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This book is laid out wonderfully. If you need to look up a specific condition and exactly what to do about it (eg how inflamation affects the heart or diabetes or fibromyalgia), there are specific parts and you could go directly to the area of most interest to you. While a lot of people aren't thinking about the research behind the suggestions, I am, and this book delivers! The studies are very well presented and it's content rich which intended I had to re-read one of the chapters to totally absorb the terminology. Can it progress than that? This publication really helped me understand what's happening with our health and the research was so convincing that I now take ultra-refined fish oil every day. Plus guess what... my fibromyalgia pain has all but disappeared! PS. He is absolutely correct that the cheap fish oil supplements supplements avoid work; I tried., Very important book for anyone seeking to change thier health for the better. Everybody has some type on inflammation and can use this guide to learn about how exactly to get rid of it through foods., Remember the late 1990s when "Balance Bars" first turned out? That was Dr. Barry Sears and his Zone Diet which completely reframed the world regarding carbohydrates.

Nobody listened to Dr . Atkins before Pep boys came out with his book. Nobody had heard about Arachidontic Acid (AA) before that either. Until you know about AA, then you know nada about inflammation or dietary causes of chronic disease. Bet your doctor is aware NOTHING about this. Keep reading.

Fast toward 2007. Now every 7-11 has a whole shelf of balance bars of all types including Dr. Pep boys new brand Zone Bars. (He's no longer part of Balance bars. )

After the success of the Zone Diet, Dr. Sears kept busy working on new fronts and he landed a very big fish (or should I say fish oil) in the area of health.

Medical compasses around the world were starting to point towards silent swelling as the major reason behind chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, obesity, altzheimers, ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER, and more.

Half of what medicine does is package with inflammation if you think about it. Set ice into it. Take two aspirin. Gobble ibuprophin. Anabolic steroids you say? Doctors package with inflammation to make us feel better.

So what?

Well, there's something called silent inflammation too. That type of inflammation of your arteries, brain, internal organs, joints etc. is a moment bomb ready to go off and shorten your life.

Sears understands this and others follow. Researchers chased him and validated his lower carbohydrate balanced diet is more healthy for you than the mighty FDA food pyramid.

They're chasing him again proving that high dosage (Eskimo dose) fish oil supplements knocks out silent inflammation and crosses tbe blood brain barrier better than other anti-inflammatories. And... it's just food oil. Safe? Not really unless you get pharmaceutical grade. Sears sells it... surprise.

You can get it from other options if you are smart. Why shouldn't Sears profit though? All the copycats profit off of him or her.

Anyway, this guide will start you on the way to understanding that all those aspirin you've taken over your life and ice provides put on sore shins had a deeper message for you. GET RID REGARDING INFLAMMATION.

Read this publication, get smart and do what Dr. Sears shows you to do. Get all of his textbooks. Omega RX, Zone Diet regime, Toxic Fat. These will give you a much improved standard of living well into the sunset years., First part of book very boring, repetitive, takes too long to make a point, also just ad for his other textbooks.
The part I liked and is useful information like the recipe section. But will have to discover a substitute for the nuts., I possess Rheumatoid Joint disease. It gave me good information on what happens when my figure attacks itself. Also helped me point away why some foods considered healthy would cause an inflammatory reaction with my condition. A nurse loaned me the book and i also ended up buying it therefore i could refer to it when trying to inform other RA people., This book was recommended to me by my cardiologist. I haven't done reading it yet, but it is quite informative regarding diets of anyone with swelling problems., had it on line but necessary to have a second one, Helpful

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