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In the event you only read one book on the Earhart mystery, it should be this one. That said, in the absence of any definitive proof that Amelia Earhart died at sea or in Japanese guardianship, I believe Mr. Campbell is too quick to write off the accumulated circumstantial facts from rival authors that suggests her Japanese captors secretly kept her in existence as a potential bargaining computer chip. This includes a Jesuit priest overhearing two Western officers discuss a captured American woman flyer about to be brought to Japan for spying immediately after Earhart went lacking; a picture of a kimono-clad Earhart in a Japanese teahouse; a mystical female VIP liberated from a Japanese POW camping in China in 1945; an unsigned telegram directed from the same camping to Earhart's husband at their pre-war address; and Earhart's best friend being flown to just-occupied Tokyo around the time the freed prisoner found its way to Asia from China. If Earhart survived, it might have already been kept under wraps to protect her desire for a new life of personal privacy, FDR's reputation, Emperor Hirohito's freedom and post-war getting back together., This is a great resource and compilation of previous works concerning the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. I was not convinced this was the truth because the name suggests. The author at times describes his own views as fact, when there are extensive arguments that counter his conclusions. I avoid think this can be the last book that will be written concerning Amelia Earhart's disappearance, but I found it an invaluable resource documenting the theories regarding her disappearance. My opinion, it's still a mystery., This book offers us reasonable to consider she was a sufferer of the war and captured by the Western and probably died at their hands -- perhaps executed as an Us spy along with the woman navigator. I don't even want to imagine what they did to her while the lady was held captive. We'll never know for sure how the woman life ended but this is the best of the books that offers us the best of the possibilities., This volume was written before the recent publicity of a found out picture showing Earhart and Noonan on Jauit Atoll and before last night's History Channel special on new evidence about the Earhart and Noonan disappearance, yet all 3 sources agree in each way. Earhart and Noonan were captured by japan and treated as spies. Typically the US was unable to confront he Imperial Western Navy on their rejects that that they had found the two aviators without revealing that the US got broken Japanese naval rules.

This is a convincing story by what happened to the duo in 1937 and it's taken eighty years to be revealed. It's a sad section within our history, but a revealing one as well. Earhart and Noonan were the very first American causalities of Ww ii in Asia., Mike Campbell seems to have done a very comprehensive job of collecting facts concerning the Earhart/Noonan landed in the Marhall Island destinations and were taken attentive by the Japanese concept. I was prepared to pooh pooh this book before I read it, as I have for years believed in the Nikumaroro concept of TIGHAR. But after reading this book, an awful lot of men and women have to be lying in order to discount all the witness testimony. It would appear on the surface that none of these people had anything to gain by making claims that they personally saw or from second-hand accounts., got evidence of Earhart on Saipan with Fred Noonan. Anybody interested in this mystery should read it and choose for themselves. I suppose if TIGHAR should find airplane wreckage below the saltwater at Niukumaroro, that will answer the question for good., Amelia Earhart: The Truth finally makes a forceful case by what really happened to Amelia and Wendy on that fateful flight. It is comprehensive in its search for the truth, with witness statements by islanders and Saipan war veterans. I became interested in the Earhart case after viewing the Background Channel special in Come july 1st. Now I feel that I am aware the truth about Amelia thanks to Mike Campbell., Very interesting and detailed account of what almost certainly happened to Amelia Earhart. A worthwhile read., Just finished "The reality at Last", "The Dropped Flight", "The Search With regard to AE", and "Eyewitness" after being turned on to the Saipan angle by Dr. White Wallenhorn's fairly disjointed 86 minute video clip presented on C-Span3. The video and all of the books well sew it up for me... and Mike Campbell's book ties it all together. I actually was born in Apr 1937 and am hope this all becomes public before I, too, am long gone. I think the case has been well made for Jap capture, killing of AE and FN in '37 or '38. Campbell and Devine may even have contributed heavily to a "wheels-down landing" concept that few think is possible... when that plane was flyable in 1944 as eyewitnesses have said that it was, I actually strongly suggest that STRYGE and FN landed rather than "crash-landed" on a dry strip... maybe even on Siapan itself. Not necessarily impossible... but they would have had to take a very different flight way than the one everyone seems to think they took. And... however it came about, it truly is too bad the plane was destroyed too. In any case, this book will the best job of summarizing most of what has already been written and is available as evidence today. Greg Kelly

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