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Composed scripts will give you the confidence to actually talk with brokers. Typically the missing ingredient for all newbie investors., I read a lot of publications on Real Estate but this book gets right to the point with what to do, how to say it and addictions resources! Good read and have recommended it to friends., Disclaimer: I have known Chris for quite some time & offered to read this book and provide my thoughts.

Because noted previously, Chris & I have already been acquaintances for quite some time now. Every thing he states in his book about all that he has done and how he has obtained to this point is absolutely true. He has figured out from the best, and has seen many folks in the large rental investing business do their best. It all starts with a solid foundation in what you are looking to do, and he provides a lot of this expertise in the book.

If you have ever wondered about getting involved in “larger” rental investing business (i. electronic., apartment buildings of, say more than 15 units), I would get this book. “The Apartments Investment Action Guide” looks at this niche business from the perspective of someone that has always wondered if they could even enter this field … and succeed. He addresses many myths about getting started, what is needed to start and move through in taking down a large property.

His / her book reads like a structured collection of Frequently asked questions that any aspiring investor would ask to a mentor/teacher of this business. And he provides plenty of resources on subjects like the people to align yourself with, markets to look at, the different “projects” involved in the purchase process, how approach certain folks and what to inquire, and he covers the lingo as apartment building investing does have the own jargon.

For the price, “The Apartments Investing Actions Guide” is surely a good deal. Again, it’s chock-full of information. But one more thing I would add about what you will find within the pages of this book is Chris’ offer to help you (and that means “you” reading this review) if you really have ever entertained the notion of entering this business. Chris is 1 of those people who gives more than he requires, and he is extremely generous
and gracious together with his time and giving of his knowledge. If you want to learn getting started and what the experts do to flourish in this biz,
take your pet up on his offer … reach out to him … and you’ll see what I’m discussing about.

Thanks, Chris, for taking the time to share your knowledge and activities with myself and other readers out there. I truly get the sense that your book here will be the springboard for many aspiring Apartment Building investors. Congratulations., This specific book has became my go to guide whenever i need to go back for reference or need inspiration. apartment investing action guide is uncomplicated read, providing tons of insightful industry information that the best training companies charge thousands for! What a great value this books has. if you are new to the investing world this will definitely save you time and money and hopefully save you severe headaches.

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