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I really liked this book. I realize the criticism on some of the reviews, in regards to poor wording and so forth, sadly i don't concur. It gives many small facts, which in switch is easier for childrens to memorize. When you over whelm a child with too much information they only retain about a 1/3. So in respect to that, i adored the small amount of information of each animal. Typically the pictures, Oh My allows speak about the pictures. The images alone in this book be worthwhile alone. The professional photographer really captured the essence of each animal. They showed how beautiful creatures are. I was obsessed as much as my daughter was on this alone. I was let down that the book was so short, but i realize that too big equates to overwhelming as well. My daughter has had my kindle in her control, ever since we read it. I also want to touch base about the corporation. I see people speak about the corporation of the book, once i opened on my iPhone Kindle app, it was super hard to follow. When i opened it on my kindle fire Fire HD, it was organized and beautiful. So all in all i hope that helps someone more, debating on whether to get the book or not. I give this book a huge thumbs up!!!!, I actually ordered this Kindle book with my great nephew in mind. He could be what he calls “half-six, ” which means that he or she will be six in about a month. He loves this type of informational book and the photographs really spark his creativity. He loves to look at the pictures and draw the several type creatures and come up with his own versions. He shows me the animals he or she has seen at the zoo. Though he is simply five, he loves learning new facts about different things and these animals are perfect fitting for him. Typically the pictures are really nice, real pictures of animals and the little snippets of information were interesting to him. This is a great book for him or her.

My preschool grandchildren enjoy the pictures in this book and telling me the names of the ones they know. They are enjoying learning the names of the ones they may have not come across yet or aren’t real familiar with. Every time we look through the pictures, they remember more of the names. What are too much for them yet. They thoroughly enjoyed this guide as well., I actually am a person who loves to read books in order to learn anything that I possibly can. I enjoy learning better writing strategies, any type of educational values, and I love learning new recipes to make my children. Therefore, I am very happy that I was able to receive this book for my Kindle. I actually love the point that I was able to receive this product for such a reduced price. I hope to be able to acquire more books for my Amazon kindle. Again thank you so much for your amazing product!
Likewise, my kid's love reading books and coloring in coloring books. And also I actually have nieces that love coming and staying with their favorite Aunt. I actually like to have academic, coloring, and reading textbooks for them as well., Our son loves to read. And he will read anything. He could be in 1st grade, but is reading at a higher level. If you give him a book, he or she is happy and content to just sit in his room and read the whole book. And he just doesn't read his books once. He scans them over and over.

He had an enjoyable time reading this book. There is certainly so much information in the book which he is now asking for more. He loves reading the facts and also the precise product information first, then going back to consider all the pictures. Once he or she starts reading, he just wants to keep reading. The information and pictures are incredibly accurate and detailed that he can take hours just looking at the photographs and noticing different things whenever. I look forward to more books from the author so that I can get them for him.

I received this e-book at a discount to read and give an honest review. My 7 year old son and I actually like to read all kinds of books. Physical and e-books. If my son loves the book, i then ask him what he loved about it. He will always tell me what he didn’t like about the book. Some textbooks he mostly reads without looking at the pictures but if the pictures can keep his attention, he will spend a lot of time considering them. He is very easily distracted, and if the book doesn’t interest him, then I know that he or she doesn’t like the book. We try to give a complete and 100% accurate review of the textbooks we read. All of the information is founded on our opinion alone. We don’t look at what other people say because everyone has their own opinion. If you find our reviews helpful, click Yes. If you find something wrong, please let us know so that we can proper our review. I wish our review was helpful with making your choice easier., I enjoyed looking at this book with my kid. The pictures were beautiful, and there was some interesting information.

Having said that, there were some cons that distracted from the overall enjoyment:

1. Design is a little funky - sometimes you get the picture first, sometimes you get the information first. This makes it a little confusing.

2. Inconsistent with the photos - almost all of the animals have just one picture; when you get to the hyenas, suddenly there are several. Huge deal, just inconsistent. Also, almost all of the pictures are really beautiful and look as if they were taken in the wild. The picture of the penguins (and your legs lol) just failed to really fit with the style of all of those other pictures - or the quality.

3. Repeat photos - I recognized multiple pictures from this book from other books by this publisher. Just a little disappointing to see so many reused, instead of getting to see more.

4. The information pages - first off, the printing is small. Second, the background features a phase with curtains... not very fitting for an e book about animals. I just think it would have made more sense to have the information with a background of the animal it is about.

5. They are saying this book is a " Kids Encyclopedia" - but there isn't really enough info to be an encyclopedia, nor a desk of contents or a way of looking up which page the animal is on.

Overall, I enjoyed this book, but I actually thought it seemed a little unpolished and had a disorganized layout.

Disclaimer: I actually received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.

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