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This was well written and researched.
The love story was compelling and kept someone interested all along.
The writer is to be complemented for the story line and manner in which he or she presented chapter after part.
However, We think the name of the book do not really reflect the gist of the information offered., Loved it! My book club choice - looking forward to discussion, Really uplifting story about a man who unfailingly followed his heart. I liked hearing about his quest and his perceptions of the difference in ethnicities when he traveled., Loved this book!, Our book club enjoyed it. We recommend it., We are recommending this book to my book club, because it is so very unusual and has a good information., It is an amazing story which is stuffed with information as to what life in India., This was a very informative and interesting read. I really liked the storyplot, which is a true one. It truly is about a young Indian boy Pradyumna Kumar, known as PK, who was created into a poor, untouchable family in a little town in eastern India. An astrologer's prophecy stated that, he PK would marry a girl who will be not from the village, not from the district, not even from our country; she is going to be musical, own a jungle and be born under the indication of the ox. This individual always had this info in the back of his mind.
PK grew up with a whole lot of prejudice surrounding him or her and his family because of their caste (untouchables, also called Dalit, who are a member of the lowest social class in India ) It was amazing to learn about all of the various peuple systems and all of the sub divisions of them at well. PK, grew up with this prejudice and when young failed to really understand why people treated him and his family the way they do. This did not stop PK from going forth in his life and making something of themself. He found he was good at art and wanted to study that rather than what his father would have chosen for him. He will go to a couple of different schools but eventually settles into an art school in New Delhi and here his life starts to turn around. When not in institution, he draws peoples symbol in a nearby park, where he got a significant reputation and even did images for well known people. One day he fulfilled a Swedish woman called Lotta, who was traveling around India with some friends, and after spending some time with her and keeping in mind his prophecy, he realized she was the one he was to end up with. We may really get to connect ready or her history, like we do with PK, so to me I did not really feel that love, although I know it can there be.
Lotta, ends up having to go back to Sweden and the two make programs to reunite, but PK without having the money to just fly to Sweden, decides that he must get there any way that he can, preserving up money from his portraits and doing associated with them en route, PK buys an old bicycle and decides to trip all of the way to Sweden to get back together with his love. This individual follows, (The hippie path, which is the name given to the overland journey taken by people of the hippie subculture and others from the mid-1950s to the late 1972s between Europe and Southern Asia, mainly Pakistan, Of india and Nepal ) This individual had many hippy friends that he had fulfilled when he did his art in the recreation area, and he knew this route would take him or her in the direction he or she needed.
His journey to be reunited together with his love has many adventures and once there a life of learning how to adapt, and how to assimilate into a new culture.
This book was well written and was a great read, We would like to give thanks to:
NetGalley and Oneworld Publications for an sophisticated reader copy.

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