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It is often a long time since I have been hooked to a series. I would also say I have never read thirteen books in 12 times either. I read fast but that is a record for me. Odd thing is I am unable to put my finger on why these books entrance me personally. I can't wait for 15. Thank goodness the author is quick at turning them out. I couldn't wait per year.

These types of books have a way of pulling you in. It's hard to pinpoint how. Everything flows so smoothly, you are done before you realize the ending is coming. It can also crazy which i did not pay much attention to brundar in the other books, and I detest what was done to him. I actually do like that was kept to a minimum explanation. I have a desire for what happens with him and Calypso. (Not a fan of her name) he character also seems older than 21. I have a good idea of what her ability is proceeding to be. These textbooks can get you hooked. I do not think it's for everyone but it's got just enough of everything that everyone should find something to like., This is a breathtaking tale of Brundar and Calyspo's journey into love. Brundar is such a complex being with a feeling of devotion to the order and a cold dark exterior. The author lets us into his head and we see much more. Calyspo is rescued from the dangerous spouse and a loveless marriage by Brundar. The story unfolds and the sexual attraction has some surprises and very hot steamy sex. The side story is about Roni, a dormant who is trying to transition into an immortal. This specific has some twists and turns.
The writer ends the book with a crisis during Roni's transition and some very unresolved emotions of Brundar and Calypso and the future.
I can't wait to read the following book., As it is with all of this course so far... I Loved It! I. Capital t. Lucas has a knack for making her viewers want more... I can wait around for her next release in this series... the anticipation kills me! I want Robert to find his fated mate so bad... I have a feeling I know who it will be, or should I say who I hope for it to be!
But back to Dark Angel's Obsession, I have loved the mysterious Brundar from the beginning. I felt that there was something dark in his past that helped mold him into the distant being that he is... but it is my hope that Calypso will break down the obstacles that surround him, even if it is definitely between the two of them..., This specific is the 14th guide in the series, and every time I finish the latest book I believe that the following book to
come out can not possibly be any better than the one I just read, and then the new book comes out there and it is even better! I use absolutely no idea how IT Lucas does it, it’s just amazing. I can’t wait around for book to come out to see how Calypso and Brundar’s story moves along, or what happens with Roni, and Jackson and Tessa, and William, and so forth It’s so good that it could seriously be a television set series! Provide on book 15!!!!, I use all the books in this series and always look forward to the following. I appreciate the author touching base on the other characters consist of textbooks so you know somewhat where they are in the continuing story. I highly appreciate their creativeness of authors and love them sharing that with us who don't. I was surprised at this book being over three hundred pages and it gone so quickly. I did not really think much about Brundar in previous stories so was somewhat astonished how much I did so like him. Also pleased to see the next book will be out in November as opposed to 6 months or more which is wonderful. Thank You for the great entertainment., So I absolutely loved this guide could not put it down... I enjoy that each of these have more than one characters story. Tessa and. Jackson's omg she actually is progressing nicely and I can't wait to see where there future goes then you have brundar and Callie. Wow I was so shocked at what happen when he was young and he thinks this individual does not deserve love but I think Callie provides it out of him and will realize what he has been absent all this time... aren't wait for the next book, I'm hooked on this series. This history continues Tessa and Jackson's relationship and brings you to the beginnings of Brundar and Callie's relationship. Brundar hates to be handled due to trauma he experienced as a young child. Callie is married to an abusive man whose anger is escalating. The girl wants to escape before he goes over the edge. Brundar steps in to help her. Outstanding read., I love this story!!!!! Amazing by a chance meeting Callie locates what she hopes is the love of her life. Brundar has finally found his mate. If this individual would only believe his instincts. I am praying that Callie will turn underworld so they can be true mates. All is up in the air until the next book comes out. Once you start this course you won't be able to put it down. REALLY it's that good.

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