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Suzanne Hosteller's back in small town Charity to investigate the murder of Joseph Eshes. Leaving her Amish life and faith to work in law enforcement, the girl never thought she'd be back in Charity. Life with the Englisch has not been without its tests; including a Captain jealous because she beat out his kids for her current job. Suzanne's investigating the case without a partner and she's an outsider. A new case without a preliminary exploration and a Sheriff not willing to help, she will not solve this case quickly or easily. Then add in the fact, her Cousin Milly has decided to play matchmaker. Suzanne's previous beau, Gideon Brunstetter, still lives in Charity. Points are warming up in the little town of Charity. My romance book review of The Amish Widower follows.


Author Katie Fisher created an awesome Amish love mystery in The Amish guy Widower. Fisher filled this story with emotion which the reader can feel on every page; the anguish of a love not fulfilled, the misery, woe, anguish of a dead better half, and guilt. As well as, the grief of the missing girls from Charity. Due to Fisher's vivid writing, I could feel Suzanne grief of her missing mother and murdered father. I could feel Suzanne's anguish as she questions her place in the world; she is neither Amish nor Die neue sprache. She's torn as she is once more in her former Amish community. But, so lonely in the Englisch world. I adored watching Katie Fisher adult Suzanne. Skillfully Fisher directed Suzanne to realize the true reasons she still left the Amish and her faith.

Gideon you will love; he's a strong man who lost his way. Gideon's riddled with guilt he or she must face and resolve. But through belief in God and plea, he found his way back. He's willing to help Suzanne any way he is able to. Suzanne ask his assist in the investigation; knowing he is able to open doors unavailable to her as an Englisch.

Katie Fisher held the secret close to her chest. Not revealing the what, why, when, and just how until the last moment, put into the suspense. The identity of the murderer surprised me; I never suspected this person. Fisher's scenes moved forward smoothly and her writing flowed well. As a result, The Amish Widower's a delight to read.

A short read of 68 page, Katie Fisher skillfully created a complete solid mystery suspense love; I felt I had read an extended book. Writers can not develop quick stories and novella as they can a book. However, Fisher did a very skillful job of development and pacing good length of the tale. As well as, plotting which will keep you on the advantage of your seat. I loved learning more about the Amish guy and seeing they have frailties, lack of faith at times, and faults; just as the Englisch do. This specific is a clean, sweet, mystery suspense romance suitable for anyone. I would not hesitate to buy this mystery romance book for myself or a good friend. Take note: I used the Amish version of The english language for this review.


Additionally, I actually received this book from the Shifted Sheets and chose to voluntarily review the book with honest moving mystery suspense romance guide reviews. Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion. Consequently, all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions. Additionally , no one influences my voluntary moving mystery suspense romance guide reviews., Police woman, Suzanne Hosteller, is assigned to return to the Amish guy community that she expanded up in, and still left, to investigate the murder of one of the well respected men of the community. She needs to have the people to trust her again and talk to her so she can investigate. At the same time she has to offer with her own emotions about the death of her mother, the murder of her father and widower-hood of her ex-boyfriend. The investigation takes many strange twists and transforms. All this is the makings for a unique and intriguing mystery/romance. That is a wonderful guide which kept me glued to it to the end. This really is my truthful voluntary overview of this ARC Book., Could you ever really go home again?
What if you left home and proceeded to go against everything you were taught growing up? Toss in a murder, a disappearance and an ex-boyfriend and you have one strong woman who still left the Amish because of a murder and he or she desired to be able to help others who have faced this horror. In no way imagining that she'd have to go home to solve yet another murder. She reluctantly consented to have her ex-boyfriend assist her in the investigation. The rocky start led to confessions of love that never died. Can she return to the Amish or will the girl stay English? This tale will give you secret, love, and drama. Is actually a good book for a weekend read. I actually was gifted this guide for my honest review., This specific was a unique tale. I enjoyed the secret and the conclusion. I actually liked the 2nd chance love that budded in the book as well. Typically the characters were not very deep, but it is a shorter book. I actually really liked Suzanne's personality. I liked that the girl had to struggle through her beliefs and find out who she really was. I would recommend this story to anyone that is experiencing their identity and likes secret., Suzanne left the Amish guy to become an police officer of the law because her father was murdered and the killer never caught. Her supervisor designates the murder of an Amish man to her, so she returns home against her own wishes. She determines to find the killer and leave again. When she will get to The little town of Charity her Cousin Millie insists she stick with her. Susanne keeps working into Gideon her child years sweetheart and help her attempt to solve the case. There are several twists, turns, and surprises. This guide will keep you reading until you finish it, you won't want to put it down., Katie Fisher has written a very interesting mystery/romance. The characters are extremely believable, the romance is there, but it is the mystery that holds center stage. Very worthwhile read., Suzanne father was murdered and no one ever before caught for it. She leaves the Amish Community and becomes a police officer. Suzane is given to return to the Amish community that the girl left, to investigate the murder of a respected man of the community. She has to work to get the Amish people to trust her again and talk to her so she can investigate. Being back brings up strong emotions about the death of her mother, the murder of her father and she still attracted to her former boyfriend that has recently been married and is now a widower. This guide has lots of twists and turns, keeps the mystery and suspense heading all the way through. This is my honest voluntary review in return for a free copy., The collection of book was obviously a surprise but nice. A man had lost his wife to temperature, he needed help with the children and positioned an advertisement for the bride. The young woman was waiting for Mr Wright when her Father picked some men on her which she didn't want. She answered the ad heading west. A must read for those who enjoy historical western romance kindle books from Amazon at a special price and from a delightful author who has me spellbound throughout the entire book before putting it down.

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