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This book was good story. We enjoyed it very much.
From walt49, I loved this guide. This a tale about Daddy Jude Carter and a prisoner Anderson Grant who he visited while in prison as well as after he was release during his transition.

I could only imagine what a priest would feel inside to discover after many years in the priesthood to be drawn to another man. Just not drawn to, but struggled desperately with the necessity of wanting to be with Grant. As a good priest, he attempted to avoid Grant and steeled himself against what his religious belief that it was a sin to be with another man. But whatever he attempted to break those feelings inside and between them the need was too strong to overpower.

What other choice did he have? Staying he was unable to be fulfill the needs more with the combined thoughts inside. But to be with Grant he would have to leave the priesthood all together to provide love a chance. He hand picked the latter, to explore this love he felt for Grant. That wasn’t going to be easy, because he experienced never had a relationship before and had not even kissed anyone, all this would be new for your pet.

Grant had his own group of problems with being release from his jail term after murdering a man that attempted to rasurado his brother’s fiancé. His / her brother Mase was very supportive of his more youthful brother and the challenge he would face being a felon. But a very special priest had helped him to find his way whilst in prison and outside after.

He previously desired Jude from the instant he saw him and those feelings grew deeper the more the clergyman and him spent time together. Grant knew there could never be a future with Jude because he was obviously a priest, but the man could desire which felt disrespectful to the man.

These two men finally gave in with a kiss and everything started to unfold to a life they could explore together, a match made in heaven, though Jude soon learned that not all people shared in the joy they had. Bigotry raised its ugly head after a neighbor in their apartment complex caught them discussing a quick goodbye kiss.

The lady was really nasty and I wanted to slap her silly for hurting Jude. Innocent Jude, naïve in the homosexual world that such people has so much hatred for them. After that encounter, Jude once again struggled with questions if he was doing right by the man he loved so dearly. Jude always considered others before himself. Both men proceeded to go through a turbulent time that only came away in the end to get them to better together.

This specific is a lovely guide and I’m sure many would enjoy the writing and storyline it offers. I would recommend this book.

**I read a complimentary Advanced Reader Backup of this book & am voluntarily leaving an honest and unbiased review. ***, This is actually the story of a convict and the priest he met in prison.

Andy and Jude both had a draw to each other but none wanted to make a move on the other due to their places in modern society,

After no being able to find a job while residing in a halfway house Andy called on Jude for any guide in a career. Jude requested him to come to the chapel the following day that he had an idea. When Andy showed up he found a building site and was immediately hired to be effective on the church. While they performed not have much contact what they did have was long looks at each other. At the end of the job Andy was forced ot do the walk through with Jude and a kiss happened... then another and then some more.

Andy then went on to be effective at a gym, still thinking of Jude but knowing they could never be. Until Jude walked into the very same gym. He needed some treatment after a car accident had left your pet injured. Jude was located in Andy's care. Following a tense first gathering Jude was upset that Andy would only call him Father... he requested to be called Jude but Andy would not. Following months of working together Jude had put his plan into motion of leaving the priesthood.

Would Andy have him? Could they be together? Jude has never been in a relationship and going from a Priest to a gay man would it work for the two of them? Would Andy's family continue to support him? Will they have issues from Jude's past?

I read a complimentary Advanced Reader Copy of this book & We am voluntarily leaving a respectable and unbiased review., Wistful anticipation! A wonderful first time, GFY, gay for you, love story! Daddy Jude, 38, knew he was going to leave the Episcopal priesthood. Andy, out of prison, proceeded to go from job hunting, to work and a small apartment. He ended up assisting with the manse renovate. Andy, @30, feels strong emotion and desire around Jude, so, he will try to keep away. Later, Jude asks Andy to be his roommate. The final sermon was spoken. We didn't find any interruptions with the way Jude left the church, like some did. I thought the plot flowed beautifully. It's a great set up for both men. Andy's new job at the gym allows the step up to pay for this opportunity to a bigger place. Of course the confines of the apartment contributes to kisses, and variations both men want. Jude has never ever kissed anyone, so he's got zero experience, therefore it is exhilarating and liberating for your pet.
These characters are well written, with deep thoughts, fears, and questions. We see their slow burn of development and then a bad, hateful neighbor women terrifies Jude. He retreats into himself, but Andy makes him open. We are not rushed here; it's slow and steady loving with a glimpse of their new life together, a dog, and a special night. Andy's buddy and wife are great additions.
Thus, we get true love, hot sex, and peaceful hearts and minds. This one is a great reminder that true love is waiting for everyone. Loved it!
Highly recommended. ENJOY!
=================, This is a kind and soft story that is stuffed with stress, low self esteem and changing enough in your life that you very self image is transformed. Father Jude as one of his duties works at the prison and there he meets Anderson, a man who performed what he had to do to protect his own. After ten years he could be now free. These two men meet while Anderson continues to be in jail and the two are attracted to the other, but both know it is an impossible idea. Love and marriage is not forbidden but gay love would be frowned on. Father Jude must make a life altering decision and Anderson has to get past his fears and personal hatred. Will they do it? A severe case of homophobia is included the mix and threatens their peace. Loving family help Anderson and Jude as you go along. Excellent short read. Might recommend it to anyone. I voluntarily read and reviewed this ARC guide.

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