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This guide is a fantastic resource for power animals. Just about all the animals you can think of, and a few you never knew existed, are outlined with one of these things in brain: descriptions of the Energy Animal's potential reasons for manifesting in your life, when to call after it, and what it means if it manifests for you as your "permanent" strength animal.

HOWEVER, the second power animal I fulfilled on my Journey, the Roc/Thunderbird/ Phoenix, had not been outlined under any form. Mister. Farmer had three different varieties of bears (black, brown/grizzly, and polar) a whole slew of wild birds, and others I'd never considered before to be a power animal (I. e., prairie dog).

However, this book was poor in the visualization/ Quest instruction department. I do recommend Farmer's other title  Power Animals   for this, however. It's clear these textbooks are a pair. That's why I ended up giving it ****. Both are written well, organized well, connected well, and fulfill their mentioned purpose. If most likely thinking about Power Animals, get them!, The book is a spin-out of the author's previous work  Power Animals: How to Link with Your Animal Spirit Guide , which contains a very good introduction to discover and communicate with your animal spirit tool and 30 plus creature spirits descriptions. The two books should be acquired together, or, even better, amalgamated in one.

Animal Spirit Guides' introduction is not as insightful or another little known and overlooked fact as Power Animals' but it is still helpful. This guide has an amazing number of creature helpers catalogued (+200) and each animal section contains a brief description of the qualities of the creature, why is appearing in your life and the message is giving to you, the qualities of the animal which you have, and in which circumstances you want to call this particular creature to help you.

The book has a convenient easy index to call animals on specific needs and purposes, and a guided meditation to contact your animal helper.

The book also includes a very good bibliography, set of online sites devotes to animal helpers/totems and animals in general.

The price makes it proper rights. It makes a good beside table book for consultation., “Animal Spirit Guides”, by Steven D. Farmer, Ph. D.

Farmer has tried to take those confusing topic of creature guides etc. and kind it out into a workable body of research knowledge.
Since with all such textbooks, it presents almost endless opportunity for debate, but that’s okay. This publication continues to be the best of several I’ve seen, even if only for the fact that it is based on plausible assumptions within, or without, the “scientific community”.
Farmer also made the good decision to structure it so the reader can certainly move between “What is it? ”, “For what purpose does it appear? ”, and “What is its’ link to Me”? And then (thankfully) he added a sort of “concordance” to permit the reader to “search” through the whole range of animal guides in order to quickly (relatively) improve their conclusions. A feature which i think is particularly valuable is Farmer’s regular references to animal state of mind in the role(s) of healers, in particular.
I would think this to be a very good “have at the elbow" research for anyone thinking about creature guides, totem animals, strength animals or whatever nomenclature one uses., Animal Spirit Guides by Steven Deb. Farmer is a wonderful book that discusses a wide variety of animals. The book talks about what it means when a particular animal shows up and tells you which animal to ask for your particular need.

Another great book written by Farmer is “Power Animals: Just how to Connect with Your Animal Spirit Guide. ” This book comes with an audio tracks CD that has a guided shamanic journey taking you to the bottom world to meet your animal spirit guide. We highly recommend both textbooks!, This is certainly my favorite first choice book for animal meaning. It is plainly written with several ideas how to interact with the animal. I highly recommend it., Great book. I just wished there were more animals than is listed. I didn't see a few of the ones I had hoped for. Still, this is a very good guide., Inside Animal Spirit Guides, the author shares the possible meanings of encountering a specific animal, when you may want to call the animal, and what you may traits the strength animal may encourage within you, in conditions of your thinking process, thoughts, and behavior.

Inside the introduction to the book this individual shares the tips how to make use of the information in this book, how to honor your guides and animals, how you may get the messages from spirit guides (through visual, oral, kinesthetic or cognitive channels), how to interpret and understand the messages you receive.

Inside the first part of the book, mcdougal covers around 230 different animals. In the second section of the book, you'll find tips on what strength animal you may want to call to help you in particular situation. Here you'll find animals sorted by those that may help you when you need to experience more abundance, or better self acceptance, or new ideas and possibilities, when you need to take action, or to become more flexible, what animals may help you with different varieties of healing, with creative expression, with learning various things, with expanding awareness of different realities, communication skills, resolve conflicts, detachment, liberating suppressed emotions, and this intensive list continues.

This quite resourceful book ends with the Guided Meditation Journey, and additional resources and websites for further exploration., I refer to this frequently throughout the week. It is not hard to locate the animals We am looking up and it differentiates with clearness what each type of introduction means. Highly recommend.

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