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"City of Angels" by Marlayna Glynn Brown is an amazing story of a young girl who comes of age with only snippets of guidance from the adults around the woman. This is a well written book with specific prose of Marlayna's continuing journey looking for love and acceptance. She tells this very personal tale vividly. There was instances I actually had to stop reading to absorb the "life shattering" events Marlayna experienced that would have crushed many......... and other instances in the book which i jeered out loud. I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading about the next chapter in Marlayna's life., The ongoing story of Marlayna. In her first book "Overlay", we meet her since a child growing up in an abusive and neglectful home in Vegas. She is now moving to Todas las Angeles. Now our company is used into her teen and early adult years as she tries to find her way in life. Struggling to make something of herself so she won't have to stay in poverty anymore. Trying to find the love that she did not get since a child. As with the first book Marlayna will take you on a trip in your head where you can see and feel what she is going through. Again I couldn't put this guide down, as I actually wanted to really know what happens next. Wonderful story, wonderfully written. You won't be disappointed., Im glad I actually read this book, generally because I read the first and wanted to carry on with Marlayna's story. She's more than a credible story teller and for the most part the book was easy to follow. (Though on that note, there is one point where she all of a sudden has a job in a restaurant but we don't hear how, why, or when. That threw me off a defeat or two. )

A new couple criticisms, though:

The writing about angel mythology was boring and tiresome. I started skipping that, especially the longer parts. It seemed as if to follow the same design of her first guide Marlayna believed she got to find a theme to head up each short chapter. I found it unnecessary and distressing and the book would have been better off without it. Perhaps just something very short at the very beginning of the book if she really wanted to tie up a theme to the woman City of Angels locale; but it was a bit of a stretch to bring throughout the whole guide.

And I got the feeling Marlayna was blaming Chance for the malfunction in the relationship. The lady picked him, pursued him, made babies with him (* spoiler alert 5. after their fateful trip to see about an child killingilligal baby killing, she should have realized he wasn't the one) - all these things SHE did. Sorry, aren't really blame him for not being the right guy. Baseball on Weekends was always his concern. Always.

And I don't want it to seem to be like I'm critiquing the woman life - I'm not wanting to. I'm only activities along the way she has offered her story. And Now i'm glad she appears to be settled enough is obviously to share her life around.

I will be watching for the woman final volume., I've seated throughout front of my computer, fingers tiptoeing softly throughout the keyboard, just WAITING for the perfect words to come. I start, pause, erase, start over. Replicate.
"City of Angeles" is an e book, a story that speaks volumes in my experience. This book is like music, or your preferred movie. You seek comfort from it, it reminds you of a certain time, place or person. This freezes the now and takes you to the then. There is a outstanding beauty in a person who can keep working at it depsite the uncertain way that lies in front side of them. Marlayna Glynn Brown has this amazing ability to bring a sort of softness to harsh situations, almost as though she is "mothering" the woman readers, attempting to protect them from the blows the story continues to give. Her talent with stringing words together help the reader to feel as if they too are there in that instant, in each moment.
There are so many worlds in our world. It is advisable to a treasure to take a peek into the lives of others and take away a sense of companionship with the author and characters. I highly recommend this book to ANYONE and EVERYONE. I read it in 2 hours, one sitting.. I could not put it down. I purposely slowed down my reading when the conclusion was approaching as it was biitersweet to say goodbye yet still attempting to read the summary. I am excited for the next book and I am positive it will be just as touching., After reading the first book, Overlay, I actually knew I would read City of Angeles as soon as it came out. I love the honesty of this author, and was drawn into her story right away. Again, I felt psychologically attached to her, and was actually kinda sad when I finished the guide. It was like saying farewell to a new buddy!
This tale by itself is fantastic, but, if you havnt read the first one, Overlay, you should, because it really sets you upward to know where shes coming from, as she enters into adulthood associations. I simply loved both publications!: ), See my review of Marlayna's other work. She is outstanding in the manner she gives insight to the human condition as it played out through the activities of the woman troubled youth as a child of alcoholics. The lady rises above the difficulties and builds a life for herself that lifting her above what she might have become. The lady is a wonderful person who shares openly the trashiness of her family situation; how that led the woman to some bad options; how she recognized and corrected her life course. This book tells us all that we can become whomever we are able to becoming without being shaped by the problems of those whose impact or indifference could have formed us. Anything and everything this wounderful woman has written is well worth the time and energy to read and will leave someone inspired to think about where they may be in life and where they can go with the time they may have left.

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