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Is actually with great relief which i can give Natalie Keller Reinert's < i> Ambition< /i> three stars and wish I could give it three and a half. I was worried for some time. For the fact is, this book starts on Chapter thirteen.
I do require a lot of the information in the very first 12 chapters: the source of Jules's maniacal drive to be successful, where she got the amount of money for her farm, what her days were like. Obviously I needed a lot of the earlier information: the meeting with Peter and Jules's first disaster, and i also needed to meet Mickey, of course. I didn't at all thoughts being taken to some of the atmosphere of the outdoors working life in Central Florida, having ridden and taught riding in Tampa for 23 years. But by Chapter thirteen, I was skimming the written text, muttering, " I < i> know< /i> this already! " I had been thinking, " When is something going to < i> happen< /i> in this book? "
Fortunately, it did. Peter showed back again up, Jules went to a show, we found out a little of the challenge the lady faced in Mickey, and we saw just how ferociously she sabotaged herself. I actually got caught up in Jules's struggles, even though I kept wanting to give her a body shake and shout, " Girl, get a read on yourself! "
Despite my outright anger with her, I found Jules well-drawn, believable. I actually had a bit more trouble with Peter, who comes across as flatter, more of the Good-Looking Guy Who Is Confusing requisite in romances than the usual flesh-and-blood person. I couldn't understand why he retained coming back to someone who dealt with him so brutally. This individual wasn't painted as a masochistic type.
The writing is lively, taking the train wrecks so often characteristic of the life with horses with wit and insight. I understand whereof Reinert speaks when the lady takes us through a equine person's learning curves: For example, like Jules, I actually somehow internalized the idea that it was my job to place the horse's feet at exactly the right take-off spot. Typically the day the trainer I'd found late in life (too late) said to me, " Your job is to set the tempo, pace, and framework; it's his job to jump the fence" was your beginning of one of the most unsettling mental leaps I could think about. As a confirmed control freak, letting the equine make his own selections? Really? Reinert knows the woman stuff; all the horse-handling in this guide rings true.
I do raise an eyebrow once or twice. Two women taking full care of 13 horses, riding nine a day? A instructor as far along as Jules not recognizing a bad shoeing job and a sore-footed horse? On the former point I'll have to cede to Reinert; she's been around much more than I have and maybe people can control that schedule. These point I attribute to poetic license; it gives Peter a chance to show his stuff. But still. That said, the completion of Jules's character arc was fitting and worked well.
Anybody who has already been where Jules and i also have both been, watching other people ride while we clean stalls, trying to negotiate personal relations when differing views of what ought to be done with a horse intervene, hanging on to a precarious dream without the basic wherewithal it requires, will have an enjoyable experience with this book. As will those who dream of being preserved by Peter—not a poor destiny., I am most familiar with Natalie's writing through the woman websites and articles on horses and racing, so even though eventing is not my sport by any stretch I made the decision to take a stab at reading " Ambition" (in part because the cover caught my eye. ) I ended up being sucked into the tale enough I finished reading in two days!

Typically the good: Natalie knows race horses and it shows without being obnoxious. You rarely have the feeling that something is being explained rather than the narrator's rational internal monologue. The character types are engaging (except see below) and the race horses are probably the most realistically-drawn I've read in a long time. I actually even like the evil pony. Yes, I understand " bad pony" is redundant. Will be certainly a definite art to writing a character who isn't generically likable or supposed to be likable BECAUSE they're bitchy and Jules is well done for the most part. She has legitimate reasons for her temperament, but we aren't supposed to applaud her as a 'strong female character' simply BECAUSE she's got a bad attitude. Her perseverance and love of race horses is admirable besides making you want to root for her, and you understand her reasons for the woman 'go it alone' mindset. Up to a point.

The bad: I required away one star for two reasons. Jules is a well-rounded character, and we're not allowed to be totally supportive of her voluntary isolation (emotional and textual. ) But the undeniable nature of her mindset does begin to grate after a while. She's so negative at times it becomes hard to sympathize, specially when she is in so deep over her head with a horse and will not ask for help, the hallmark of the good horsewoman. Also, Peter sticks out among the characters to be so perfect it's 1 . hard to believe and 2. hard to understand why he's so extremely continual (nicely! ) in going after Jules when she's at best terse with him or her. The other reason is the rather abrupt finishing. First, the build-up guide me to expect more to the accident than a minor fracture that's hardly worth mentioning. 2nd, as other reviewers have noted, the leap from the chapter-ending accident to " weeks later" in the last chapter is very abrupt. Of course, it's also a good sign, as I wasn't really ready for the book to be over!, I've read many equestrian fiction books over the years, but Ambition was the first one I actually ever picked up that focused specifically on the discipline I ride and I love - eventing! First things first, SAY THANKS TO YOU to the creator, Natalie, for writing this! I thoroughly enjoyed the book itself. I really could absolutely relate to Jules's struggle and could identify with her hardships. I expanded up riding huntseat equitation on Long Island (ie: money! ) and I actually was your kid that worked well my butt off to make it happen. I actually volunteered as much as possible and spent pretty much every waking minute at the barn in expectations someone would let me personally sit on their horse. I actually mucked stalls, threw nourish, taught beginner lessons, pushed trails, ran a summer time camp program... you name it, I was the first to say " I'll do it" because I knew it intended I'd get more time with the horses. Long story short, for the riders out there who have had to work for what they've got, and possess had to go upward against the money kids and try twice as hard to be competitive, you will appreciate the viewpoint Ms. Reinert has through her characters. Plus, the woman knowledge of the activity and horses generally speaking causes this book fun to read, because there are so many " me personally, too! " instances that will have you having a laugh. You could have noticed by now that I haven't specifically mentioned anything about the plot in this review. Why? Because likely to have to read " Ambition" to learn what goes on! Its be worth it, I actually promise!; )

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