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I needed to read this guide before watching the movie, American Made. I was disappointed in the shipping of the story. However, I am glad that I got through the complete book.
That i knew of about the Clinton's and Arkansas and had heard about the Bush's somehow being included in the medicine trafficking as well. I had heard of the high ranking pedophilia party but never would have imagined to what level this went to! I wish mcdougal would not have used movies for his citations because it failed to give him credibility. I had trouble staying thinking about some of the conspiracy theories and did book only got interesting to me towards the end. I wonder where more credible sources can be found?, Interesting guide about interesting famous people, a minimum of George W. Bush and President Reagan's. Typically the players available all have stories and the question is, is it the truth or false reporting to make a buck on a book dealing with a ego-maniac that was flying drugs into the country and got trapped. I would have rated it higher, but , the reality can be deceiving when dealing with high user profile governmental figures. I recommend the book but, I am sure the movie will only add to the intrigue., As a possible American Resident, this book made myself realize that I need to research multiple sources before believing the information that the news makes public. Our countries frontrunners need to be held accountable for their activities, as they have dangerous justice and made our prison systems a profitable organization, rather than a place of safety and change. I give this guide the highest rating possible for its ethical approach to the problems of drugs and the governments exploitation of the people involved with them., If you've actually had doubts about the integrity of the Us government, this is the book to confirm your suspicions. Barry Seal was an undercover operative working for the DEA in their war against drugs. This story of his life - and dying - is a damaging expose of the corruption at the very coronary heart of the American establishment, from CIA involvement in arms running, money washing and drug smuggling, the proceeds of which proceeded to go to finance the conflict in Nicaragua, to the involvement of high-ranking individuals in drugs rackets, assassinations, paedophile rings and making money in Nazi Germany. Attwood will not shrink from identifying names - G Watts Bush, Clinton, Oliver Northern... These are all men we know, or thought we knew. Getting his material from a variety of sources, Attwood draws together a compelling narrative. It is lively and easy to read, with some scenes described in live action and others retold from letters and transcripts. Who actually killed Barry Seal, whether it was Escobar's cartel or the US administration, is almost an irrelevance: they are as bad as each other. Check out this book and make up your own mind., The only criticism I use is that the book really gives practically nothing new. What Attwood will really well is condensing the evidence of others. His conclusions are regular with what most people who have deeply investigated these events. His results explain the Bush family's support of Hillary. That also explains why Showmanship powers Ron Howard, Mary Cruise and Universal Companies had to keep changing a movie over a 5 year+ period., I couldn't put this guide down. It really confirmed my feelings about the Bush family. I always thought they were shady Warmongers. When Bush said " read my lips, no new taxes".. this individual took away a great deal of deductions. Forget about deducting the tax you devoted on big ticket items. He or she took away the three months unemployment my mother got over the summer time when she worked at a school. His child was not a better. I was surprised to know about Clinton's involvement in the medicine trade when he was Governor of Arkansas. My Dad always said that the biggest Mafia was in Washington and it's true. Power corrupts and we're supposed to be the best country in the world but men are no different anywhere. I believe both equally sides were in charge of Barry's death. Shaun is a great writer. He or she gets to the point and his books are never boring. I've read two of his other books and he digs deep into the facts. Go through this book!, A well ballanced look at Barry Seal off, who he was, and what his ultimate destiny was. The movie " Us Made" will be released in late September., This particular book will change your worldview about politicians and the corruption at the heart of the conflict on drugs. I can tell by the Mary cruise trailer that the Hollywood movie is a total whitewash of Craig seal’s life. This guide has the real story. It truly is even endorsed by Craig Seal’s son, Aaron Seal off.

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