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Bea of Green Gables is an excellent classic story and it gets 5 stars. This particular particular printing, however, is completely unacceptable. It's as if someone typed it into a document, and printed it off--no webpage numbers, not titled at the top of each page, the outlines don't even break properly (see photo). Purchased as a gift, thankfully with plenty of time to get a much better quality copy--probably for less money! A disgrace to the publishing community., I ADORED Anne of Green Gables as a child and own the complete hard copy of the Bea series. Initially, I was delighted to find this collection of books authored by one of my all time favorite authors for only [ARTICLE_BODY]. 99 (kindle price. Exactly what a steal! ) and felt I had to get the digital backup for my kindle at once. As soon as the product was delivered to my device, I actually started out to read it since it's been years since I've visited the darling world that D. M Montgomery created.

I actually was very surprised to find that I kept tripping on certain content; the writing didn't seem as smooth as I actually remembered. When I got to chapter 6, I actually decided to compare a sentence in the digital print to my old, yellowing physical copy of Anne of Green Gables book. I realized why I had some difficulty reading my new digital copy: THERE ARE TYPOS IN THIS PRODUCT.

That contains the WORST types of typos. There are typos in which it results in sentences that don't make sense. There are typos with the wrong pronouns in them that make it confusing for the reader to understand which character the publisher meant to write about. I was able to follow the story because I've read Bea of Green Gables more than once with my hard copy but for new readers, these typos will make this beautiful story difficult to read with times, understand.

I hope the digital copy can be fixed so that owners can enjoy D. M. Montgomery's work as it was intended to be liked. I have given this two stars rather than one because of the fabulous price for kindle readers., The pictures are in reality random pictures that are creepy since they are in the start when Anne meets Mathew Cuthbert so they insinuate a romance between them. And the free audiobook is click bait to create you up to get an iphone app and give your email address to spammers. Screen shots of the " illustrations" below., Two years ago I actually would have bet a bazillion dollars I would never read a "girls" book. But at 71 years old I found me personally in a house packed with books only one which I actually had not read. We are terrribly addicted to reading so , in desperation, I actually started "Anne of Green Gables". It is a marvelous book with a main character I wish I really could meet every day in real life. Again to feed my dependancy I purchased the "Anne of Green Gables" series. Each book was a delight and I soon forgot that they were "girls" books. Maud created a character we all need in our life. She turns the routine magical and believable. Reading through all of them in practically a continous setting makes Bea "wearying" to quote Marilla since unbounded child-like question is not easy to maintain. I actually wish I had read these books decades ago so Anne could have allowed me to through some less than happy times., May pass on this kindle fire book ASIN: B01IAQI9WQ (especially given it's reasonable price) All eight of the primary stories featuring Bea Shirley are included in order of how the key character ages (rather than year published which makes more sense to me) as follows:

1) Bea of Green Gables ages 11-16 found at the 1% mark in kindle fire version(start)
2) Anne of Avonlea ages 16-18 found at the 14% mark in kindle fire version
3) Anne of the Isle ages 18-22 available at the 26% mark in kindle fire version
4) Anne of Windy Poplars ages 22-25 available at the 37% mark in kindle fire version
5) Anne's House of Desires ages 25-27 available at the 49% mark in kindle fire version
6) Anne of Ingleside ages 34-40 found at the 60% mark in kindle fire version
7) Rainbow Valley ages 41-43 found at the 74% mark in kindle version
8) Rilla of Ingleside ages 49-53 available at the 86% tag in kindle version

Want a larger font or different type for your basic kindle? Open the book, press the menu button and simply click " Change Font Size" where you have your choice of 8 size settings, 3 different typefaces, 3 line space settings or you can even reconfigure what per line.

This particular collection actually bested my former favorite Anne of Green Gables Collection (Xist publishing ASIN: B016CFGT2Y) by including " Anne of Windy Poplars" which is not one you're going to find separately for free on kindle.

Don't get discouraged if when you available the book for the first time or use the " Go to" button to be able to arrive at first you might think that it does not have a table of material because it does! Simply use the page back again function at that point and there you will discover an active table of material for all eight books including every chapter proceeding (which isn't something I actually necessarily require).

Reason I'm creating only 4 superstars? Doesn't include " Chronicles of Avonlea" and " Further Chronicles of Avonlea" which does reference Bea Shirley when she was about 20 years of era and for me should be in a 'complete' set (tho you can pick both of these titles up free for kindle). Normally, book is a bargain and one I would definitely recommend., This is a great deal for all these books on the Kindle! My daughter was totally hooked on the series. Just note this set is missing Bea of Windy Poplars and Anne of Ingleside. All of us had to buy those separately.

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