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I actually kind of wish there had been two variations of the book, because it has two main viewers that perhaps overlap in some cases, but not all. One set of readers are those who are simply enthusiastic about learning about what it's like to be considered a male stripper; another pair of readers are those who are titillated by the material and want to see the book for potential porn and opportunities to fantasize. I fall into the former category, but definitely not the latter.

I see the book for research, and was amazed, given how easy it is to find memoirs about female exotic dance, that McTavish's book and blog were the only useful sources I could find on male amazing dancing. (There are substantial variations between the experience of female and male stripshow, and the distinguishing characteristics were important for my research. ) For my purposes, this book worked well; it gave me that direct account of the lifestyle I used to be looking for, and seemed to be well-written enough that it might have been an interesting story simply to read for fun. I was also glad that it was written by somebody who takes his job seriously rather than someone whoms just gloating and bragging. I wanted to read a reliable narrative, not something written by an immature, egotistic idiot; McTavish's book is luckily the former.

Of the two criticisms I have, one is a matter of preference, and the other is specialized. Although the majority of the book was precisely what I actually needed, there _were_ a few scenes of graphically-described sexual acts which I actually felt were gratuitous and unnecessary. It lowered the quality of the memoir and detracted from what I found valuable about the story.

The other criticism I have is that McTavish needs the backup editor - there have been many small, easily-fixable mistakes that could have been caught by a sharper-eyed proofreader. There weren't any misspelled words or anything, but there have been some missing words in some sentences, and other words that had recently been accidentally substituted by similar-sounding incorrect words. I possibly could have overlooked just one or two of these errors, but it kept happening often enough to bother me.

Additional than those technical problems, the book was written pretty well; McTavish does have an engaging writing style. It is also good to see someone with such a good understanding of what it takes to be successful in the career: that it requires consistent responsibility, respect for customers, building and marketing the product, caring of one's body, and planning for the future (exotic dancing is actually not going to be a lifelong career option). Most of McTavish's attitude and strategies regarding his job could actually be applied generally, they're not merely limited to this particular job.

Thus to summarize, the publication was overall likeable and useful, but I wish it didn't have those gratuitously graphic sexual descriptions and had been edited better on a technical stage., This can be a great, entertaining read! If you are curious about the world of male stripping, or just want to listen to some wild stories about what happens when people shed their inhibitions, this is obviously worth reading., This publication was very entertaining for me, so this should appeal to women greatly. Dion takes the reader on a journey when he converts himself from a self-proclaimed nerd to a successful male performer. I found this book very well written and thorough let alone very fun to read. Real life " Magic Mike" behind the scenes. Great job Dion!, The particular author does such an outstanding job with maintaining story and flow throughout the story, I see the entire book in one night., Das it mane

Study in one night, would read again, 10/10 would read again.

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