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Love this author! I discovered so much about personally that nobody else could understand. I knew We was " text book" somewhere! His other publication, " Adrenaline and Stress" changed my whole way of thinking. I felt relieved to know We was not alone., All of Dr. Hart's books are outstanding and worth reading. I will be using it a home team study we will be doing about Anxiety and it spells it out so well. Its information that individuals need to understand and few are willing to admit they struggle with this problem., This book is eye opening. If you are afflicted by anxiety or anxiety i then suggest reading this book. Mcdougal provides insightful suggestions. It is an easy read and kept my attention the whole time., Theory Evaluate: The Work of Doctor. A. Hart
Leslie Krahn
Liberty University
Counseling 507-B01
March 6, 2011
Doctor. Archibald Hart has written many books connecting the domain of anxiety and stress and its negative influence on the physical body. He brings the unseen world of hormones and substance reactions which take place in our body and mind alive in this book called, The Anxiety Cure. He then presents the unseen anxiety and the physical anxiety which is often revealed through anxiety attacks out for all to see.
Dr. Hart discloses a workable plan of implementing not only preventive steps for personal stress reduction but also detailed instructions for applying stress reduction into the Christian counselor practice. Dr. Hawkins (n. deb. ) from Liberty University or college suggests that Doctor Hart is one of the primary contributors in Christian guidance who examines the impact anxiety and stress have on the physical body.
This book will be of great interest for anyone in the Christian therapy profession, including counselors, psychiatrist or psychiatrist. This book will also be of great service for pastors and lay counselors with in our churches who will be looking after to the flocks. This book on anxiety cures is an excellent insight for family and friends into the world of those who struggle with anxiety issues. Above all this book will be a shelter in the storm for those who ride the storms that blow with winds of panic, surf of depression, lightning mounting bolts of anxiety, and the deafening roar of oklahoma city of panic attacks.
This book can really be great reading for almost everyone who has stress or anxiety in their lives. This publication not only is a huge asset for those who are already in the stomach of the beast and struggling to be free from panic attack or disorders but actually has donated many of their pages to stress and anxiety prevention. Chapter ten lists in the segment stress busting your life is a stress reduction list that everyone surviving in today's world can put into action all or nearly all of these points. 1. ) Established and maintain boundaries in your life. 2. ) Quick conflict resolution. 3. ) Take care of those disagreeable tasks first. 4. ) Build-up a resistance against stress in your life. 4. ) Established and stick to de-stressing recovery periods. 5. ) Arrest arousal of your adrenal when not needed. 6. ) Develop and maintain healthy, open human relationships. 7. ) The joy of saying, NO. 7. ) Know that stressful time is not the correct time to make major decisions. 9. ) Identify and use your spiritual resources to de-stress your life.
Doctor Hart takes each sometimes controversial topic associated with Alfredia counseling, stress and the human body and breaks it down into easily digested bites of information. He explains the medical research and recently developments made with the bodily hormones and messengers which travel within our body. He identifies the happy messengers as they work and the opportunity to increase their efficiency both naturally and pharmaceutically in chapter 15. He also helps readers to see the bad or sad messengers and how they work and shows step by step instructions based on scientific research and Dr. Harts many years of experience.
Two whole chapters (5 & 6) are devoted to explaining the advantages of anxiety medication at certain times. He is also quick to point out the times when medication is useless, such as with phobias or separation anxiety (p. 72). Dr. Hart writes on the proper usage, starting point, discontinuance of medication and the need for intellectual therapy along with medication. He also list many of the popular anxiety medications, the fact that work, the reason they work, the possible side effects and suggested dosages.
Presently there are many topics protected in this book and Doctor Hart covers each one in a logical sequence always giving ideas of ways all viewers can help elevate stress and anxiety. Some of the topics will be the risks of worrying, the need for rest and relaxation, the importance of fixing your thinking habits, meditation, honoring the Sabbath, sleeping habits, panic in children and many more. Dr. Hart also has kindly offered many other resources that can work along with this publication to combat stress and winning the war with anxiety.
Pros and cons
Dr. Hart is a list man, great list are well organized and very easily understood as they lead your step by step in the direction he would like to take you in. He not only claims to have confidence in what he is writing but d├ęclaration to living it and this truth is revealed in his writing style the freedom he displays through his low stress lifestyle. Dr. Hart does not make this goal of the low stress life style an extended shot at the moon, yet an easy to grasp adaption of some very clear biblical basic principle, including the story present in Lomaz ten of Mary and Martha (p. 257).
Through no fault of the author, this publication handles a rapidly altering field of anxiety and stress and the results those two states have on human bodies. The is also the almost daily changing pharmaceutical industry, which develops more and more medications to fight the number one psychological problem Americans face of anxiety and the number one mental-health issue for women of panic anxiety ( preface). This book was written in 1999 and so it needs to be updated ?nternet site am sure there have been changes in the field of panic and stress.
Personal Insight and Application
Hawkins, R. (n. deb. ) Presentation: Hart. Lynchburg, VA: Liberty University., This book is extremely helpful for everyone. It will help us through the changing times we feel normal panic. It is also gives helpful guidance for those with serious anxiety issues., We recommend Archibald Hart's publication the < < Anxiety Cure> > whole heartedly. It is a publication I have used with people struggling with anxiety, either anxiety attacks or subtle panic that appears to be just below the surface. The publication is well written with helpful exercises to include to be able to deal with the difficulties of panic. I possess also seen development within my own life as I have applied the principles and techniques suggested in the book. The book is written from and Evangelical Christian point of view that i found to be helpful and affective., This book has been a tremendous help. I have never battled anxiety until now, I am 41 years old, and have been told it is directly from stress. There exists a lot of confusing information out there. This publication allowed me to to understand what was happening to me physically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically. I was afraid of medicine and this publication gave me the understanding and freedom to take that form of help until I can recover. That also taught me how to make life changes necessary for my complete recovery. My husband is a pastor and We am a teacher. All of us work together to advice people with various challenges. This book will be placed in the hands of anyone I face who is struggling with anxiety, depressive disorders, and/or stress., As a successful professional woman who has done well in most aspects of life, I really worried that I was " dropping it" when, out of nowhere, I started out to get panic attacks. The assaults caused me to feel weak and flawed and afraid. This book reassured myself that I'm not heading crazy and showed myself how my Type The attitude and my stressful lifestyle properly set the stage for panic assaults by saturating my body with cortisol and, therefore , decreasing my body's ability to produce its own soothing chemicals. The book also reassured me that it is ok, or even recommended, to take medication, at least in the earlier stage of treatment. Before reading this article, I thought it was best to " white knuckle" it through the anxiety, but Dr. Hart carefully explains how medication provides an essential break from the anxiety of expecting the next anxiety attack so that you can begin to learn cognitive-behavioral tools for changing the underlying stress-inducers and lifestyle factors that are nourishing the anxiety disorder. This book is full of useful information. I seriously recommend it. Quick note: there is Christianity-based content. While I was a Christian, I do believe this book is still useful for non-Christians. The information is very helpful.

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