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Should you be buying book that stops working the pieces you need to check out to find peace in your relationships, take a chance on this guide. I was required to read this part of a college or university course, Discord Management, in the school of business, and have recomended it to several people since who have also purchased it and cherished it. Seriously, one of the better publications I have read in college. It is relevant and real!

The book is simple to read and doesn't use jargon that feels unfamiliar. The writers set the scene for the reader so you feel like you are in fact there, and as you read, you begin to connect with the characters. This book is thoughtful and does not condescend, but helps you understand what is not working in your relationships and how to make them work better.

Bear in mind, however, that this version is LARGE PRINTING! As such, it is LARGE. I did not realize this when We purchased it. Still works, but was hard to bring around in a backpack., This is a must read for everyone!!! This book teaches you how to live in peace, even as you deal with difficult situations!!! It is very well written and explains the procedure through a story that not only makes it better to understand, but in addition draws you in helping you learn real ways to use these teachings to your lifetime!!!, We read this book as it was required of me when I started a new job. The TOP DOG of the business said this book changed his life and wanted to share it with all of his employees. I would not say that this guide altered my life, but it certainly did open my perspective on my human relationships with others. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for ways to improve their communication and interactions with others., What I loved: Fantastic message with a whole new perspective.

What needed improvement: Took too long to get to the meat of the solution.

The book seemed to drag on at times. Some of the stories moved me and really hit home; others... well....

While I like anecdotes for establishing a point, too much of anything can get tiresome.

We are guessing the majority of readers fall in two categories: Those who recognize there is a problem and are trying to find a solution, and those for whom this book came as a fervent advice.

The former group are aware of war inside them, and don’t need to read story after story to affirm what they already know. Typically the latter may require more persuading, and would definitely benefit from the many anecdotes, but there is a threat they might tire of the over-sell and offer upwards on the book as well as its valuable message before reaching the end.

Though the writing wasn’t the best, TYPICALLY THE ANATOMY OF PEACE is a simple read, and We finished it in a matter of days.

We have applied the recommended techniques in my daily life, and it proceeds to produce a fresh perspective on my interior state of being when I interact with others.

This specific was a important read, because the message is pivotal and the method is simple but not to the level of being simplistic.
If you are looking for interior peace, this book will point you in the right direction., Every #leader needs to read this book. We all need to learn how to see people as people and not as objects. When you learn how to look at every conflict from a point of view that you might be mistaken or that you might even be the problem, that is the 1st thing you want to do when conflict quality and cooperation. When i move forward, I will strive to maintain a center of peace towards my family, friends, and those whom I partner with. I recommend this guide ro all looking to build better relationships with others and want to be better people., I possess read this book and also Leadership and Self-Deception. The two are easy reads that provide important insight on being an improved person. Leadership and Self-Deception would be the recommendation of you have to choose but if not, read both. Two pieces of advice in reading the books. First, take time to think about your own life while reading. Second, finish the publications. It is simple to get disenfranchised in the starting of each. Give the writers a opportunity to work through the issues or concerns you will likely have as you work through the books. But it will surely be work if you are willing to be intentional about applying the ideas provided in these publications., I put a brief review on Goodreads, but will say this much; it changed me! Now i'm not the only the one that I know of. We find myself stopping to think about how exactly I talk with and treat others. That may be already worth the price., Fascinating and Inspiring all the way through describing why conflicts arise and just how most conflicts are managed in contrast to how they should be managed. Although I am not often in conflict, this book definitely opened my sight to the best way to see the others' point of view and to see them as people especially when we think we are right! Well done! I love that the author spent the time to illustrate the details with dialogue and develop characters which is not always typical in a philosophical book! If everyone read this book, the world would be a much better destination to live! Strongly recommend to all! Also, I loved the audio version! This book deserves Far more than 5 stars to be honest....

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