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Perfectly written, a true article writer. A tale of love plus sorrow, trials and tribulations. An epic search of a very human Romeo for his flawed Juliet. Well done! Give us more!, Amazing story. The author is very imaginative and clean. Even my children can enjoy. I possess downloaded all his publications and my daughters love them and ask me to get them any time a new one arrives out. I am capable to start this new journey., This is certainly three quarterss of a good book. It can a bit of the romp, with excellent dialogue, irreverent humor, and fascinating world and character building. The plot is fascinating and coherent without getting horribly predictable. The actions scenes are very well written, plus when the narration changes points of view, the characters' personakities really glow through. I, however, do not finish reading it.
The author, after 30 chapters of excellence, provides a wierd confessional part. This is certainly followed by the Choose-your-own-adventure ending. NO. Undesirable. That is a certain style of story showing. It does not mix with geradlinig storytelling. There's a reason it died. It is trash. Totally and unequivocally ruins the book., I truly liked karmic rebound tried out this book and enjoyed until (spoiler) out of no the location where the story became a multiple ending. It really jarred me out of the story in a unfavorable way. I do like how choosing one damns others two, so I actually am not saying I actually dislike the endings in of them selves, simply the how they don't really fit with the rest of the tale., Allow me to start by stating that Kharmic Rebound will be probably one of the all-time favorite novels. This has wit, action, well-done romance, rich character description and development, and thus much more. I’ve probably reread it at the very least four times, and may easily gush regarding it with regard to hours.

Which is just what makes writing my overview of Ambrosia difficult. Within short, it falls to date short of the greatness of Kharmic Rebound that will, were it not with regard to the similar tone, designs, and witty dialogue, I actually can hardly believe these people came from the similar author.
I’ll try to keep this overview as spoiler free because possible, but I’m gonna include some tagged spoilers to support my arguments, if only for the author’s benefit.

As much have said, this story is all about the human named Storgen, who is the reincarnation of the Tharros, God of Courage. In the prologue, he plus his real love, Estia (Goddess of Medicine/healing/whatever) were significantly in love with 1 another. Their relationship broke the law in the older God Sirend and Empress Reinala, who were dealing with a messy divorce that belongs to them and had decreed that will nothing of their supporting younger gods could associate together with their former spouses assisting gods. Before being place to death, Tharros vows that he will discover Estia and love the woman within their next life, plus since that time his rebirth because Storgen, is on the quest to do just that.

The story of Storgen’s seek out his true love : the bulk of the novel : is filled with plenty of amusing repartee and touching times. Much when he does in KR, within the first two-thirds of the book, Yeager draws and develops believable and sympathetic characters from varied walks of lifestyle, many of which are romantically likely towards the MC. He weaves them together in fascinating scenarios that serve in order to flesh your characters plus world politics.

Where I actually started to struggle, however, is with overall arch of the story. KR had a seamless flow in order to the story progression that will just drew me alongside with it. Ambrosia, upon the other hand, can feel stilted and disconnected, because though Yeager were showing a story in elements and didn’t pay adequate attention to the transitions or relating each to the larger context of the story.

Many scenes usually are even left unresolved by the time the author cuts in order to the next scene, leaving behind me wondering what became of certain characters. It is very difficult to place my finger on precisely why this didn’t work well, but it did seem to need the good thorough editing work. And I don’t mean proofreading for grammar problems or typos (there have been many of these because well), but rather the real edit that corrects the order of sequences, trims characters or displays that aren’t necessary or don’t contribute to the overall plot progression, plus generally challenges the author to really focus upon what he’s trying in order to do with each scene.

On the upside, the world building is wonderful, and the reader will get a specific picture of the differences between two major nations : each one aligned in order to one in the elder gods. Political ideologies, racial distinctions, prejudice, along with other characteristics usually are more than adequately investigated, giving the world the rich texture. There usually are multiple magic systems: the power of the gods that is derived from the worship of men (manifested physically through liquid Ambrosia); non-human racial marvelous abilities; and alchemical “magic” that has a distinctly steampunk sparkle.

*** spoilers ***

Just about all magic systems are nicely conceived and superbly comprehensive throughout the book, nevertheless I really felt the author missed a great possibility to bring the story home in a more efficient way than what happens in the long run. To bring the sort of “big picture” resolution to the flagrant abuse of power simply by the gods, possibly simply by leveraging the text between human worship and Ambrosia. I actually really thought the MC might somehow accomplish this in the end, perhaps applying the god’s dependence upon mortals to break his own “curse” and change the tone of the mortal/immortal relationship to 1 of symbiosis rather than the parasitic one that exists. Not really so, sadly.

*** end spoilers ***

Another location where I feel the book has issues is together with character consistency. The Amazon . com character Erolina, particularly, undergoes a radical shift in personality and outlook from the beginning to the end, and in a way that doesn’t seem believable at all. It sensed like the author just altered her character to make for a more pleasant (possible) ending.

*** spoilers ***

Erolina is built as a character who else values strength most importantly some other characteristics. This is strong repeatedly throughout the 1st three quarters of the book, and yet in the woman ending, she winds up patient for a severally crippled Storgen for the relax of his days. What?

*** end spoilers ***

Further evidence of this specific flip-flopping is seen in Philiastra. She has some very powerful scenes in which her eyes usually are opened to the plight of her forest nymph people, and begins in order to take on more obligation as one of the last of their number. However, this also arrives with a completely preposterous reversal of her connection with her parents. The girl paper thin rationale is really obviously hypocritical it’s just not even funny, and with regard to this and many some other reasons, her character became completely unsympathic to me. I actually began to despise the woman long before the end.

*** spoilers ***

Naturally, it seemed that this specific was all set upwards just to give the author a way to achieve the final development of her character – in order to completely reverse her entire morality *yet again* : during her multiple selection resolution. By that period it was just too past due. I already hated the woman and he or she was beyond redemption.

*** end spoilers ***

My biggest issue together with the book, however, will be in the ending(s). And not because there are multiple, as others have mentioned (though that certainly factors), but because none of them satisfied me in the least. While I recognize that will what makes Yeager’s Kharmic Rebound so strong will be that each of the characters – MC plus love interests both : are given superlative growth and resolution, in cases like this, I actually feel the MC simply gets the shaft.

*** spoilers ***

Nothing (and I actually do mean nothing) will be resolved for the MC. He ultimately finds the woman that loves your pet in all three in the endings, but this will be it. Not only will he live out the rest of his days as the cripple with no hip and legs and a single arm, but each of the endings are really created only to give image resolution to the starring women. Philiastra achieves peace plus family unity by forgiving the humans for their sins against her; magically (/eyeroll) finds additional woodland nymphs to continue in order to the species (as in case two of any types could ever repopulate…); accepts her use of transformation through some blend of it and forest wonder; brings the world collectively and creates a utopia for her own kind; plus provides the man she usually wanted (except for those few inconvenient minutes wherever he was her mortal enemy despite being the only friend she’s ever had…) It’s even stated that will, after a dozen years or more, that Storgen lifestyles his life uncomfortably, forever changed and hurt simply by his crippling experiences, plus that it’s obvious in order to Phili. But that’s OK, because Phili’s character simply has a nice big bow tied around this the center of the universe.

Erolina’s resolution will be no better. Once more Storgen features basically being a brace to provide her comfort and assist her in whatever she needs to do to get closure together with her daughter, her individuals, her mother, her ex-husband (who features within horrifyingly eyeroll-worthy “HA! I never ever loved you! I had developed the fingers crossed the entire time” scene), and himself. Ultimately, she, like Phili, provides the man she likes, the love and respect of her daughter, and saves (many of) her individuals from certain doom simply by just *talking* them away of warrior values that will have been beaten into them since time immemorial. Storgen even has the Lieutenant Dan-inspired scene wherever he is overcoming their near-complete lack of organization by proudly climbing the ropes on the deliver they’re sailing on. Is usually this supposed to be character resolution? Throughout this specific entire ending, Erolina will be saccharin-sweet to Storgen regardless of the fact that dr. murphy is the complete opposite of every thing she initially found interesting in him.

The finishing with Agaprei is thus laughably truncated I don’t think it should even qualify. Storgen does 2 minutes worth of investigation which should have been bluntly obvious to *everyone* hundreds of years prior, and presto. Sirend and Reinala usually are reconciled and war will be averted. Oh, and Agaprei dies. The end. Wow, how…unsatisfying. But the reality is that I actually didn’t even care when this occurs. I had read by means of the other two being and had such the sour taste in the mouth that it could hardly be diminished by the third.

As an aside, if you’re gonna create multiple endings AND a good epilogue, make sure an individual inform you which endings the epilogue applies to. I actually read the epilogue following reading Erolina’s ending 1st and realized past too far that will it only applies in order to Agaprei, completely spoiling the fact that she had died.

I don’t need rainbows puppy dog delighted endings for all, nevertheless I recently have to say that crippling the key personality was a huge the catch for me. I has been near certain that Yeager would find a way in order to realistically bring back their agency in at the very least *one*, or even all, of the endings, and has been shocked to find it wasn’t to be. From the least, I might possess thought it a decent reward from the gods with regard to reconciling the *entire* pantheon of gods and averting a massive war. What did he get with regard to that? Absolutely nothing. Not also the removal of their curse.

A few some other random musings for your author:

Why make the link between the fates (Ero, Phila, Aga) and the three heroines’ names? This connection was never introduced home. There was some alignment with the diverse types of love (Erolina was the most obvious), but not enough in order to make the convention suit.

The character of Jumps didn’t fit in the novel. I saw your pet as the plucky aspect kick in the commence, similar to Cadbury in KR, but he featured *too* heavily. Almost appearing awkwardly in a number of scenes with the MC. Then later he has been given a token sympathetic back story that actually smacked of a set piece to be used for the later reveal with 1 of the main figures. He really could possess been cut and the novel would have misplaced nothing.

Storgen received significantly too little backstory. Just about all we know is that will he spent 400 years within the tower being exposed to experiments. How did he escape? When did he escape? When did he meet Phili (the story helps it be sound like they’ve been friends with regard to a long while, nevertheless he’s been traveling the land looking for Agaprei…) What other lands has this individual visited? What else has he experienced? We’re advised he’s a street mma fighter that’s been forced in order to battle to survive, nevertheless that part of his tale doesn’t really fit from all within the tale as it’s told.

*** end spoilers ***

Regrettably, I didn’t feel like the MC really showcased in different of the resolutions to a satisfying degree, and overall it really ruined the whole thing with regard to me. Especially given the torture the author puts your pet through. There exists a lot in order to like about the book, including the imaginative world, interesting characters, and hilarious dialogue, but they simply weren’t enough to conquer the book’s flaws. Although I’m giving Ambrosia three or more stars on Amazon, the excitement from the novel will be really read more about a 2-star level.

Sorry, but this specific one was a overlook. I really hope Mr. Yeager is constantly on the write, however, because he’s incredibly skilled, and I know with regard to fact that he could do better than Ambrosia., Really like this guys' books, nevertheless this one is a doozy. The quick sum of the story is that will our main character, Storgen, is intending to find their love from his past life being a god. He or she basically go through leaps plus bounds for this lady he never met plus helping anyone he's in a position to as you go along. Storgen will be a wit machine plus i couldn't stop personally from relishing all their antics. I enjoyed the storyplot overall and even though the book is quite long I wished it would never end. Almost all of the lore revolves around the greek gods, but in different names. There usually are three potential love attention but honestly it had not been done very well. I actually much prefer Yeager's some other book Kharmic rebound.


Alright before I talk about the ending let me briefly go over Jumps. Like... after Storgen fulfills his promise to Jumps, we never hear from him again. Sure Jumps achieved his life long fantasy after his misfortune, nevertheless seriously where did this individual go? Storgen leaves Jumps on a DESERTED ISLE. Afterwards Pops is history. Got me scratching my head.
Okay right now about the endings. Presently there are three endings related to which love attention you choose. This will be THE WORST IDEA ACTUALLY. Two of the being are rather unfullfilling plus the other wasn't negative I suppose. Being a good avid reader I didn't want to resist reading all 3 endings anyways. TERRIBLE IDEA. DO NOT READ ALL ENDINGS, ONLY ONE. I actually highly suggest it.


Okay if an individual read this far in this article goes the reason I POSSIBLY COULD NOT give this book a five star. IF you read all the being, then that's a shame because I warned you not to. Essentially the multiple endings means if an individual choose one, then you usually are dooming the other 2. Literally, figuratively, metaphorically, whatever. The other two usually are dead or very likely to be. And 1 of them she drops dead regardless. The other 2 will die and ALL the people they have been seeking to save will perish also. Like what the hell man..., The book draws heavily from the success of Kharmic Recurring to rewrite the same tale line in a diverse setting. It works with regard to about 80% in the book at which point an individual are required to pick 1 of the heroines in the story as a love interest. This kind of ruins the flow of the story and entirely discards any built upwards story line for the 2 of the three heroines you didn't choose. Like a petulant child, it does not address the fact that will choices have consequences plus completely ignores the fact that your choice damns another two characters.

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