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The very first thing that struck me concerning this story was that it was so well-written. This particular fact alone made the book a pleasure to read but my pleasure with this tale did not finish there. The particular setting was described so vividly while the explanation of the characters was much more subtle. From first, I had developed a hard time connecting with the characters as they looked a little sterile and unemotional. As I continued reading though, I began to believe that this was a deliberate ploy on the author's part to really bring the viewer to the harsh realities of this post-apocalyptic Earth. The particular scientific aspect was exciting but not too difficult for a young grownup reader to follow, and in fact the story itself is interspersed with several audio tracks journal records from characters both past and present which tie in very well as the story unfolds.
Terry Echols has reached age seven and must now start school. Unbeknownst to him until after his mother has dropped him off, this individual will be living at the school and struggling to go home to his family until his eighteenth birthday. Scared and lonesome, he also feels a great deal of remorse over the fact that he'd promised his little sister that he'd be home that same day.
As the months and years pass he does make friends though, and these other children, all created about the same day, soon learn of their true beginnings and purpose. All the products of genetically altered embryos, they are designed to survive in the drastically altered atmosphere that now exists on the Earth's surface. As they are put through to intensive training and experimentation, not all of these students will survive.
When the class has reached the age of fifteen years, two students escape the underground city and make their way to the surface despite the hazards that abound there. The particular grown ups that oversee the experiment and the school send a team of students to bring them back, the highest ranking students which may have the best chance of survival. And today the action really begins...
Meanwhile, while all of this has been going on, several people are working backstage to put an finish to the inhumane treatment of these children, including a high-ranking associate of the military, one of the teachers at the school and Terry Echols' mother.
For the first time in over two centuries the surviving members of the human race are no longer facing a stagnant future and ultimate extinction tend to be foraging into unknown territory...
Very exciting! By the time I got to the last few chapters, I was completely engrossed and totally invested in the futures and options of all of these characters that I had come to know and love!
I read The Amber Project a while ago and have just now had the opportunity to write my review (real life chaos and all that), but know that I immediately read the next installment in this series, Transient Echoes and am just about to begin Hope Everlasting!
A very recommended read for grown ups and young grown ups alike!, The Amber Project opens us up to a futuristic world, about 200 years after the propagate of a toxic fuel known as the Alternative (which spread in 2157). The gas steadily propagate across the globe eradicating all living things it arrived to contact with and drastically changing the atmosphere. The sky is now purple, the grass is now blue and there are some predators who managed to adapt and change, but little is known about them.

An underground city was established and cordoned off and sealed from the Variant. The particular population is managed by 3 main sections, the military/education, scientific and the matron. The three physiques must act together to ensure that there to be any order in this new world. The matron is in charge of all of the mothers that birth the population. Children are made through contacts and a mom need to have the right hereditary coding in order to be eligible to be a mother. Women see mothering as a signal of honor and balance and began having children as early as 14.

Once children reach the age of 7 they are taken from their homes (only run and managed by their mom and any possible siblings) and put into the education system. Mara is one of the moms with almost perfect hereditary coding which causes the girl to be chosen for a specific scientific program, allowing her to fuse new experiments with her eggs to produce a possible child that can exist on the surface of the Earth with the Variant. This child is named Terry.

If you want to find out more, than you must read the book. Suffice to say that the book is loaded with a devastating new world, political intrigue and power struggles as well as the troubles of growing into one self with the extra side effects of becoming a scientific experiment.

The story is told through multiple points of view to give a brilliant all-around look into the world. In addition, there are clarified questions through the release of past and current audio tracks files and text message to help the viewer understand what has occurred and is also happening in the futuristic Earth.

Chaney has were able to brilliantly fortify a place within a genre rife with half-hearted attempts of literature and created a gripping new series! I can't wait to read on. This was a fairly easy 5 stars and hard to put down.

** I received a copy with this book for free with the For Love of a Book Study & Review Opportunity Plan, Seriously I could not put this book down! It had been a different take on an Apocalyptic Event. Imagine not having the ability to breathe the air because it is so poisonous you will die immediately!? So you are stuck below ground in a city that is now so old it is falling apart all around you. To top it off someone tells you what job you will have from having infants to military. You are rated for top breeding skills if you Want to be a mother then after your child reaches a certain age they are sent off to never see again. They either become a mother, farmer, enthusiast, or Doctor themselves. To be able to try to go topside again someone decides to take matters in their own hands and build genetically made kids to make it happen. That cares the amount of don't make it... I mean the only children right? Try not to reach through your tablet to choke anyone... there are a few you might want to do it to! I am looking forward to reading book 2 now! Great job!

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