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Initially when i first posted this review, there were roughly 3000 other evaluations and many 1 plus 2 star reviews. Many of the low ranked reviews were from folks posting negative comments of which had not even read the book. They were certainly from the war, didn't like the military, etc. A few of these comments are offensive, at least also me they were. I actually made a place to provide this to the interest of potential buyers regarding Chris's book so they wouldn't let the low ratings affect their decision to read, what I believe is an extremely good story. I actually think this is very important to point out and that's the reason why I am including this here. The point the following is to be helpful to others. Therefore , with of which said, I'd like to update this review a new little bit now of which over 5000 folks have had the opportunity to study it and leave their reviews, which appear to be a little a lot more objective. I still disagree with others that claim this book is "poorly written". I think Chris, with help of course, did a pretty darn good job describing his / her experiences. This book had been written by a Navy SEAL. Not Tom Clancy. This guide is written inside what I would call a new sort of "conversational style". In other words, this individual writes like he discussions. He is suggesting a new story or collection regarding them. I found his / her honesty refreshing. He makes no bones about the fact that he loves his job. He isnt the best father or husband at times. He or she doesnt like politics, etc. I liked his feeling of humor (I caught myself laughing out loud at times). I specially liked his discussion about his gear and weapons. It's interesting to study about what sort regarding equipment someone needs to survive in that sort of environment. He put items in his book of which he was constantly questioned about. Thats why they are there. The guide also has some good maps and photographs. This particular is not a guide for everybody. One reviewer said the book was also "technical" and he couldnt follow it. Another said it was written simply by someone in "grade school". You can observe by those two comments how differently this specific book will probably be viewed. This particular is a story of the man that goes to war, as he had been trained to do. He or she had to make existence and death selections almost everyday. It's an easy task to sit inside a nice comfortable home, and second guess your pet but the bottom line will be that I am pretty sure the men of which served next to your pet were glad he had been there. So all I actually can say is when you happen to be thinking about the existence of a Navy SEAL OFF, grab it. Or even, the reason why would you condsider this in the first place? Chris Kyle, rest inside peace and God bless the men and woman who serve, and have served, this country., Guide is a pretty in depth version of Kyle's activities in Iraq, and it's an excellent read. Movie will be more of the summary regarding Kyle's 4 tours inside Iraq, and adds a new lot of embellishments plus untruths into the Kyle story (Hollywood does this specific for more dramatic effects). That being said, the book received a lot of criticisms about Kyle making up a lot of stories to change himself into more of a " Legend" than he genuinely was. Such criticisms integrated Kyle taking out Looters in New Orleans throughout Hurricane Katrina; this had been not discussed in this guide. Neither was the critique of the alleged Jesse Ventura episode, where Kyle supposedly punched the former governor in the face. None regarding this was discussed in this book or at least the version I study. Maybe the publishers required those stories out inside this version as a result of criticisms and the subsequent defamation lawsuit filed by Bonanza. I don't know. Anyway, this guide is a great read, and, for me, a much better depiction of Kyle than the Eastwood movie variation., This is a fantastic book that tells the story of one of the very most lethal snipers in background. While the movie did get some liberties, such as inventing a competing enemy sniper, the book stay true to the confirmed military record. Chris Kyle was an outstanding guy, the feats he completed were nothing short regarding legendary. Reading this guide you not only acquire a feeling of exactly what he went through nevertheless you also get a new sense of the kind of guy he was. While exactly what happened to him although trying to help a new fellow vet with PTSD it should not get away from what he completed., If only I would have read the book first before watching the motion picture. Some inaccuracies with the film or complete sequences which were skipped which played a significant role in Main Kyle's journey.

I appreciate the humor (twisted or not) sprinkled throughout the book. It gives a no BS view worldwide through a SEAL's eye. His descriptions of PALS and being overseas offers you an excellent visual regarding what it is prefer to be in those circumstances.

Towards conclusion of the book, it starts to change from a first hand account of occasions into a more personal opinion about his personal existence, military life, and the individuals encountered among.

Absolutely an entertaining read. Maintain in mind, it will be a book authored by a new Navy SEAL, not just a Steve Grisham novel so writing style might not match the gravity of the reports told. They are all important though for an American military legend.

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