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Really interesting book about Jorge Luis Delgado's life and introduction/initiation into the spiritual procedures of Peru. If you are traveling to Peru with the intention of visiting the sacred sites, I highly recommend this to help you understand the significance of the websites. The culture helps to put things into point of view.

One of the things that stands out there for me (particularly since I come from an indigenous culture and have also been to Peru) is the every day approach to spirituality. I think the simple way that Delgado presents this may inspire others to make their spirituality an every day event rather than something that is completed once a week or once a year during pilgrimage., Love the book and personally love the author. Jorge Luis Delgado would never call himself a shaman but I would never hesitate to honor him with that title. If you going to tour the spiritual sites in Peru this is a great guide publication and Jorge Luis Fino is a great guide and a great human being being., Don't expect to learn about healing or ceremonies or learn too much about Peru..... But do expect a good heartfelt story that is very Peruvian. I have been to Peru many times and this history captures the way they see their culture very well. It focuses on the authors personal encounters though, so if you are expecting to learn details of Peruvian healing or mysticism you wont find that here., I met the author nearby the finish of my visit to Peru, that will probably be more like the start of many visits to Peru. I had been deeply amazed by the way Andeans live their religion through their daily lives. It struck a chord. The sense about spiritual practice in the west is that it is mostly seen as a distant goal, like enlightenment, that you have to work really hard for. In contrast, this book charts an organic, unexpected development of spiritual development. It brings it home to personal experience, where it belongs.

My own account of a Peruvian trip is at,It is wonderful traveling along with Jorge and try to live through his experiences. I recently became considering the history of the Lake Titicaca region that we never discovered about at school and We am even more considering it because there seems to be an effort to control information about this area likely being the birthplace of humankind. Out of many sample books We downloaded about that region, Jorge's grabbed my attention since I have also, just recently, started paying attention to and trying to being a good citizen of the universe. Enlightenment does not come easy, for sure, and especially not for someone like me personally who feels much aggression about the life in which I have made for myself. I envy Jorge for being able to find his way there and for being a leader in trying to help others find our way. I look forward to, one day, going to his home land and I will hope that being people assist myself in bettering myself as a part of bettering could be world and world., When i read of his journey; the awakening of his spirituality; I not only understood more of the reality of the community, I understood why Peru is renowned to have the Happiest People in the World. Jorge Fino shows us that each people must follow our own path in our quest for understanding and indeed, everything happens as it should. His exploration of Inca spiritual traditions, historical past and beliefs show that all of us can indeed achieve for our own Spiritual Arising. The stories & legends are great reading and so appropriate with the descriptions of local customs and beliefs.
The detailed information of the land, the people and their crafts have encouraged me to continue studying this fascinating culture. I will make journey both in body and spirit. I look forward to awakening the Spiritual techniques within myself.
This book was not exactly what I expected, however it lit the fire for me & now We cannot wait to visit & to learn more. Rather than the usual tourist sights, I now want to expand my visit (and of course travel with Jorge Delgado! ) and maybe acquire wonderful textiles and handicrafts. I'll write more later on my return!!!
My only request for Jorge is: Next time more pictures, maps & suggested places to visit! (in color!! ), This book was absolutely fascinating to myself because I had the possibility to meet and travel with Jorge Delgado in Peru recently. His life truly reflects the historic principles of love, service, and wisdom which he discusses in this book. Kontiki Tours which he mentions start has certainly grown. Through his tour company, he is able to reveal his amazing wisdom while making the traveler feel pampered, comfortable and safe.

We highly recommend this book to anyone considering a trip to Peru who wants to see more monuments of the past. This book is a wonderful, easy to read, story of 1 man's journey of growing into his connection with days gone by and how that past remains impacting how he lives his live today.

A Great Prelude to Your Vacation to Peru, Read the book just before my Peru trip to exactly the same places Jorge describes in his publication. Very informative and We wish there are more books out of same authoro

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