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This content of the book great. However it is the worst formatted kindle book I use ever read. The footnotes are mixed in with the written text and most are before the passage they are related to. It is sometimes hard to keep straight the text of the constitution, the comments, and the footnotes. None of the images are in the kindle fire version. If you want to read this book buy the printed book., Carry out not buy the Kindle fire version for either iPhone or PC. The sayings for the illustrations are there, nevertheless the illustrations are not. Instead, the sayings say to refer to printed edition to see the illustration. Very best purpose of having a Kindle fire version if you have to refer to the print edition? Also, the footnotes really are inserted in the midst of the text, in many instances before the footnoted text. The continuity of the text is non-existent., Very disappointed with the Kindle version of this book. It does not contain some of the pictures or illustrations mentioned in the book. You are tempted by the verbiage under the picture/illustration, enough to wet your appetite, but there is not any picture/illustration., Professor Rakove provides a useful tool for the general reader for study of the particular vocabulary of the Constitution and entry into "original" symbolism, intent, background, circumstances. With regard to example, the 2nd Amendment was provided to ensure that the states would be able to gather an sufficient militia (just as the language actually says)since the country got, and intended, no position army. The concept of guns for individual defense really had not been that much of a consideration (although it was a reality given fear of indians). A gun at that time was regarded more as a useful and necessary tool to put food on the table. If it were written today it likely would refer to the right to own/operate a cellular phone or automobile. Furthermore, registration is not prohibited: the states needed to know who had firearms so they could be called out when needed. When "originalists" such as Justice Scalia were true to their professed belief it should be restricted to the technology of the day and logical, foreseeable innovations: muskets, etc. Unfortunately, it is the right side of the court that is more often the "activist" side via their frequent hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty. My main critique of this book is that I'd like to see more information and source references., I checked this book out from the library and found the book useful for my class in criminal law and the consitution and decided to choose the book., The format of the Kindle version is chaotic, like an unedited optical scan, full of random variations in font and margins, making the text almost unreadable in places. The footnotes annotating the text appear ahead of the material they refer to. The illustrations from the print edition are not included. The Table of Contents does not have links for particular sections and it is therefore not very useful. This content of the book great but the publisher has no business charging for this mess. Sorry, Professor Rakove. You deserve better.

Postscript: I see now that others had the same problems with the format. Pity on me for not reading the reviews before pressing to buy. Buyer be mindful!, This is a very small book with annotations too short and picky to be of much utility. Wikipedia even, if less authoritative, gives more insights, provides greater history, suggests more directions for deeper inquiry, and comes closer to accomplishing see neutrality than this practically pocket-size softback. Little flavor of the history and little richness of the controversies hails from the annotations -- which can be really just (inadequate) footnotes. The book was produced by a college student who of course seriously appreciates the subject matter -- it's unlikely that anyone with a lesser name than Rakove would find a way to sell many copies of this book -- but scarcely satisfies as even an outline. While I would recommend not spending money on this little volume, it warrants two stars since if you knew practically nothing of the basis and impact of a particular provision, this might inform you what (in Wikipedia, for instance) to look further into. But were you to watch Rakove spend an hour on camera with Brian Lamb, you would become far more informed, and intellectually interested, than you are likely to be with this book. One takes away the idea that this was just meant as a fairly easy little money-maker for the creator, and not designed to carry great use., That is important to understand fully the intent of authors of older text messages, and well-researched annotations offers modern readers an improved understand of the original documents.

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