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In the influx of angel books out there, it is sometimes difficult to find an original premise. I was advised this book by way of a Goodreads friend and am so happy for the suggestion of Angelfall. The concept is fresh, the action is adrenaline-pumping, and the figures are fantastic. I absolutely adored it and cannot hold out for more from this author.


Penryn is a teen who is trying to help her family survive the direct post occurences of the apocalypse. This seemingly impossible task is made even more difficult by the truth that her sibling Paige is wheelchair-bound and her mother is a paranoid schizophrenic. After watching her sister's kidnapping, the lady discovers an injured angel without wings and decides to use him to find Paige. The action commences from the actual start and keeps your interest until the conclusion. There are quite a few twists and turns as Raffe and Penryn experience the aftermath of the angel attacks.

--Main Characters--

Penryn is a resourceful and admirable heroine is completely committed to her sister. I enjoy how she took a poor situation (her sister's kidnapping) and used it to her advantage. Throughout her journey with Raffe, the lady remains conscious of her true purpose and never strays from it. She also won't become a damsel in distress and isn't afraid to get her palms dirty.

Raffe is an intriguing hero who takes some getting used to, but is fascinating throughout the book. His strength is decreased by his absence of wings, but this individual remains extremely powerful. I actually loved watching the layers of Raffe's character get peeled back as the story moved along though you can still find many unanswered questions regarding him and his role in the end of the world.


The relationship between Raffe and Penryn is difficult to decipher initially. They will both need the other person to achieve their overall goal despite their glaring variations. There is a whole lot of tension between them that causes some interesting scenes especially inside the angel's stronghold. While the relationship did not reach the level of relationship, there is some hope for future books.

--Secondary Characters--

The majority of the story concentrates on Penryn and Raffe's adventure and relationship, but there are quite a few side characters that intrigued me. Paige, because the catalyst for the primary occasions, is described in a very loving fashion by her sister, but her re-emergence is terrifying and will set up quite a conundrum later in the series. Penryn's mother is a mystery as well and is an interesting choice by the author. The members of the resistance army and the angels of aerie are all detailed characters that add more punch to the overall storyline.


The planet that Ee conjured is creative and thought-provoking. The idea of seeing how people interact with the apocalypse post occurences is fascinating and managed well. There is enough of a hint of the modern world alongside the fantasy aspects to grab readers' attention until the end. Ee will not go deep in to the hierarchy of angels, but I was intrigued by the little tidbits she did offer.


Overall, a fascinating read that takes the angel concept and gives it an correctly dark twist. The figures are multi-dimensional and sympathetic while the plot movements along rapidly through clentching scenes. Highly recommended!!, 5 STARS
This book is definitely incredibly beautiful and absolutely awesome!! I actually loved each thing about this book!!

This is not your typical angel kind of novel.. The idea of angels in a post apocalyptic setting really did get my interest. Typically the plot was unique and the world-building was amazing! The twists and activities were mind-blowing and the character were all kickass!!!!
Six several weeks ago, the angels came and earth as you may know it has been destroyed. Typically the angel who led them here was shot on arrival, now none of them appear to know why they're there, or elaborate going to happen next. Gangs now roam the streets during daylight hrs, looting houses and anyplace else they can find food and supplies. There's a danger of being murdered by a gang associate by day, with night, even the gangs are scared to venture out there to the streets....

Penryn decides to avoid the gangs and take a change with whatever's out there there at night as she makes a split for this with her mommy and disabled sister Paige, leaving their house in search for somewhere safer... When they come across an angel being attacked and having his wings cut off, and one of the attackers flies off, taking Paige with him.. Penryn has to ally herself with the injured angel in order to get her back... If this individual takes her to Aerie to save Paige, your girl will help him getting there by foot.. something entirely new to him now that he can't fly any more but he expectations that someone can fix his wings...

Penryn is vulnerable but in addition she is smart and kickass! She knows how to take charge and how to take care of herself and others. Furthermore the lady doesn't allow herself to get distracted by Raffe, no matter how attractive he is. Raffe oh yea Raffe I love him or her!!! He was a lttle bit of a mystery occasionally, but what we did see of him revealed how much different is from the others angels in this guide and also he has a caring and protecting side.

Honestly, how could I not adore these two characters? They're amazing! The connection they discussed made me breathless!
This book isn't like other angel books!! It's so unique!!

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