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Caimh McDonnell's talents, established by his two prior books, are recorded full display here as well: engaging figures, particularly the Rabelaisian(*) Bunny McGarry; crackling dialogue; laugh-out-loud jokes; non-stop, often violent, action.

(*) " marked by gross robust humor, luxury of caricature, or daring naturalism" -- Merriam-Webster. This is the perfect ├ępith├Ęte for McGarry.

However , I both did and performed not enjoy this book around its sibs. I did enjoy meeting a younger, more vulnerable, less omni-competent (and less drunken) McGarry. I did enjoy many of the set-piece situations that McDonnell creates with such relish. I performed not enjoy the closing; I won't spoil it, except to say that in retrospect it looked to me rushed, as if McDonnell looked at his calendar and said, right, time to wrap this up.

And there were a couple of places that I was surprised by the narratorial voice giving me sudden blurts of highly detailed firearm knowledge, where I was being shown, as from one gun nut to a new, fine details of muzzle velocity and gun make and model to understand. This specific information seemed intrusive, not something that any of the characters would have relished (or even known) and irrelevant to the story. But that was only a couple of brief infections in a generally smooth-running story., I was in the middle of another book when I received the email relating to this new book. I immediately downloaded this book and began reading. It is amusing and entertaining from the first sentence. Sometime I may remover what I was reading but meanwhile I am enjoying this book., So , it was really worth the wait! Me, I love me my Bunny. There should be lots more Bunnys in the world. I laughed so hard I spit out my espresso when the referee nearly blew himself into a cardiac arrest during a hurling game. Essentially this is a funny, mild book - and classical in an excellent way. I would heartily recommend it if you like funny, and a hurtling plot (hurling plot? ), and a tender story. Honestly, I can't believe I used the word " tender" with regard to our Bunny., I enjoy everything about this author's work. Their quirky characters, clever and building plots and laugh out loud times. I'm only sorry that I've now read everything and there's no more to read until this individual writes something else., I've only read five chapters so far but the typical wry and quick humor of McDonnell propels the narrative. It's great to meet Bunny McGarry at an earlier stage of his life and police career.

I've now completed this book. It's terrific! I really hope McDonnell stays with now period in Bunny's life. This narrative was more believable than the other two books. I loved all books, but found Angels to be the most credible. Difficult to put down., Another excellent, hilarious and sooo nicely written book from Caimh McDonnell. If you don't know this amazing writer don't even say anything, purchase everything you can find written by him and I guarantee you will laugh and laugh and laugh. Beautiful! Can't wait for an next one!, Loved the book. Great writing, great character and I do mean figure. Have not laughed so much reading a book with the banter and the style of narrative. Bunny and Deccie were some of my favorite elements. Congrats. Plan to continue the series.., Take the funniest, most intensive figure from the trilogy and give him his own story? Yes, please. This specific book lives up to what you might expect out of a book with Bunny as a main figure.

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