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Extremely detailed information about what is involved with private labeling and selling on Amazon using fba. This is a how-to publication that truly delivers. It's well-written and a simple read, but packed brimming with information. This would be a good book for someone who is considering going into private labeling. It is also a good publication for someone who will be already in the marketplace and wants to ramp upwards.

I've paid attention to the author's podcasts and workshop. This particular book goes over a lot of that same material, which is why I like it. This is not hard to refer to the section of the book to appear up what I need to know at a particular stage. There is a listing of Resources and a Glossary -- both helpful.

This book was edited well. The formatting is nice. This flows smoothly without errors in the " cut and paste" (which I've seen in several other Kindle books). The sentence structure and spelling work.

This particular is a book i will recommend to my friends who are considering selling plr products on Amazon. It's an edifying book., Scott Voelker is the real deal as it pertains to private labeling! Seems listening to his podcasting for a time now and I really LOVE his way of teaching and POSTING his knowledge; most important of is his being an humble and honest man, giving good guidelines to beginners and experienced sellers alike, and offering a nice positive vibe with his words and manners. His book reveal all of this and MUCH MUCH more. This particular is certainly a must for everyone serious about his Amazon . com business. 5 star for a great book and a great man!, Scott has taken material that others charge , 000s of dollars for and condensed it into a simple to follow and succinct blueprint. I've followed his methodology and launched my very own amazon based business. You need to know his advice and the blueprint is spot on. Let me say that again SPOT ON! In case you are happy with your cubicle, then this book isn't for you. It's for folks who are risk takers and looking for an improved life and more freedom. Scott is " the man" for putting this completely and giving all of us entry to it without spending thousands of dollars! A person rock, Scott!!

FULL DISCLOSURE: I received a free copy of this e-book in return for my unbiased review., Great Publication Scott. This book received me into selling my products on Amazon. This particular book sent me down the rabbit hole. Let's hope I can apply the things i learned here sufficiently. This is simply the beginning though and the publication deals very briefly on the whole process you need to go through to get a product on to Amazon. It's only about 100 pages but it can powerful and gripping, well worth the read., Functioning through this on the point of find a profitable product. I had a product that was a dud, but was so because I didn't listen to or read any of Scott's materials while doing that product. This is certainly helpful for me when i move forward into 2016 with aspirations of building a profitable business for my wife and I., A lot of the information in the book I was personally familiar with from playing the podcast. However this book makes it easy to lookup information quickly together with resources and backlinks. What a great value!, Super Book. This is a great reference for new people to the Amazon network. Plus reading books on selling on Amazon and this book was the best so far. It instructions you through all the ins and outs of acquiring a product that will sell and doing in depth research to be sure to have the best chance at success. This explains all of the areas in the listings and how to use keywords, etc . to make your product be noticeable better. I will be opening an Amazon . com sellers account soon and feel that I have a lttle bit of an advantage with this info to be able to get a product that sells and be able to set that product into a competitive market through Amazon . com. Thanks Scott., Excellent publication. Scott Voelker is a great and motivating educator for the entrepreneur. If considering selling on amazon . com, get this book, you will not be dissatisfied! Presented in a step by step, easy to follow format.

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