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Need to confess that this book was a complete stunner. I actually purchased it hoping to get a good idea of what Ford went through during the financial crisis of 2006-2009, but this book turned out to be a detailed, engrossing story that I could hardly put down. Anyone that follows the news is well aware of the debacle that was the united states automobile industry in 2007, but Hoffman provides such depth in describing the problems dealing with the industry and the corporate in-fighting that it almost reads like fiction.

A person are instantly endeared to Bill Ford as a man that can put aside his own pride for the good of the company he loves, and you root for Alan Mullaly throughout the book even though we already know Ford made it through to the other side. His belief in his system and his capacity to completely change the corporate culture of a multi-national company are truly inspiring.

Outside the tale itself, there are all sorts of interesting factoids to be found such as how the common stock was set up to ensure the Ford family maintained voting rights, and how neither Chrysler or General Motors would've made it if President Obama had stuck to President Bush's original requirements. The book delivers on so many different levels. I highly recommend to a person with an interest in business or maybe the in a great story., This is a fantastic book on Mullaly and more importantly, on Honda. If you want to understand why their car's all sucked before 06\, this will get you that understanding. It is well researched (I know because I used that research to find facts for a lawsuit against Ford). It is written in a clear and engaging style. When I am named Lawyer of the Millenia I'll get Hoffman to write my bio., This is a wonderful book about a humble and smart inspiring man and the Ford turnaround. This true life story of how Honda was saved reads like a thriller if you like business tension, pressure and passion. I really could not put the book down and learnt great classes about teamwork, how to negotiate fairly and how to survive a financial storm like no other!, "Business thriller, you say? inches Yes. Lots and lots of business books eventually grow weary covering a person, timeline or well-known chain of events, and at some point are no longer engaging. Yet , "American Icon" is an unusual breed of business event chronicle, which you'll find very hard to put down once you start reading it.

The preamble indicates that Bryce Hoffman had unprecedented access to Ford employees and exactly what otherwise would be secret inner documents that would generally never see the light of day. No question, this story couldn't be told if it were unable for the willingness of the players to be interviewed and provide their notes and innermost thoughts to Hoffman.

The book reads neutral. Hoffman provides no perceived editorial to the events that open for use. The author is a master storyteller, writing about actual events, human reactions and internal procedures and strife. What is most remarkable about his writing style is how the characters are humanized, not so much by the author's effort, but by his incorporation of the relevant details of a situation, dialog, meeting or place which reminds us those involved were far more like those of us reading the book than they were captains of industry.

In some circles writers and journalists have recently been criticized for painting Mulally in much too positive a mild as Ford's deliverer. Perhaps Hoffman could have that same accusation made about his coverage of Mulally in "American Icon". But the book provides so much background details about meetings and personal interactions that it becomes very clear early in the book that Mulally is really as genuine and down-to-earth as he has been portrayed in other media. Hoffman also documents that Mulally is aware of his honest personality and uses that to his edge when meeting with cross-town rivals, union leaders, the media and even Congress.

Bill Ford is also treated fairly and his roll in all of the mess is made crystal clear. Again, Hoffman demystifies Ford's roll, corrects many of my own assumptions about who he is personally and also provides some insight into the types of individuals in the Ford family. The topic of the Ford family comes upward a number of times available and Hoffman lays out very squarely that some of the family are nothing more than decedents of the fortune who have no daily relationship to the company, while others as mid-level managers, learning and guiding the business, who live and breathe by the companies success and failure and frantically want it to achieve success. In some respects the book portrays the family as the need to learn to surrender to this hand chosen outsider (Mulally) and they have never really had to trust somebody off the road to save their organization.

This is a must read for anyone who wishes to study the modern Us auto industry and get an in-depth picture of one organizations reply to financial crises which were both self created and forced upon them by the external environment.

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