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I will be always a little leery reading through channeled works on subjects about which I've go through other channeled works. I actually worry that there will be contradictions calling a single or both into question. Such was not typically the case with this particular book. Anna's description from the various Essene sects (there were several) and their beliefs have been inspiring. We've known of which Yeshua (Jesus) spent many years in Egypt and also India, but I was surprised at the extent regarding Hebrews being initiated into secret societies there and in Britain. Anna's lengthy life put the periods before, during and after lifespan of Christ into perspective. Her story demonstrated that although their lives have been outwardly primitive compared in order to ours, they were inwardly pretty advanced. Together who offers always " known" of which modern Christianity has skipped the boat by worshipping Jesus as opposed to following their full teachings, this publication was confirmation that their life was meant in order to show us all how to birth the Christ Consciousness inside us just about all. So many of the practices and values from the ancient Essenes mirror the traditions of radical societies around the globe even today. Do they remember something we possess forgotten?, Claire's book offers heart and fills in a lot of bare spaces in the style of Mary Magdalene, Mommy Mary, Jeshua and their particular travels and life. That fills in what faith took out in our own history of Jesus., Loved reading through this book. I might recommend this book in order to any one with a good opened mind along with a psychic need for more details. Even though book is extremely deep and sometimes a lot to take in, this also is somewhat familiar on some level., I actually was so inspired in order to get this book. What an incredible story. Answered several questions that I possess thought over time. Like placing the last pieces in a puzzle that looked impossible. Have the sequel ordered. Anxious to find out a lot more. Recommend., Having read this book many times, I suggest it to anyone searching to further their comprehension of our times and life., This book fills in many Biblical gaps regarding me. Loved it!, Wonderful book. Thank you, This type of wonderful surprise this publication. Like the journey with Ould - .

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