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Amazing book, gives logical answers to the questions supported with references and research!, Very well written and answers a lot of questions I have about sun things, really was very good book, all the events explained foundation on scientific justification and evidents. Very informative about Islam and recommend every one to see and get a lot of Technological information., This book comes up as a guide for Muslims to help them "explain" Islam to non-Muslims and "persuade" them. In order to anyone reading it without that slant it is bound to be a hoot - good for lots of laughs. Just like

Why are two women witnesses the equivalent of one male witness? "Answer": It doesn't say that *every* place in the Koran; but "due to her emotional condition she can get confused"... in financial transactions of course the parties should be two men and so should the witnesses but one man and two women will suffice...

Why require hijab for women? "Answer": Islam uplifted women and made them equal; hijab is to protect them; if there are twins walking down the road one in hijab and something in a miniskirt a hooligan will choose to bother the one in the miniskirt... The guideline for what should be protected is unique for men and women: men from navel to knees, women body system...

This last illustrates an initial tactic: the author asserts an optimistic value, and then re-iterates an Islamic guideline that flatly, plainly, and unambiguously contradicts the value, and expects the reader/listener to be baffled by the flow of words into accepting that dark is white.

This is certainly mixed with a mass of commentary that is in many cases possibly true but in most situations utterly irrelevant; again, evidently intended to "persuade" one to accept the attacking material by mixing it in with the plausible: get the reader/listener nodding and then slide in the offensive bits.

You may learn something special in Islam from this tract, but it will not be what the author hopes., Biggest bunch of woman hating, delusional, male controlling garbage I ever read. Saddest thing is this is 90 % of this book is all about money and themself ( men). Zero real answers to woman's rights issues. Honor is on you the consumer, not women. Honor killings are just men saving face. Needing complete control. Capital punishment for rape, only if you get a conviction. Which is not occurring. Two hysterical women needed for witnesses or one man, even a comparative can lie for the man. Most Muslim men would not help convict another. It will take away the male strength system used to control women for hundreds of years. She must have provoked it. Zero means no, even in Islam.... where do Muslim men think the virgins in heaven are coming from if they keep raping and honor killing. Even the pope has become more modern in thinking. Ladies will never become Islamic with this draconian pondering and we cannot be beaten with it in this great country. We are going to help liberate those who would like the help. You are wrong and those who have abused women and children will face a judgment someday. I am a lady, educated, far from being histerical no matter the time of month. We will fight this oppression of all women to the end., As a Islamic, it will help me understand more about the questions questioned and also gives me personally more confidence to answer them., I'm sure this will clean the many misunderstandings that some non Muslims and even Muslims have about Islamic faith and principles, Good but misses one answer.

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