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This book kept my interest to the end. It is a very long guide, and is actually two books with the second half a lot more interesting.

Typically the author is an enthusiastic viewer of folks and his suroundings, as one would expect of a spy, and his thumbnail sketches of his " handlers" fulfilling. It is also apparent he is an enthusiastic appreciation of petite, feminine women.

This book is in need of editing. Some sections in both half the were repeated verbatim two and three times. Multiple parts read like the author's reports to his handler and do not appear to have altered for publication. This provides the a real life view of how some parts of the " spy business" works. All of us never got to read the reports " Bond, James Bond" submitted to " M".

This book is a glimpse to the world between the DMZ and the Yalu River and allows us to understand the humanity the maids of the regime reveal with all homo sapiens. It allows us to see that consider in the goals of their federal government but allows us to understand that they have personal goals, ambitions and desires for worldly goods/riches.

Enhancing to tighten it upwards would enhance the reader's understanding, as would fleshing out the bureaucratic reports., I enjoyed the guide and applaud the creator for all they have done for our nation! there are several things I kinda question though. I kept thinking of his views on the NK strategy of assault and I just saw some holes.
I mean yes if Kim thinks it is smart to send 5 , 000, 000 into South Korea and overloading it so we wont nuke them is a good strategy it might be. Even the troops in SK know they have simply a manner of hours before they cross but how would his strategy work? a person think aerial surveillance will pick up movement of 5 million people?? Florida couldn't move 6 , 000, 000 without days for a hurricane. even if they use a nuke first there is still a lower chance it will reach the US landmass before being intercepted and at that point Lord help them because they have probably less than 100 and we have thousands. they are also using older technology and have less fuel resources so their occupation couldn't be that long.
Kim's whole country in the north would be obliterated he would even be capable to leave easily with it being that contaminated in nuclear results. The author mentions placing a lot of the NK people who aren't fight in the hills. ok well there are probably limited ways out and in so smart weapons could seal those off departing them pretty much caught.
He mentioned himself these guys not necessarily going to stop nukes so like all the press and military brass plainly speak there are no good options, but I don't think a successful invasion is possible. SK also has a great deal of mountains and casemate built themselves to allow them to obstruction the hell out of it but its not heading to be a fairly easy walk right in scenario.
I don't know its simply a few feelings I had reading the book., I have read quite a few publications about North Korea, but this one is totally and a wholesale difference in comparison in that all my other reads with regards to confortations and also this one about Human contributions and food, medicines, healthy upgrades with critically and needy vitamins and other superb assistance all with the best of kindness and love towards the North Koreans, my goodness, what a change in my narrow thinking about North Korea - I have been enlightened and then for me.... that is good.

Suggest this read!, Very good read, fascinating. I loved the photos. Composed well and the creator explained many things with the utmost care and consideration., Too much replication, Writing is just a little disjointed and disorganized.... Looks self-published with minimal editorial..., I read voraciously about North Korea. It seems that the less we see and hear of something the more intriguing it becomes. So it is with the DPRK. This specific book, especially, features interest because the author went to North Korea about 13 times under the fa?onnage of a humanitarian support worker who distributed food, medicine, water, to needy North Korean children and made a good impression on his minders and others in NK, but he is actually an American spy.
It's interesting that the author, William Schweitzer III, was taken to a place near the Taedonggang Water where there is a brewery, for a ale in the evening, then taken back to his room. He noticed that he fell asleep right away and slept so soundly that he could not get out of bed in the morning. He held a feeling of grogginess as if in a fog all day and suspects that he was drugged. He also observed that many the people appeared to be the same way. It is also of interest that the author thinks that no matter how big their arsenal or how many ICBMs they have got that NK will never strike first.

The second part of the guide is about specific people in the country including ones who are being held attentive at the time. This specific part is extremely interesting. For everyone who is wants to read and see pictures (some illegal) of the passageways through which motorists go and the area around the DMZ, this guide has it all., At best, or propaganda at most detrimental. He oddly refers consistently to American black divulgación, in the beginning saying that it has tried to persuade us that North Koreans hate us. Well, Now i'm 64 and have seen a lot of divulgación, I don't remember viewing any such things. I've just seen what the innovator of the nation has said. In the second such reference, he says how it's entirely untrue that the people of the country are poor. Well, maybe so. I failed to read the rest of the work. It had not gotten interesting by that point.

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