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Typically the book itself is interesting. If you are thinking about biographies about entrepreneurs the worth reading.

It is apparently reasonably objective. Its certainly better than most do it yourself edited autobiographies.

I might have preferred more information about the early years in the U. S.

Typically the reasons I didn't give it 5 stars was because there were some misspellings and parts of the book became a little repetitive., This is a must read for the serious student of American History. Each of the important men in America and on the Continent were associated with Carnegie. We see how a Scotch emigrant rise from a boy to the most wealthy and most influential man of his time. I cannot recommend this book too much., I think that a biography of Andrew Carnegie by David Nasaw makes a great contribution to the period of the time. Today's generation has a lot to study from the actions and the considering of people like Andrew Carnegie, who were influencing the history of the country. Many people have a tendency to visit a unbalanced image of giants like Andrew Carnegie most probably from various news clippings without really knowing who Andrew Carnegie was. Within the age of SMS and Twitter this biography may see a little long but I think that it is as long as it was needed. Great on you David Nasaw., David Nasaw has written an insightful biography, thorough in scope, revealing an apparently paradoxical figure who lived a life faithful to his worldview.

The focus is on "apparency; inch for, when one views the man as of his time it is not absurd that he or she should have advocated a "Gospel of Wealth, " his apologia for accumulation. Therein he argued that it is a law of nature that some should accumulate wealth greater ever than they ever can expend on themselves while most others have so little when compared. For Carnegie, the paradox is resolved by proper administration of their wealth; the numerous may be benefitted by the few.

The law of characteristics that propelled Carnegie's viewpoint of accumulation was Spencerian; through evolutionary processes the fittest not only endure, they prosper. But , as the fit must identify, progress may be realized to the degree that they act responsibly. In order to Carnegie, philanthropy is most reasonable. And, give he or she did, as few others have before or since.

Neither will there be genuine paradox in a man who recommended that the laboring school be less fettered in the act of centralizing in common purpose while, at the same time, restricting entry to unionization of his enterprises; pushing for greater profits at the expense of jobs; building libraries for the personnel while demanding a 7 day per week-twelve hour shift. For Carnegie, greater profits contribute to expansive philanthropy. Expansive philanthropy benefits a greater number.

Lastly, it is not paradoxical that one who would oversee an enterprise almost delivered to ruin (at least in public opinion) by Pinkerton suppression of a strike would, over time, become one of the foremost proponents of world peace, principally through methods of arbitration. When the motive is frequent - i. e., benevolence in the interest of progress - there is no contradiction.

Carnegie is a fascinating study and Nasaw has performed well. Although a massive biography (by this standards), the author has captured the man. In addition to, in the process, he's, in part, explained the spirit of Carnegie's era. Note the following: "When news reached America of the slaughter of the Russian Jews in 1905, Carnegie joined them the comfort effort by sending a check for , 1000 to his friend Oscar Straus. 'The terrible criminal offenses being committed, ' he or she wrote on November 10, 'are such as might lead one to lose faith in humanity.... Try not to be discouraged, however. Under the law of evolution, we must steadily, though gradually, march upward, and ultimately reach the true getting pregnant of the brotherhood of man. '"(p. 674). Thus was his creed; he or she acted and dreamed appropriately.

This work indirectly expains much more than Andrew Carnegie; it contributes to one's comprehension of the past due 19th and early twentieth centuries. You will find lessons to learn from those like Carnegie who hoped, yet, whose hope was, reasonably reckoned, illusory, lacking base (as the 20th century has illustrated). There are also training to learn from person who acted immeasurably in conformity with an unabashed love (albeit the author intimates more selfish motives) for his fellow man., Jesse Nasaw succeeded in creating a complete record of the life of Andrew Carnegie. As the reader, you come to know that Carnegie was given birth to to a family of poor weavers in Scotland before moving to the United States, beginning work at a young age and eventually becoming unfathomably wealthy as an investor and business owner in the steel business.

All of the details are there in this book, and in that way, you already know the facts of Carnegie's life, but at the same time, you really never get the feeling you know Carnegie. I don't know if that is Nasaw's fault, or if Carnegie is simply not just a man who allows a biographer to know him perfectly. Possibly way, the book can feel empty in a way that the best journal feel full.

You get glimpses of Carnegie's true personality; he obviously loved to see himself as the wise elder statesman, handing out advice to protoges, even when those protoges were successful 55 year old business men, or even presidents. He seems to wear out there his welcome, and relationship with a lot of these people because he or she only sees the knowledge and advice flowing one way. Carnegie results in as a man too removed from the realities of life to understand (or maybe care) how he was truly perceived.

Other than that, you never get an actual feel for how Carnegie became wealthy, whether he possessed a unique talent or ability which allowed him to become the richest man in the world, or how he fit in to the world by which he or she lived. I recently finished "Mellon, " by Jesse Cannadine, which tackles a similarly tough subject, but I finished that book feeling like I got a lot more insight into the man than I did so in this case.

Recommended for fans of the past or biography, but still missing a critical spark required of a five-star biography., Very interesting. Also read " Typically the Patriarch" by the same author which is also a great book., The Fascinating insight into a great American pioneer and as well as lesson at the same time - perfectly written, Just started reading this yesterday. It's quite a large book, I picture it will take some time to read. So significantly, so good. Just finished this last night. Awesome man, extraordinary life. As i Read this book, I actually would tell my sixteen yr. old son about what he was doing in his life at whatever point I was at available. At times I was mad at him for the way he treated his staff., he then turned around and took care of them later. An absolutely wonderful book, am glad I actually took the time to read this. Would definitely recommend.

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