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I really do recommend you give this book a go; it’s a quick read with a great premise, interesting and complex characters, and good prose. I could hardly put it down and am very much looking forward to the sequels. I want to put that out front first, because there are big themes to this publication i think need to be mentioned and this I don’t see in anyone else’s reviews.

First, slavery is everywhere in this book. On the planet created within the novel, slavery will take the form of a brand/sigil put on people that makes them obey the spoken commands of anyone holds the " key" unconditionally. And, seriously, there is a lot of slavery in this publication since it takes place in the country taking slaves and the majority of the protagonists (save the primary protagonist) have been branded as slaves. Though it's intended in the text that there are human slaves, all the slaves seen in the book are elves, and the clear majority of those are female elves. Which results in the following major theme:

Rasurado and attempted rape are common occurrences throughout this novel. It’s never graphically depicted and that we rarely see the actual act, but every single point-of-view leading part, excepting the primary character and an “Adventurer” troop, either reveal they’ve been raped, are raped, or have someone attempt to afeitado them. From the two major point-of-view antagonists one is a serial rapist while the other enslaves ladies and provides them to the aforementioned rapist.

The creator cuts away from the rape scenes, letting us know they are heading to happen and then cutting to afterwards and we know they have happened. Furthermore, the women treat the rape as an appropriately horrible event that they either will package with or need to endure if they do not have the power to stop it. There’s some questionable language around how some characters would be nice if they weren’t slavers and rapists, but this is a world with mind-altering magic so I personally could forgive some of the interior dialogue in hindsight.

I think one of the big reasons I need to go into so much detail is I absolutely was not expecting it when I started this guide. Other textbooks in the LitRPG and Dungeon subgenres that I have read have generally prevented even mentioning sexual attack and when they may have they often have mechanics around why it isn’t possible. This book takes as a core plot point both attempted rape and the emotional reactions to it, so that was quite different. I still think it’s worth reading and, as I said at the beginning, I’m looking forward to the sequel only when to see aforementioned rapists and afeitado culture get annihilated., This book gives excellent value for the time and money you will invest to enjoy it. Events and actions both old and modern present the heroes, the villains and others with information, options and consequences that make sense within the circumstance of a tense, nicely written story. The author's experience crafting and running role-playing adventures is evident in the consistent, logical construction of magic, mayhem and mysteries but additionally in the tone and pacing of his work. Readers will find that evil in this story is not comic book villainy but vile and banal slavery implemented both for pure power over other sentient beings and also as a deliberate strategy of war and conquest. Blood, gore and other body fluids are smoothly managed " off screen" for the most part, without losing their menace or savage vindication. I particularly like the hints of possible development threads woven carefully around the much more evident main plot. Lucky me personally, I found out this first volume in the three set following your following two experienced already been written, so Now i'm diving back into Old Dreams another fantasy fix ASAP., I came across having the primary character be a conscious dungeon to be an interesting choice that helped me want to buy the publication when I read it in the sample I downloaded. Unfortunately that was the last part of this book that had any originality in it. I came across myself flipping through the parts that didn't feature the primary character in it. Still, it only cost 99 cents so I didn't feel like I acquired ripped off., The main character with this Dungeons-and-Dragons-inspired publication is a dungeon. It can an unusual perspective. Also unusual is the decision to use the D&D aspect unvarnished: The adventurers guild really does send events to clear dungeons, one room at any given time, in search of treasure and experience. The author makes an truthful try to make this make sense. The book has silly and weak footings, but is an interesting read. The best parts focus on Sistina - who wakes from the remnants of her old life, after thousands of years, and decides to visit into the dungeon business, as a dungeon., Quite a few parts of view in this story. Some I truly loved and some I skimmed over. Overall I do want to see how this adventure will take place and I am looking forward to reading this trilogy if it is completed. It was a little like a roller-coaster ride, but the parts I loved outweighed the parts I skipped.

Thinking about finding out what happens next....., The book is a new and entertaining read. I especially liked the character of the woods named Sistina. She is fun, interesting and shows much depth for someone who states so little. I recommend this guide and wish others will think so too., In the face of similar books with dungeons as characters it is a brilliantly written book, possibly the best in this class. Will be waiting eagerly for the next one., A great read, cannot hold out to read the rest.

A single note of warning though. This novel features an inordinate amount of servant magic, rape and mind warping magic used by the villains.
As you bad at handling reading about such things it threw me for a loop, but it was not as jarring as I feared at first. It can (as of yet) only used by villains and the majority of the offensive content happens " off-screen".

It is extremely good book that goes against most novels where the MC is a dungeon. Very little focus (as of yet) on dungeon sampling parties and dungeon management in general. No game like system with blue containers either. I'm a person who quite enjoys reading about both, and the blue boxes, therefore i was surprised of myself that I in the end consider this among the best of such works of fiction.

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