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Whilst considered a mountaineering classic, "Annapurna", or Maurice Herzog's account of the very first expedition to successfully ascend a 8000 m huge batch is far more a story regarding the expedition all together instead than a detailed accounts of technical climbing - the reader expecting a couple of hundred pages of which usually pitons were used, and so on, may be a little disappointed. I enjoyed the wider account of the expedition as well as the challenges related with actually finding Annapurna (or the original objective, Dhaulagiri) and identifying a viable route up in poorly mapped country while racing the clock against the monsoon season - although Herzog's account gets the relatively dry detachment I normally relate with the British upper-class explorer of the previous and does not always succeed in conveying the immediacy or drama regarding the expedition. His accounts of the final phases of the climb and the near-disastrous aftermath is more compelling, although it is only through reading other works that I have already been fully capable to grasp the risks involved or maybe the difficulties imposed by the apparel and equipment of the day. Someone should be aware that there are other accounts of this specific expedition that dispute Herzog's version of events, plus like the other testers of the kindle edition I find the shortage of maps a considerable weakness.

Overall, an interesting accounts of an undoubtedly strenuous and heroic expedition, although the reader who will be looking for a more vivid picture of mountain climbing of the era will almost certainly get more out of  The White Spider . Probably the 3 1/2 star book, and an edition with the maps restored would almost nudge it up to be able to 4 stars., Good regarding the history and pretty a bit of journey. It's amazing that these people set out to ascend an alternative peak and whenever that fell through that took them a lengthy whilst to find Annapurna. This is certainly back before satellite imaging, GPS or even good maps. Their gear was high tech for 1950 nevertheless most of it would not be considered as products today. Their treatments regarding frostbite were appalling. Their own " attack and conquer" attitude was of the time but has always left me just a little astonished.
The book became long and wordy in places require had been no doubt hardy, difficult and smart men, together with courage to spare. A possibility my favorite climbing book but it's worth studying., This book was fascinating. Nepal is very remote. This book was published in 1950. One hopes the property is still as mystical and beautiful. Maurice Herzog sacrificed a lot to be able to realize his dream regarding climbing annapurna. He plus his team were the initial. Their equipment was within no way sufficient to protect them through the cold. These people advanced on sheer willpower. And crazy., Enjoyed this specific classic of mountaineering literature. It's amazing what individuals guys could do without all the modern gear. The story is nicely told, although perhaps slightly TOO detailed. Even the smallest details are referred to. Even though the book was written back in the fifties the terminology is quite modern. Right now there are times when the way the " coolies" and sherpas are portrayed that you get merely a little feeling regarding " dated-ness" - nevertheless that's part of what makes the book exciting too. I believe there exists some controversy about the events as seen from a number of the other team members' perspectives, but I believe that's normal when that comes to this type of literature. Herzog will be very matter of fact in his style - and he tells regarding his good sides since well of the less so. A must read if you're into mountaineering., This book is a classic, plus while many climbers point out it inspired them to be able to take up the sport, it cemented my long-held view to never, ever, under any circumstances, participate in mountaineering. I'm fine working the occassional mountain race, mind you, but rising peaks like these will be no less dangerous compared to it was when Herzog's team did it. Within fact, you might point out it's more dangerous, since it's a heck of the lot easier to get to be able to the locations to set your current life at risk, plus the extreme tourism business makes it appear to be more secure than it is.

This book is a good view of all the items that can go wrong, plus how a self-reportedly conventional risk-taker nearly got their entire team killed, plus lost major chunks regarding his body in the process. Well worth the read, despite the weird voyeurism described in the villages., This was an extremely interesting account of the 1950 French expedition to be able to climb Annapurna. It was full of detail plus adventure. Written by the best choice of the expedition, Maurice Herzog, the account uncovered that having been a topnotch leader and decision-maker plus was innovative and strong. I thought it absolutely was the good read full regarding insights about the mindset of adventurers and mountaineers. They were brave plus confident. This account was good at illustrating the mindset of people who else will go on these kinds of adventures. It is every thing the armchair adventurer desires in a account of journey., A very interesting accounts of climbing done above 65 years ago. The actual size of the countryside as well as the mountains themselves appear into focus with the length of time of which the expedition was hiking. The same holds true regarding the time spent rising. Also, the extensive use of Sherpas and others residents hired to carry gear make one realize what a monumental task this specific was in 1950. The risks of climbing are likewise realized and this will be therefore an excellent read.

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