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Reasonable overview of considerable women in American history up to the 1960's. A single drawback is that it covers so many women it ends up being rather superficial. It is amusing though and covers many interesting incidents in a highly readable fashion. It did not cover some women I think we are going to considerable like Helen Keller and Florence Kelley., Gail Collins has created this amazing, engaging history of women in America, collecting information from the first women who came to the New World, and ongoing her exploration up to the book's 2003 submitting date. It looks like everything is here in her guide: the encounters of residents and immigrants, stories of the influential and the powerless, lives from the viewpoint of slaves and plantation owners' wives, daily realities of urban and rural wives. You can find interesting tidbits about the women who changed history and stories about women we should heard about (their stories are just as inspiring). We learn every-day facts women faced, expanding our understanding of what our grandmothers and our great-great-grandmothers must have endured.
Gail does a great job of showing the strength of women despite the way society dictates a woman's " proper" position. She even shows the world forces that shift local attitudes. We see periods where women gain some elements of social independence just to have history shift in new directions, taking back some of the hard-fought benefits. It is not unusual for women to be caught in this struggle, deemed by society to be the more dependent, less interested, capable, or " inclined" of the two sexes. Women were expected to step in and take over men's work when the need came about, and then fade back into the setting when men reappeared. It absolutely was (is) not uncommon for those women remaining in the leading lines to work two or three times harder just to be accepted being an " equal. "
Gail is masterful in her writing and this book was a total joy to read. Because a woman, this explained the society I grew up in, as well as defining much of my own, personal struggle, my own frustrations with the role and take care of women in today's society.
This is a guide all women should read, both to understand the strength and courage of women who have come before us, and to appreciate our own position. I'd want to see men read this book, because there should be continuing discussions of women's role in society.
My only disappointment with this book is it ended at the turn of the century. I would want to have seen what Gail thought of the more recent movements by male politicians, making far-reaching decisions about women's issues without any insight from women colleagues., America's Women gives you a very readable survey of American History from women half of the population. Almost conversational in style, very little academic jargon but lots of less known information., An enjoyable and instructive account of life as an American woman throughout the generations. Although none of the material was fresh to me personally, the cumulative effect of this half anecdotal, half documentary approach was to make me feel more and more incensed in addition women have been treated: the double standard, the horrific treatment of minorities and the long fight to get the vote and equality. Women in the sleep of the world have suffered in exactly the same way and, of course, many are still far behind. The writing seemed particularly heartfelt and vivid in the information of Rosa Parks' émeute in the 1950s., In case you have not check out this book, I suggest you read it, especially if you are female.: )
This is a great opportunity to see where you came from... I think it will shock you!

I already have and read the book, but I recently emerged after this available for sale for . 99, and i also could not pass it up.
I am always wanting to show friends items out of this book, and now I will always have a copy on my IPad.

You can find already reviews explaining the context, so I will not rewrite it. It is one very smart book, and a very simple read. Gail Collins is terrific, and We think you would find any of her textbooks a joy to read., We thoroughly enjoyed reading about the struggles, tragedies, and triumphs of the ordinary, work-a-day women through out our history. This book really does discuss some of the more notable women in American history, but for the most part it focuses on the " unsung heroins" who have worked to make this country what today.

Now i'm sure many, or even most, women today neglect the freedoms we enjoy as women everyday. Younger women especially have no idea what women of the past have had to endure, just to live. Indeed, the book makes it abundantly clear, that the past one hundred years or so are the first time, ever, that it has actually been desirable to be a female whatsoever., Great book. I enjoyed reading about women in the us from the beginning. There are some true facts We found amusing. For example they didn't take bathing very often. Here they are pictured in lovely clothing and smelling.
I could hardly read about the witch trials in Salem. The information really brought it all to our lives. I haven't read it through but We suggest it. You will realize you never had it so good. I am pleased to all who experienced so that I could enjoy my life,, We took a star off due to last 3rd of the book. The author did not tell the complete story of margaret sanger. The rest if the book was worth 5 stars.

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