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This really is unabridged, so expect it to be rather wordy. It is a fantastic book. Decent art and big. A must have for fans of comic book heroes and Philip K Dick., Incredibly well-done graphic version of the original novel. Typically the art work is not the best I've seen, but the interpretation it provides is very interesting and helpful. I highly recommend it both for individuals who have and have not yet read the original novel., Great graphics to accompany the story that inspired Bladerunner., Beautiful book. Well received., Pretty good illustrations for a comic book book but way to much description detail for a comic book if I wanted so much detail I would have just purchased a cheaper copy of the novel and read that., I remember when it was announced that Boom was doing an adaption of Do Androids Imagine Electrical Sheep, I was just a little concerned but I determined to give a chance. I've read the book the comic series was based off. The comic does not cut or remove anything from the original story, the only variation is that scenes are drawn as opposed to prepared. Typically the artwork for the series fits the tone of the story. I always desired to have an omnibus version of the series because I felt it deserved it.

What about the story? Well, Knife Runner is loosely based off this story and before you jump and and say it isn't as effective as the book or vice versus, know that Philip K Dick loved both of them equally. I won't spoil the storyline here. It has a lot of symbolism in it. Each and every of characters are interesting and unique. Fair warning, if you've never read Philip K. Dick understand that his stories do not ending in a predictable way. This is a hard sci-fiction story. If you haven't read the originally story or although you may have, I would recommend offer the omnibus of the comics a read., Ok, this is a really good story. Much better than Knife Runner, I believe (except for the weird ending parts).

However, this is a large book, with cheap glue binding. Barely halfway through the book, the spinal column broke, and the publication started disintegrating rapidly after that.

I would've gladly paid - more for quality build. This book likely will never survive another read-through., This really is my first time reading a graphic novel. Since I understand it, Dick's novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, was adapted to a serialized comic-book release. Ultimately, this combined version has already been released with supplemental materials including essays and art. The panels are vibrant and enticing. The Kindle fire Version allowed me to double click on a specific panel and then swipe from panel to -panel without having to re-enlarge each panel. Use of this reading mode is explained at the start of the book when you open it on your Kindle. It was a great feature for navigating the text. There were only a few, perhaps 3 or 4 panels where the text exceeded the display margins requiring that I exit this specific seeing mode and zoom on the given panel in order to be able to read the entire textual content of dialogue. These sorts of formatting issues are more an annoyance than anything, and were treated with the workaround that I referred. Dick explores the human capacity for empathy and just how it distinguishes us. Even as we progress in the direction of driverless (autonomous) vehicles, and with advances in synthetic intelligence (AI), Dick's wondering remains relevant. Dick does not force a conclusion on the reader and my sense was that Cock leaves some questions open up at the conclusion of the textual content.

As another reviewer mentioned, the text is large at 544 pages. However, I found myself completing it over approximately 4 times. Whilst it is a comic-style graphic novel, like the animated cartoon-style Family Man, Archer, The Simpson's, etc., it might not be appropriate for younger readers, though perhaps tame by this standards of sexual innuendo and violence. I do read a number of the essays in the supplemental materials section. With regard to me, they were underwhelming, but for a PKD (Phil K. Dick) fan, they may have a better value.

Happy reading!

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