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Should you do not want to be some semblance of Anthony Bourdain you must live under a rock. Travel, food, artistic license with no B. S., who wouldn't want to? David Blum requests the right questions you might have wondered about a high level00 fan, and becomes candid answers. Bourdain certainly, and wisely, thinks about all these kind of questions beforehand, however it has some of the no nonsense off the wristband remarks he or she is famous for. A few shameless plugs(why not? ), he admits as much in the interview although not in the same breath.
The very best recommendation We can give, I will pass this on to my(adult) kids. Worth reading., An excellent, quick read. Nothing new here though. Perfect follow-up/bookend if your only real experience of Bourdain was "Kitchen Confidential. "

Wish it had been longer or more in depth, but that's really not what the Kindle Singles program is for, right?, Love Anthony Bourdain, which means this was a great interview. Some things I already knew; others, I didn't. I liked getting to know him a lttle bit better. David Blum's questions were pointed and relevant. Well done., Delightful person... totally upfront and " out there".... prompted myself to read his guide " Kitchen Confidential"... which I am totally enjoying. What an interesting author. He performed at my local performing arts movie theater and the most interesting part of his show was when he got the questions from the group. He could hear them from all over the huge theatre... repeated them on mike... and clarified each one openly and colorfully!! Love his tv shows too! I'm admirer!!!, Anthony Bourdain's book is a " no retains barred" expose of what happens in the kitchen without the customers' knowledge. He or she has written several publications on this topic and in this interview he or she once again does some soul searching about themself, his career great competitors.

Great read of any overview of where he is right now in his career. Anthony is now middle aged and he emotions some of the exposes with hindsight. Less of the bad boy cook and much more insight into his life, seems like he has done it all. Starting with a seafood joint and now host of a popular television show, we learn how he got where he is.

Not a bad gig!!! And the most interesting part is that he or she now knows how fortunate they have been!, It may be a lttle bit ironic to write a review about this interview considering their content, nevertheless the restaurant world - the world generally - would be a better place if more people listened to Anthony Bourdain. So, in only a few words, this is Bourdain at his usual best. This is worth reading once and keeping on your kindle for future research.,... He is so down to earth, on!! in honesty... almost, weird!, how Mr. Bourdain has made it out in this world being a Chef.
I am glad I have read this interview, my husband is a Chef, and, it is almost an unbelievable difficult job, mainly if you would like to do it the right way... thanks God our company is over it, raised two wonderful kids, one is a successful hotelier who with two partners, they created a successful concept in Arkansas, and another works for a Hotel Corp.
Mister Bourdain, We could not sometimes understand your boldness projected through your programs, sometimes bordering the line of world of one, yet, after reading and understanding you better, We do take my head wear off!. Thanks for this interview!, It was a very short read. We expected it to be much longer and not an interview.
Loved his last book far better.

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