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Well crafted but too concise. I used to be expecting more details. I actually was completed with it within a day, and Now i'm a slow reader., I absolutely enjoyed the Andy Warhol, Prince of Pop book. It was very properly written and enjoyable in order to read. I learned far more than I likely to. The book was perfectly researched. I would absolutely read more books by this particular author., Biography lite. Great read for that train., I actually needed a book to accomplish my final paper regarding school. This had every thing I needed to do my paper., If most likely only going to go through one book about Warhol, this would be a good choice. It has been the " Goldilocks pick" among three I go through, one for children (too thin, though it has been fun seeing how his / her life was dumbed-down-but-not-too-sanitized regarding kids' reading), one as well academic (too thick, almost all tell, no show), that one juuusst right, really taken the flavor and enjoyment of Andy's world. Highly recommended. (But where are usually the pix? Not within the Kindle version, a minimum of. Ironically, only the youngsters' version was illustrated. Yet that's what click-on-Wikipedia is for, I suppose. ), It's not every day that you reads a biography so insightful and compelling that you wants to go find out more about this issue. I actually first encountered ANDY WARHOL: PRINCE OF POP since an excerpt in RUSH HOUR: Volume Two - Bad Boys. The excerpt, covering the central questionable amount of Warhol's celebrity within the 1960s, excited me so much that I actually knew I had in order to read more.

The rest of the biography will not disappoint. Organized within a linear narrative, the book covers Warhol's life, through his early childhood because the sickly child of Eastern European immigrants to his / her death at the age group of 58 of difficulties after routine surgery. That organizes each period directly into thematic chapters full of fascinating anecdotes, pithy Warhol aphorisms, and memories from folks who were there from the time.

Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan's extensive knowledge of the subject and in-depth research directly into Warhol's life make this particular book a treasure. That includes a timeline, a glossary of unfamiliar fine art terms, an extensive bibliography of sources, and is heavily illustrated with a few of Warhol's most popular works. While intended since a biography for young adults, this book makes Warhol's life, work, and the art of his age group accessible in a method that will will appeal to visitors of all ages.

One of the strongest aspects of the book is the authors' understanding and clear details of several of the fine art movements of the twentieth century. Also invaluable is the authors' illumination of many techniques Warhol used to generate his art, including artwork, silk-screening, and experimental film.

It is difficult regarding biographers to avoid the capture of finding greatness within the origins of their subjects. This book contains many stories about the Warhol being attracted to fine art at an early age group. However, the authors' cautious plotting of the transformation of a shy and shateringly awkward boy into the global celebrity also shows that a single of Andy's greatest masterpieces was his own picture being an artist.

ANDY WARHOL: PRINCE OF POP will not shy away from the racy subject matter of Warhol's experimental films or maybe the raucous entourage he incorporated directly into his work in the 1960s. It also offers extensively, though not clearly, with Warhol's homosexuality.

Typically the work of Andy Warhol is so influential that will even readers who do not know anything concerning him will probably recognize his / her famous paintings of Campbell soup cans, or his / her celebrity portraits silk-screened onto brightly colored backgrounds. Greenberg and Jordan's book is engaging and thought-provoking. That will undoubtedly set the standard for young adult biographies for years to appear.

--- Reviewed simply by Sarah A. Wood, Greeneberg and Jordan are popular for their lively biographies of artists. Prince of Pop is no exception. The cover prints of Warhol in full wig mania are sitmulating in addition to invite the reader within. It is highly obtainable and easy to go through but not dumbed down. Their own presentation takes the readers through a well-researched, date examination of his lifestyle in a balanced in addition to honest way. There is much explanation of his / her inspiration and actual job process to interest the young artist. For non-artists there is a useful glossary of people in addition to terms in the back again. The authors also do a good job of explaining his personal dilemma between choosing a lucrative commercial art career in addition to becoming a "great" designer. One of the greatest moments available shows just how an art consultant provided him the Campbell soup can idea. Further information into his unusual philosophies of art and a lot more revealed through the several quotes by Warhol, his / her critics, family and buddies heading each chapter. Despite the fact that geared for teens, the book does not prevent discussion of his decadent, wild social life nor his homosexuality. This is handled within a sensitive, yet matter-of-fact way. It's just included within the wider framework of his work within art, films and celebrity manufacturing. A really hip, fun biography!, This is a quick and informative biography of America's finest pop artist, Andy Warhol. The book outlines his / her life, his art, in addition to how Andy Warhol started to be an American icon. It not only provides a short life-sketch (his mother has been his greatest encouragement), yet also describes how Warhol became inseparable from American Pop Art (his program of art into media, extending the boundaries of art), his contribution in order to American culture (advertising, design and style, books, films, TV manufacturing and fashion), and his rise as an American symbol (everybody wanted to end up being in Andy Warhol's company).

The book also contains a Warhol timeline, a list of Warhol's movies and books, a glossary of art terms, notes on quotes and recommendations, and sources of analysis material on Warhol, generating it an interesting mini-compendium on the artist. Both fine art lovers and laymen may find this book enlightening.

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