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Fantastic book though it is affected with typos in a few areas and the problem seems to get worse the farther into the text one gets.

As an example, in Section 8 naming of things isn't regular in between text passages as well as in across the book and downloadable pi├Ęce.

Nevertheless, I suppose one could say that is the nature of data analysis. Adequate analytical work and even more debugging/data correction.

I still consider this a great reference though it could use some polish., I know now how to write rudimentary program code to analyze baseball data. I tried to use other books on L, and translate them to baseball; however, we were holding convoluted. This is the Holy Grail for anyone who wants to learn R and how it relates to hockey., This book is excellent and I recommend it highly if you're trying to (a) improve your fluency with R and/or (b) find out how to work with the standard baseball datasets (Retrosheet, Lahman, etc. ). I'm only halfway through and already my L skills have improved greatly., Probably unlike most people who will buy this book, We are more well versed in R than I am Sabermetrics. I actually acquired this book to teach me more about baseball statistics, and I figured it would be worth it considering Jim Albert's involvement.

I possess taken formal classes in R in graduate school, and let me tell you this guide was a dynamite review and i believe even better at teaching basic coding and packages than some of the books solely dedicated to R out there. It also directed me to some databases I was unfamiliar with and where to find specific datasets, which is amazing.

This is a must purchase for those looking to perform statistical analyses on their favorite team while utilizing free software.

Looking ahead to next season., I know now how to write rudimentary code to analyze hockey data. I tried to use other books on R, and translate them to baseball; however, we were holding convoluted. This is the Holy Grail for anyone who would like to learn R and how it relates to baseball., Tons of very valuable info applied to baseball research. Being new to R I found it easy to get started and trying out the projects in the book, nevertheless , I would have liked a more detailed guide to some of the language... Not really a huge deal due to pretty much everything being available online., After opening the book and reading 5 pages I already learned enough to get started and hit the floor running. Thanks, I'm confess am not really into baseball analytics. However, I have already been slowly getting into analytics for other sports, and really wanted to start using R to explore my data. I am pretty new to R, so I actually had no idea what to do with more than two hundred variables had collected in excel, in Rstudio. Thus I considered texts and other books but struggled. A majority of time the books I read used business data and so on for examples which failed to really help me in person, grasp how I could replicate the same orders using my sports data. Trying to find a book that has programing and sports in it is like finding a filling device in a haystack. This book was the only book that came upward in search results once i entered sports + analytics. When I stumbled upon it, despite it being about baseball, I acquired it immediately after I actually recognized Jim Alberts name (from JQAS), and I actually am so glad I actually did. For all those sports data lovers out there who want to understand how to use R to analyze your datasets rejoice! because this is only book you will probably need!!!!

Prior to applying this book had no programming background except a few seminars on python and since then have self taught me personally further with code schools etc. As for L, I have been to 2 "intro" free seminars, and admit I only grasped the basics of orders in the R console because the commands follow very similar structure those in a python airport terminal. However, in terms of R as it can be applied to sports, how and what commands I enter/use to resolve various questions about my data I had trouble grasping with no examples to help me, a visual novice, learn from. Just before this book no other book I've come across has provided examples with L being applied to sports activities. Thus this book has been a godsend. This book walks you though every command you'd use in Rstudio along with a good example below it. From easy to more complex, everything function, variable, command, has an example that has helped me visualize and finally bridge the gap between the commands explained and how they are put on the SPORTS data you have. Additionally, whats also nice is you use hockey data you can get online for free.

With regard to me it had been the biggest help EVER. Especially if you wish to use R for sports. Even if it's not baseball I would still highly recommend this guide because once you obtain the concepts of the orders applied with baseball data, its pretty easy thereafter to play around with the same commands and packages using other sports activities data. I am still toying around with what I have learned regarding other sports concepts, since pitch speed, strike outcomes etc however are specific to baseball. However, exploring variables for other sports activities datasets is so much easier now, all thanks to this book. I actually do hope they think about doing a a series of these books for other sports, since I actually am sure many other sports activities fans would benefit from it, including myself.

Additionally I liked how at the end of each and every section it gave the reader "further reading" suggestions, as well as great exercises to try. My only problem is there are no answers to the exercises in the book. Might be I missed where available it mentioned you can discover the answers, but as far as I understand, there is no answers provided to the exercise, which would have recently been nice. Hence why I actually gave it 4 out of 5 stars. I actually would have like to see them have the answers, command line by order line as its entered into the console for every exercise. I hope (HINT TOUCH!!!!! ) they will soon post this info online or something, that would be nice. Otherwise I could not be more happy with this guide!

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