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I debated between three and four stars, but in the end decided on four superstars, mainly because the writing is so darn good. Also, being a fan of these types of books, I experienced VanderMeer had created the bones of big story, thought the fleshing out of that story was highly problematic and in the end got what could have been a fabulous book down to merely a good history. It could have been so much more, and that, my fellow visitors, is what is so deeply disappointing here. I needed this to be a five star review, not merely three or four stars.

The bones of the story are truly intriguing - a mystical Area X along the " lost coast" (the location is never truly recognized for us by VanderMeer because God forbid we name anything here because names carry something mystical about them. Unfortunately, we are never really told what. Names and locations are meaningless? Too confining? To be able to defining? Your guess is as good as mine) where something dramatic and alien and unexplainable has occurred. Little goes in or comes out of Area X - and what does keep coming back out there is never who or what we think it is.

As I said, VanderMeer is a good enough writer that he tow hooks the reader early on and doesn't let go. I read all three books in the series, one right after the other, even though, in my opinion, the series remains vastly overpriced. Yet he or she is a very good writer and I did not want to wait to get through the series till the prices came down for every single book. The first book is definitely the most powerful of three, but my feeling is the fact if you are going to commit time and money in the first book, there isn't much point except if you are prepared to see it through to the conclusion of the series.

Many reviewers have compared the books to the TV series " Misplaced. " I think the comparison is apt in that this island then in " Lost" is mysterious and replete with strange and unexplained phenomenon. But I think the analogy is even more apt than that. Many viewers of 'Lost" loved the finishing, which I found sappy and saccharine, without any real answers to the questions I asked through-out the whole series. But many viewers became, more connected to the characters than the storyline, so maybe they didn't care so much that no answers were really provided at the end. I did, however. I wanted real, concrete information to a show I had put in viewing over the course of many years. Once i didn't get answers, I felt betrayed and let down.

I think many of the negative reviews of this series reflect a similar kind of sensibility. VanderMeer has engaged in the cardinal sin of many writers - getting us hooked on a tale, then disappointing many visitors by failing to provide a concrete, satisfying bottom line with answers to our most important questions. Indeed, you can leave some mystery, but too much unanswered is never a good thing.

I believe that the author was striving to continue the mystery and lack of conclusive answers that the characters felt when confronting themselves, their motivations, each other, life, the unidentified, etc. That the characters didn't fully understand themselves (ie, the mystery of their personhood) and also the mystery of Area X, so why should we? I speculate here, but the author probably felt he or she was simply mimicking Location X in every of the grand mystery (and yes, mimicry plays a sizable role in the story with no, we are never really told why) and that his mimicry was important to the story.

But the situation is that such an approach is never truly satisfying to a sizable percentage of readers. What I was hoping for (but never got) was not a lot an finishing like the final outcome of " Lost" where there no real answers but we feel so crazy about the characters and their relationships with each other that we aren't supposed to care our questions go unanswered, but more like the finishing to the series " Battlestar Galactica" in which are questions are answered, but the answers are nothing that we really expected. I needed a relaxing and unexpected surprise at the end. Something I didn't see coming.

You will not get that here. That is not to say that VanderMeer answers no questions about Area X - he or she does do that by the final book. That said, he just doesn't go far enough numerous of those answers, neither are answers in any way truly a wonderful and unexpected surprise.

Moreover, I failed to feel strongly attached to many of the characters, who seemed " lost" (no pun intended) within themselves. Control plays a strong role in book two, but fades almost totally away in importance in book three. A lot of times you feel like shaking the characters and screaming " awaken up, " nevertheless they never do, but rather remain hooked in their own confused and obscure states of being. Now I get the sense that VanderMeer would like use to revel in this as a general reflection of the utlimate meaning of the human condition, but frankly, it just feels unsatisfying and makes one feel frustrated with the characters. Many times they just meander through the story and their non-stop stream of consciousness fretting and lack of clearness does drag the history down at times.

Ending the story by stressing simply - aren't these characters fascinating in associated with themselves and this is definitely a persons condition, to remain an ultimate mystery to us - was deeply not satisfying in my experience. Tell me what happens to Control. Show me what happens to the Earth. Tell me the " why" of Location X. Tell me the " Why" of what happens to the biologist. Or what happens to Saul or the psychologist.

Give me something new and unexpected, but don't leave me in the dark, Mr. VanderMeer., The Biologist’s tone is somewhat medical, which might put off some readers. I discovered it worked well to reinforce the strangeness of the setting and events. It takes hardly any time for the uncommon, maddening effects of Location X to put in an appearance, so you don’t have to wait for long. There are a lighthouse that seems significant, and a strange tunnel with bizarre writing lining its walls:

“… There shall be in the planting in the shadows a grace and a mercy that shall bloom dark flowers, and their teeth shall devour and sustain and herald the passing of your era …”

The tone of Annihilation is very interior, so it’s challenging to see how this is arranged to become movie next 12 months. Most of what goes on is nested within the activities of the Biologist, and her take on it is integral to what happens and how.

" That’s how the madness of the world tries to colonize you: from the outside in, forcing you to stay in its fact. "

There are strange creatures that inhabit Location X, and accounts of past expeditions may not have been totally correct in how they were portrayed to the characters during their training. Inspite of the odd sophisticated decay of everything left behind to find, there are some techniques that haven’t been lost to madness and decomposition.

I absolutely loved Annihilation. It’s a fantastic search of the madness present in both external and internal scenery, and it’s a Lovecraftian horror built to attractiveness to modern readers., Typically the story introduces you to a bizarre world, then halts for a flashback. And then when you are cut back to the weird interesting world, it is fragmented by more flashbacks. As you can't trust what was learned before the protagonists expedition, and only half trust what is going on throughout the story, there are more questions then genuine answers. I discovered it relatively annoying, when something comes along, that connects, or possibly connects with what is being conducted, the primary character just breezes by it, almost as if giving no thought to it, or not caring. The book itself was short. That being said, it still was very entertaining, and the writing was, in most cases, good., I usually keep my distance from stories about things that go bump (or moan) in the night time. The speculative principle and scientific framework of this story caught my attention, nevertheless , and did not disappoint. I docked one star for the occasional lapse in or else powerful and natural writing. I wish I could have docked just 50 percent a star but there you have it. An excellent read. I’ll certainly read on in the series., This is a pretty great read, kept you at night for the most part but always kept you interested in finding out the thing that was happening next. Can’t wait to learn the rest of them and eventually start to see the upcoming film adaptation!, This guide reads like a journal and like a journal, it offers you an intimate point of view of the poker site seizures written. I have never felt closer and yet further from a character in a story in all my entire life. She was at once, relatable and simultaneously alien in my experience. I must read on. I have to know the answers within Area X. I feel the light losing inside me, giving me the slightest glimmer of answers to the many questions this book brought into my life., Different, original storyline (at least to me), very gripping the majority of the time! Found this book having seen the movie trailer which instantly obtained my attention, though it became quite evident that the movie will be REALLY different from the book after reading through this first chapter of the trilogy. Decent character development and very imaginative principle. I'm giving this book a four despite things going downhill with each subsequent chapter...

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