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We don't know for sure but I suspect that most grownups have a problem with panic to some extent. There are a lot of potential things to be stressed about in this world - some which may easily be dismissed rationally, but many that are genuine concerns that probably will happen. Since this is a universal problem there are many Alfredia books out there on how to combat anxiety. Whenever amazon vine offered me a book by Max Lucado I was happy to take it. I possibly could use some help in this area of my life. I've read a few by this author. I know he has a reliable, Biblical worldview.

I expected this to be an encouraging, somewhat lightweight, book that I could enjoy for a few hours, require a little bit out there of, and pass along for someone else to enjoy. My first impression of the book performed not sway me out of this view. The main segment is merely about 150 webpages long, with a good amount of pages blank (between chapters) or dedicated to a single large quote. I hate that sort of thing in a book but, oh well, We didn't pay for this anyway.

To my minor surprise, regardless of the blank or 3/4 empty pages, this is a strong treatment on the subject. Yes, it is encouraging, full of stories and easy to read but it includes practical steps on combatting anxiety. Centered on Philippians 4: 4-8 the author patiently dissects a very powerful passage of scripture and shows you exactly what you have to do to derive maximum benefit from these passages.

I normally don't think much one way or the other when it comes to the use of acronyms when it comes to teaching (I aren't remember just one to be honest) but Max uses the acronym CALM as a teaching tool to show how to apply these verses.

C - Celebrate God's Goodness - " Rejoice in the Lord Always"
A - Ask God For Help - " Let your demands be made known to God"
D - Leave Your Concerns With Him - " With Thanksgiving"
M - Meditate About Good Things - " Consider about the things that are good and worthy of praise"

He breaks down each verse into easy to understand concepts that work in real life. I think We will actually use this acronym to remind me personally of the principles here. This is not huge theological book. These are simple real-life-applicable instructions for anyone who is ready to apply it. Medicine for a universal disorder. Through the medicine you will see results. In the event you acknowledge the truth of the medicine but don't take it you can't see results. If you take a reduced dosage, less often you will see lesser results. Surprisingly I possess underlined many of the passages in this book that I plan to study and over. We hope to have this type of thinking into my daily life until it becomes unconscious. Very much like the Gospel, this book will be of great benefit to anyone who simply receives it.

Several personal thoughts before We go:
A single particular passage moved myself greatly: " The advantage of being a great sinner is dependence upon a great grace. I found a forgiveness that is too deep to be plumbed, too high to be summited. I possess never been more or less stored than the moment We was first saved. Not one bad deed has deducted from my solution. No good deed, if there are any, has enhanced it. My salvation has nothing to do with my work and everything to do with the finished work of Christ on the cross. "

This really is absolute truth. If you are a believer you need to know one thing: God are never angry with you again. He swore that in Isaiah 54, which comes after you believe in what happened in Isaiah 53. God has a Agreement of Peace together with you that will never, ever be removed. When we get that deep down in our souls most of our anxiety will effortlessly escape., " Anxious For Nothing" is yet another great Max Lucado title. This, as the title brings up, targets anxiety. Around one hundred sixty pages, the book is a fast read and details such topics as:

one. Realizing the Lord is in control, regardless our situation.
2. The importance of abiding in Jesus during our trial.
3. The importance of prayer during our struggle.
4. You have the power to choose on which to think about, good or bad.
5. Understand to be grateful during your struggle - surely there is something good that comes out of it.
6th. Realized how merciful and loving God is to us, regardless our circumstances.
7. Fret less and believe in Jesus more.

A great read for anybody going through a struggle and in need of hope. An individual should be able to complete title in a few sittings and come away with more encouragement and wish that is found only in Jesus., When We see the name MAXIMUM LUCADO my interest is captured. When I leaped across ANXIOUS FOR PRACTICALLY NOTHING: FINDING CALM WITHIN A TOPSY-TURVY WORLD, I ordered it immediately. I have find many in my life that have a problem with anxiety. We think if we were honest, most of us fag one form or another, at different times in our lives.

ANXIOUS FOR NOTHING goes beyond the particular title may first think of. Anxious comes in many levels. We all have feared, worried, wanted to understand what is going to happen ahead of time. Wondered if we are making the right decision, if the decision we make is the right one.

ANXIOUS FOR NOTHING gives practical and Biblical ways to reduce fear, panic and uncertainty. I am three fourths of the way through the book, and so excited about what it contains I got to stop and write a review. Whether you believe you have a big or small issue with panic, or maybe know of someone that does, ANXIOUS FOR NOTHING will be a benefit to your life. A must read by all, and one you will wish you got the funds to purchase a book for everyone in your life., It absolutely was comforting and very relatable to the very busy and sometimes hectic lives. Lucado has a way of lulling us into his warm fuzzy style of writing. I'll keep this on my tablet for a reboot when a desire a boost in the center of a hectic work week or visiting with others that could also desire a promise of wish., An excellent book. Max never disappoints me,., Excellent, wonderful!, In the middle of reading it but already getting a lot out of it. Maximum Lucado knows how to make you think and puts concepts into ways that are easy to remember.

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