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I received it in great condition and pretty fast. I did not enjoy the project I had formed to do regarding this graphic novel for my Fine art History school course... I did, however, find the novel to be good anyway.
It's definitely one of the people approaching to age type guide, growing up fro experience type of books but in a fictional and created way. The illustrations are really cool and simple in my thoughts and opinions and shown the feelings and behaviour of the characters perfectly., This book is amazing We are 12 I read this once i was 11 because I recently turned 12 but that's besides the point. This book was so dark and unexplainable and I just didn't want to stop turning the pages. the night I read this I just stayed upwards from the book which how good it is. The book has things girls go through and different types of episode. This book is good for individuals who enjoy mystery books., I am not the biggest fan of comic books, but I absolutely enjoyed the illustrations in this history and how they helped the story unfold with clear images for viewers! The story itself is simple but is very entertaining! It is a great example of a girl trying to match the cool crowd at school, while touching on the aspect of having to deal with balancing two cultures to make everyone around you happy with a ghostly twist of course! It is a great, short, and simple read, numerous life lessons people can relate to!, I loved this book. A Russian girl who wasn't like "everyone else" and is haunted by a ghost who murdered the love of her life and his girlfriend----or his wife. I felt like I could relate to her being insecure about herself. I adored the art, I adored the plot, I'm reading this article for the 35th time it's so good!! Ok, maybe I'm getting too hyped up about this.

Anyways, if your buying a book with regards to a teenage lady haunted by way of a ghost, this is the book for you. Anya's Ghost is AMAZING. I highly recommend it!, Anya's Ghost is a chilling tale of a young Russian lady named Anya whom comes into a hole in the ground and finds out the body and soul of Emily Reilly. In a big hurry Anya accidentally collects a tiny bone of Emily that allows her to follow Anya. Although this story is charming in the start it grows darker as the story continues together with a monsterous discovery at the end. With Versa Brosgol eye catching art and intriguing story is just enough to make you a fan of Versa's writing so I recommend reading Anya's Ghost as soon as you can., Regarding many high school students trudging through their last few years in people education system, they feel as though they are on a balance ray trying to find the sweet spot between not drawing attention to themselves and being invisible. Anya's Ghost will do a fantastic job of telling the history of one typical high schooler who desperately desires to fit in, yet doesn't quite know how until the day the girl befriends a ghost at the bottom of a well. Emily, her new ghost friend, helps the woman into the "in" crowd and even scores the woman a ride to a party with the golf ball star whom Anya pinastre after. Yet, just like how the majority of cool kids in high school usually are as cool as they appear Anya starts to investigate Emily's story and learns a great offer about herself in the process.
Typically the perspective and style of Anya's Ghost offers so much to young adult readers trying to understand their place in the planet. Large School can be a lonely place and for students who do feel as though they're on the fringe of benefit school experience, the more rebellious teens, can relate to Anya in the woman struggles. The book is honest about teens; some teens smoke, some drink on occasion, some students struggle with their family members. Those teens are not bad teens (like they may typically depicted in the media) but teens who are desperately trying to find some independence. The medium of a graphic novel the actual book more accessible to teens who aren't likely to grab a 500 page book, and the act of reading a graphic novel as compared to a classic story itself may appear a little rebellious. With that in mind, Vera Brosgol doesn't shy away from beautifully constructed literary method which is found regularly throughout the novel. That reminds me of Daniel Clowes Ghost World, but for a lot younger and broader audience., This guide is amazing and the art is amazing. I enjoyed it thoroughly and couldn't put it down. It's a unique take on a ghost story and I would recommend it to almost anyone I am aware.

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