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Us Wolf: A True Tale of Survival and Infatuation in the West
Us Wolf, by prize successful author Nate Blakeslee, is my choice for the best nonfiction book of 2017.
Costly totally factual recounting of the story of 0-Six, an Alpha female hair named for the yr of her birth.
Born in Yellowstone Park, she and her mate led the Lamar Valley pack. She was a fierce protector. She was also a great hunter who was able to bring down an elk by herself to give food to her family.
This isn't merely a boor story of wolves elevating their litters and caring for every single other, although the reader will learn an amazing amount about the caring and fascinating behavior of wolves. This is a story, with 0-Six at the epicenter, of politics, lawyers, the environment, ecology, hatred, fear, love, loss, and beauty.
The descriptions of the packs in Yellowstone and what happens to them over the few brief years when the authorities decides to allow predators to once again hunt them (after the wolves had been protected) will anger you and leave you feeling helpless. That is not a reason to avoid this book however. American Wolf has some memorable people you will be introduced to, as impressive as the wolves you will come to love.
It is quite interesting that these people do not interfere with the natural course of things as far as the wolves' cycle of life is concerned. Only once is one wolf air dropped some meat. He is dying because he was shot by a hunter and he is caught in a crevice he aren't step out of. Three days later he or she is dead.
You will understand as much about human behavior as you do about the wolves. We are not so very different.

Notes, extensive interviews (even with the man who killed 0-Six) and videos were used to write this guide.
The author's descriptions of the wolves are amazing. He delivered 0-Six and her family alive for me. If I didn't want to go see wolves in the wild before, I do now. I hope I get the chance., I have been in amazement of wolves so long as I can remember. Their power and beauty, their velocity and endurance, and their family bonds that are like few other creatures. For years, I have read about them, adored them, and have even had the privilege of seeing a few at Wolf Haven in Buenos aires state. In fact, there is a cookbook that was published years ago that gets mentioned at some point available - I have that cookbook. I have carried that cookbook around through more military moves than I care to remember. I even looked up the very recipe I learn about when I finished the guide. So as I was saying, everything about wolves is incredible to myself, not least which is the story of their introduction to Yellowstone and the amazing recovery the recreation area as a whole commenced to experience. So it was which includes excitement - tinged with trepidation - that I picked up Nate Blakeslee's book. For all of you technology that wolves have in their corner, for all of the people they have pulling for them, there remain those who believe the wolf is a fur-covered plague - an animal who has no meaning for presence other than to be killed. And no true and honest book about wolves can avoid this painful fact - which means, at its core, heartbreak for the reader who is a wolf suggest.

The book covers the life - and yes, the death - of O-Six, a female hair who led a very successful pack within the boundaries of Yellowstone. This covers the reintroduction of the wolves to the park, including much of the politics involved in that decision and in the years thereafter. Unusually, Blakeslee intersperses the fascinating details of the wolves recover of the hunter who killed O-Six. His real name is not given, and it is not hard to understand why. There are alternating chapters throughout between what is happening with the wolves, and the thoughts and actions of the hunter. It makes for an unusually suspenseful account in a non-fiction book, but it works extremely well. Though I realized the location where the story was heading - where it *must* be going - I still held my inhale, and I'm not embarrassed to admit that I cried. I cried for all of the people who had followed this amazing wolf for too long, I cried for her pack, and I cried for the lack of understanding that led to that point.

Before I get vilified if you are a snowflake - let me be clear: I grew up in a hunting family. We lived for years on the deer and the elk that we brought in, as well as the food we grew in our garden. I have no issue with those who search for food. I've done it, and my family does it. Nevertheless , the idea of taking a life only for the destroy is abhorrent to myself - as it ought to be to everyone. Killing simply for the sake of killing is wrong, and should be condemned as such.

The particular only issue with the arch that I got is that it had no pictures. I do hope that the finished version will possess some, because I feel that it would be a tremendously impactful addition, for readers new with the O-Six tale to be able to see and admire the pack(s). Otherwise - Blakeslee has done an amazing job showing wolves for the amazing creatures they are, making clear the national politics that gets played with these creatures' lives, and showcasing the astonishing people who give their all for these animals each day. It's an amazing book, and one which I hope will open the eyes of more people to the enduring American spirit that is our American Hair., Best book that I have read in a long time, I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars - I thoroughly enjoyed it! Wolves in Yellowstone were hunted and killed until they were eradicated in the twenties. In 1995 there was drive to bring the wolves back to Yellowstone - and this has been fraught with dispute. Ecologists have seen improvements in the ecosystem since the wolves return. Hunters dislike competing with the wolves for elk. Ranchers fear losing their animals to hungry wolves.

Around this backdrop there is certainly summer - a beautiful gray wolf, an amazing hunter, a real alpha female. Born 5 years ago and first arriving into her own 2 years later, Nate Blakeslee brings the story of this wolf into focus. Through the eyes of those who loved and respected her - Rick McIntyre and his fellow " wolf-watchers" - the reader comes to know this hair through her courtship, hunting abilities, and her pups. Blakeslee always respects the fact 06 was hair, and in that there is mystery and a wildness. 06 belonged to her environment, and Blakeslee keeps her there.

Inside this book we learn about the Wolf Project of Yellowstone, and the individuals in whose dream it is to bring the wolves back to Yellowstone. We also meet the residents near by, hunters and ranchers, and learn their concerns about moving into close proximity to these wild, mysterious predators. Blakeslee brings us all this in writing that clear, concise, interesting and understandable. He describes Yellowstone so that the reader can be transported to beautiful valleys in summer, and the cold solitude of winter.

I so thoroughly enjoyed this story and got very swept upwards in it. I've learned things I didn't know, and this book makes myself want to keep to learn. Loved this!!

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