his research, you can understand the game much deeper. This specific triple-barrel play is actually key to deep-stack poker. As soon as you've worked this out there, you can reason how to shallow your strategy as stacks get smaller (like 30 Big-Blind tourneys)., Easily the best online poker book I've read. Absolutely geared in the direction of learning how to defeat today's tougher online cash games.

If I needed to make any criticism, I would say that the content definitely has a minimal audience it will profit. It's a pretty tough read, and I honestly couldn't recommend it to anyone who is slightly new to poker. Typically the information given in this book would almost certainly be both overwhelming and misapplied.

However, for already competitive players, this is easily the best money you could spend to improve your game., Good read a lot of math it should improve your game, Amazing book, clear and very well explained.

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