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One more Baby Professor book with vivid pictures. There are about 200 books in this ebook series that are offered in the kindle store for either free or for. 99ยข. You can't really go wrong with the books offered for free. There is a variety of topics covered and the majority of the books follow comparable format. You can take a peek inside the textbooks by clicking " Look Inside" and this is pretty much what you get in each guide.

I like this particular book. The format for this book is equivalent to the majority of the Baby Professor textbooks in this series which have a photo with a paragraph and facts on one page. Then your next page is merely a photograph. This would be nice if they had another section on that page too.

I am very which these books are also in need some major editing and at times I wonder if all the " facts" are really correct since I've found several mistakes consist of books. For example, this book states that the Arctic tundra is generally in the northern hemisphere. I'm not sure but I thought it was bushed the northern hemisphere? Anyone know the answer? When I google the answer, I see a lot of images of just the Northern hemisphere. Maybe the Antarctic Tundra if there is such a thing.

Anyway, overall, I do like theses books for their wonderful pictures. This would be nice if the books went into more detail but they are very basic books i desire will get my kids thinking about finding more about each subject.

I plan on keeping these textbooks on my iPad for down time for my kids when they get bored waiting different places like the doctors office or practice for a sibling. I sometimes watch a friends 3 year old daughter and the girl loves to look through the pictures on my cell phone. I plan on displaying her these books to keep her entertained. We think she will love them.

***** I received this ebook for free for my honest review. *****, Recently i have had the opportunity to review a quantity of the Baby Teacher books for free in exchange for leaving an honest review of the book. I have received books from the Background series, Geography series and Science series. I truly enjoy these books both as an educator and as a mother. The Frosty animals book has beautiful photography that my children and students enjoy. Typically the articles are clear and succinct, and is suited to grades about three to four, with respect to the degree of the students. There is variety in the books so that each animal is not like the the one which came before it. When my first and second grade students read this book, we make simpler the terms and explain key words to expand their vocabulary. We ask students to draw on real life activities or other knowledge they have in order to make connections involving the book and other subject areas or experiences. When reading to my own children (ages two and three) we look at the pictures and discuss where the animals live. All of us sound out small words or identify letters and sight words within the book. We enlarge the images to see details and the quality of the photographs allows for this with ease. We discuss the habitat of the animals and how they live and survive. We like how these textbooks have something for everybody; We learned a thing or two regarding these Arctic pets by reading this!, What a great book to protect a few of the pets that you can find an article. The illustrations are fantastic and very colorful and vivid. Typically the content of the guide is very simple for a basic reader which is most likely what you use this book for. Understand about everything from extremely bears to arctic fox to Caribou that you will find around the arctic. The only reason We get this book at four as opposed to a elegant review is the reality that I wish there have been more animals included since it is very short and simple. In general, I would definitely recommend this guide to anyone that is thinking about pets of the Arctic, especially those in a pre-school or kindergarten setting. We was fortunate enough to receive this guide at a discount rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased viewpoint which is exactly what I have provided this review and will update immediately if something changes., I ordered this book for my second grader and while the pictures were nice, the grammar was not the best, and while the guide may teach your son or daughter something about animals, it is not an e book I would recommend for children who are learning and developing their English skills, such as writing and reading, which for me are two equally important aspects of a book. The errors were not glaring, nevertheless it seems that the book was not edited before publishing/distribution. (Disclaimer/disclosure: I was gifted this product by the distributor/seller for the purpose of review)., I just completed reading this ebook Pets of the Arctic Tundra: Polar Region Wildlife. This particular book is filled with large beautiful photographs that are very clear and crisp and easy to see. Each webpage has a huge image along with a spot that holds information about the animal that is in the photo. When you turn the page, the next two pages are a great big image of the animal that you covered on the previous page. There are seven total pets covered in this e-book. I gave this guide a three out of five stars due to the following reasons. First, We would have really enjoyed to see more pets covered then the seven that they did. This would have been nice that as opposed to the second two page image if they would have just used that space to cover another animal. We also felt like if they were going to take up four pages for one type of pet that it would have been nice for them to include a little more information about that animal then precisely what is integrated. But overall, the images are beautiful and it is a very nice book to look through. I would say that this guide would be good for kids aged one through nine. Children to young to read will enjoy looking a the big beautiful photographs and kids that are tall enough to read will enjoy learning a couple bits of information about the animals. Despite the fact that I received this guide at no cost in exchange for my opinion, this is truly my honest and unbiased viewpoint of the book, after reading it for myself.

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