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, An ancient traditional as important as The Analects of Confucius deserves to be read many times in several translations. Arthur Waley’s translation deserves to be read. Unfortunately, I discovered it somewhat disappointing. Having read his translation from the Publication of Songs, I somehow expected better.

Arthur Waley’s interpretation has too many footnotes. I suspect that he or she was seeking to write a translation that was as literal as possible, and felt that the footnotes were necessary to simplify the meaning of his translation. James R. Ware’s translation and Lin Yutang’s translations may be less literal. They are more literary.

In the West Confucius is often thought to be the founder of a religion. It would be more accurate to say which he was a meaningful and political philosopher, who also discussed theology. He did not name the gods. He believed that they should be worshiped in the traditional manner, but that you should not spend a lot of time considering who and what they are.

He seems to have thought that traditional religious practices have a harmonizing influence on society, but that religious dogmatism is divisive, and often dangerous. Any time we look at the good faith in the West, it is simple to agree.

Typically the gods Confucius worshiped are the autochthonous gods of ancient China. China lacks a great literature equivalent to the Bible, and the writings of the ancient Greek and Roman authors about its gods. To learn about them we must go to Chinese fairy tales. They are what is worshiped in what is called “Religious Taoism. ”

When Buddhism entered China several hundred years after the life of Confucius it did so with its own pantheon of deities, largely obtained from Hinduism. In China there is little conflict between Religious Taoism and Buddhism. Today many Chinese blend them in their praise of the Divine, just as many Japanese practice rites from Buddhism, Shinto, and even Christianity.

Typically the Analects of Confucius was one of what Chinese call “The Four Books. ” Together with “The Several Classics, ” these comprise the Confucian canon. With regard to about two thousand years Chinese youths were analyzed on these in the Imperial Exams. Those who passed entered the College student Gentry. The Scholar Medlock was equivalent to our civil servants, nevertheless they had more prestige and better incomes. They were anticipated to have several wives, and many children.

For two thousand years there was more social mobility in China than anywhere otherwise on earth. Upward range of motion was based on brains. Members of the College student Gentry were more legendary than members of any other class. This describes why Chinese are characterised by intelligence all around the world that they live.

Nevertheless, the Imperial Exam System directed the attention of China’s most intelligent men to classics of earlier times, rather than to research. Because science is necessary for introduced of more advanced weapons, the Chinese had difficulty defending their nation from Western and Japanese aggression throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Now the Chinese are getting up. Chinese and Chinese Americans dominate science departments in American universities. They are coming to dominate American high tech companies. Since the Chinese advance they rediscover the wisdom of Confucius and the Confucian canon., As I understand of my readings from the "Tao Te Ching" and the "Complete Works of Chuang Tzu", TAOISM is a philosophy of inaction, the most popular analogy being that of the lake eroding a mountain just by slowly doing their thing over a long course of time. TAOISM also teaches that benevolence and righteousness are in the end of no avail, as one will basically drive by themselves to suicide or end up murdered.
There is indeed some truth to this if one looks at JAINISM, where their practitioners beg and avoid all indulgences until they die--a sort of spiritual suicide.

In revenge of this, CONFUCIANISM lays heavy emphasis on being "Good", being a "true Gentleman" and having respect for one's ancestors.
Within the "Analects of Confucius" one discovers quite a few gemstones of wisdom, including the almost universal Golden Rule (the saying, not the health insurance company). Moderation is another prominent virtue. Finally, one is admonished not to worry if their own merits are not acknowledged--rather, one should strive to acknowledge the worth of others.

During your stay on island are lots of passages that are exceptionally quotable, there are others that presuppose that you has a organization grasp of Chinese Background. The average reader is going to be very lost unless they have been reading tons of history books that document ~400 to 600 W. C.

There are footnotes, but it was the Introduction that I sensed gave a more clear picture of who Confucius was and what specific terms meant.

As for the translation, it is very readable, minus all the references to numbers in ancient Chinese historical past. The print is also a good size--you won't be squinting your eyes to read this guide.

While I cannot say with certainty that this is the "best" translation of the Confucian Analects, I certainly found it satisfactory enough for my needs--complete, readable, and informative.

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